What to wear to spin class and what not to wear


Just in case you do not know or have any idea about what to wear and what to avoid wearing for spin class, I will take you through the whole journey. I need to make sure that I give you the most valuable information that will guarantee you a great experience filled with comfort and flexibility in your class. You need attire that is made up of padded tights or shorts and clothes that absorb moisture and sweat. You cannot wear running shorts as they cause discomfort. Below is a detailed review of proper clothing to spin class.

What to wear to spin class

Cycling attire

When you are choosing the best or appropriate attire to wear to a spin class, you have to consider certain aspects. These include clothes that absorb moisture and padded cycling tights. You might be wondering why this type of attire. It is all about comfort. You might just give up on a class all because of the strain you have experienced during and after your class. The shorts and tights that you have to wear should be made up of spandex or tight-fitting. 

Moisture-wicking clothes

It is imperative to wear breathable clothes. They allow your skin to breath, getting rid of suffocation and discomfort at the same time. It can be disturbing and inconsistent at the same time if you stop training all because it is hot. Clothes that absorb moisture are the best for all-weather. Spin classes are packed with vigorous training that is quite tense and leaves you with sweat all over. In no time, all the sweat will be gone if you are wearing clothes that absorb moisture. No matter how each class differs from one another, you still need sweat-wicking clothes. Sweat Proof clothes can be useful as well.

Padded tights

Gel seats can make you think that padded clothes are useless when it comes to spin class, but that is not the case. Padded tights or shorts give you the most comfortable ride, especially for long hours. Tank tops and stretchy clothes are ideal. What you wear determines how your muscles adapt to the clothes. Padded tights should also have that compression that keeps your muscles tighter inside. As much as they are tight, the blood flow has to be increased, not disturbed at all costs. That maximises your performance. The tights have to feel like they are not an extra fabric on your skin but a second skin. 

Stiff sneakers

You do not have to put on any random shoe. Cycling shoes that also clip into the pedals are the ones I recommend. Just in case you only have athletic shoes, you can put them on in place of cycling shoes but on one condition. They need to have stiff sores. When you wear random shoes, the ball of your foot will be significantly affected. With these types of sneakers, you are guaranteed a safe, efficient and comfortable session. Not only do you enjoy the ride, but you will also increase power as you feel safe riding. You snickers should be able to take the shape of your feet as well. This gives you a customised fit. Have you ever borrowed shoes and you had this funny feeling yet the shoe is just in good condition? The reason is that the type of shoe took on the shape of the owner’s foot. It becomes personalised even without adjustments at all. The stiff sores that make this type of shoe have a special way of transferring more energy to the pedal. You will not have to put more effort into pedalling as your stiff shoe is there to complement your standard power.

The fact that bikes used in spin classes have clips that you use to secure your cycling shoes to the pedals may give you that assurance that you can still use any type of shoe and you can still be safe and secure. That is not the way to go. Proper cycling shoes are a necessity for a perfect ride. You also need to pay attention to the fact that it is not all about the right cycling shoes. There is a great connection between pedals, cycling shoes and cleats. These work hand in glove since any one of these components can make your sessions miserable. Shoes and cleats are not sold as a package, and these can work better depending on the types of indoor bikes that you will be using. To make a great connection of these, you have to take note of the pedal system you have in your class before you even buy your cycling shoes. You are then safe to buy a cycling shoe then choose the perfect cleat that matches your cycling shoe.

Types of Cycling shoes

  • MTB Shoes
  • Durable
  • SPD Compatible
  • Allow you to point the foot in the right direction.
  • Customised fit

Road shoes

  • Lighter
  • Rigid sore
  • Compatible with LOOK Delta cleats
  • Stable
  • Adjustable for foot placement

Drying towel and a Sports bra

You need to get rid of that sweat during training. Chances are very high that you will sweat a lot during a spin class and carrying on with the sweat can be disturbing to the eyes and cause discomfort. Some instructors give you towels when you join their class, but I recommend you have your own. This is for convenience as well as health standards. A sports bra is necessary and the most appropriate bra to wear for training. It has that cooling effect one needs for training. It gets rid of moisture. There is enough ventilation that comes with the bra. Chances of having a bacteria build-up are meagre. Movement can affect or build you up in training.

What not to wear to spin class

Running shorts

You cannot wear running shorts because they cause discomfort. You have to take note of the fact that these are not meant to endure a seat for long hours although you still have to use your legs for pedalling just the same way you were going to use the shorts for a jog or run. They do not have the comfort for riding and worse for riding sessions. Specific tights for cycling should be worn to spin class.

Loose clothing

It is dangerous to wear to spin class. You easily make mistakes when you are wearing loose clothes in a spin class. You can hook any bike part from handlebars to pedals which might result in injuries or breaking training materials. They can even be torn when you least expect it. That typing of clothing can mess around with your posture. It can be nagging when your clothes keep on falling everywhere when you are trying to concentrate.

Street clothing

Your clothes have to be stretchy, comfortable and flexible. Office clothes cannot be worn in sport-like training. That is just inappropriate. You might even get tired before you go any further. The same way loose clothing affects you to spin class is the same way street clothing does. You might even be stripped off all confidence as you might think that you are not good enough, yet it is your type of dressing distracting you.

Cotton-made clothes and athletic shoes

Ant tights or t-shirts made up of cotton will leave you wet in sweat Cotton does not quickly get dry. It keeps moisture and sweat till you dry up the clothes. That eve takes time. Athletic shoes make your feet sore or hurt during and after training. They leave your feet exposed to all the harsh conditions that come with pedalling in a spin class.


As much as you would like to look stylish in a spin class, you have to take note of what you have to wear and what not to wear in a spin class, comfortable clothes and shoes are the way to go. They have to be a breathable, comfortable, stretch and padded. You have to avoid running clothes and shoes as well as loose clothes. 

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