What is the Best Bike Saddle Bag? 5 Options You Must Check Out


Picking a saddlebag is a crucial decision. In a market that is full of brands and products from across the globe, it is not an easy decision to make. The average person would not know what things to look out for. While the bags may not be pricy, purchasing the wrong product is a waste of time and money. 

Numerous bike saddlebags are reflective, small and compact, durable and light in weight, but the sizes differ as well as the material used. The ROCKBROS Bike saddle seat bag is my best pick because it has a large carrying capacity that caters for all your needs. It is tail light compatible, made up of durable material, great reflection, easy installation, double-sealed zipper and good storage design. Below is a detailed analysis of the best pick, reviews of other great saddlebags and the buyer's guide.

It has the capacity of 1.5L, which is enough for your daily needs. The bag is compatible with a taillight just like the BV Bicycle Y-series Saddle Bag, but it does not come with the tail light. The material used to make the bag is known as PU fabric +21OD cloth that is well known for its durability. This material gives the bag a solid feeling which is suitable for a saddlebag. A saddlebag is not supposed to be too soft as it quickly loses shape, and you will not be able to tie it correctly onto the bike. It will slip off, and this results in losing all the contents. 

You do not have to worry that much when you are riding at night. It works as a reflector which is suitable for your safety. You have to know that it is not just a bag but also a reflector. It becomes a 2 in 1 bag which is worth purchasing. The Velcro straps make it easy and possible to attach the bag under the seat of your bike. It can be easily adjusted, as well. Easy installation is essential when it comes to saddlebags; otherwise, you will have difficulties before you even start your ride. 

The 210D lining is quite durable as you can have it for years without getting torn. The double-sealed zipper prevents any amount of water from getting inside the bag, and this safely keeps your items dry. It also gives a stylish finish to the bag. The diamond grid rubber that also makes the bag is durable and does not allow any item to leave scratches on the bag. The classified storage design will enable you to keep your keys and bank cards safely. 


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Two adjustable Velcro straps
  • Reflective ROCKBROS LOGO
  • Reflective straps
  • Tail Light compatible
  • Large capacity
  • Extent classified storage design
  • Durable material
  • Solid shape
  • Double sealed zipper
  • 210D lining 


  • Does not come with a tail light

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Best Pick

Best Bike Saddle Bags


Rockbross Bike saddle seat bag 

Rockbros Bike saddle seat bag 

The saddlebag is waterproof because it is made up of a TPU waterproof film covering. It holds the capacity of 12 to 14L which is perfect for a commuting cyclist or one who is into long-distance rides. It is the most functional bag that can be attached on a bike. It has a unique way of maintaining stability or balance, although it is significant. The bag interior is exceptionally durable because there is more space in the bag. 

There is less squeezing due to the spacious bag. The saddlebag is strong and easy to climb on and off. Just in case you have a lot to pack, you may need a strap to tie it down onto the bike. It is quite durable and reliable. You do not have to worry about weather changes whenever you are on the road. No water can penetrate inside the bag. 

The bag protects all your items from the rain and snow. It is effortless and straightforward to clean. It has a top closure design that makes it very easy to adjust its length to your desired size. It has three layers of material and a fixed buckle that makes the installation so easy and secure. The reflective straps are for visibility, and this makes you safe from other vehicles. 


  • Waterproof
  • Large capacity
  • Made up of 600D Nylon
  • Stable
  • Adjustable and it can be folded
  • Easy to install and clean
  • It has reflective straps
  • The bag stays in shape
  • Can be used as a fender on a rainy day
  • Durable
  • Secure
  • Three layers of material


  • There is a need for more straps to secure the bag so that it becomes sturdy.


Bicycle strap-on bike saddle bag

It is easy to attach under the bike due to the adjustable velcro straps. You adjust it till you are satisfied with the tightness as well as the position. When the bag is secured, it should neither swing nor sway. That might just lose it and result in losing your items. The reflective straps that are on the sides of the bag give the bag a stylish and attractive design as much as it is there to save a purpose. It is used for visibility during the night as they are quite visible on both sides. 

Considering that it is attached right under the seat, it has a larger capacity for a saddlebag. You have easy access to your items as the opening mouth has a big zippered design. The zipper closure is also durable, and the bag is resistant to wind. It has a slim body design. It is made up of a durable polyester material that makes it last longer, water and weather resistant. Your stored items will not get wet no matter how rainy and snowy it is. 

It has a bottom zipper that can be expanded for more space. The bag is incredibly constructed and gives the user a solid feeling. When your bag lacks that solid feeling, it becomes so hard to install as the bag might have a bad shape. A good shape should be mentioned so that the bag will not look like some kind of a random carrier bag. It also protects your gadgets otherwise more scratches and breakages will not be avoidable. 


  • Spacious
  • Reflective material on both sides
  • Adjustable Velcro straps
  • The strap is easy to install
  • Large capacity
  • High-quality material
  • Great design
  • Easy to install 
  • Easy access
  • Big zippered design
  • Solid
  • Great construction


  • No name product


BV Bicycle Y- series Saddle Bag

This saddlebag is meant to perform well due to the impact-resistant mesh that is used to make the bag. It is made to give the user easy access to any items inside. It has a large zippered opening mouth design that allows you to have quick and easy access to your articles. It comes with a tail light hanger that has a three-meter reflective trim to make sure that you are safe on the road. You may just attach your tail light especially when you are travelling during the night. 

No car will bump into you since you are highly visible. Other than giving you space to pack your items, it guarantees your safety which is a great feature that cannot go unappreciated. It caters for both tire tools and your accessories such as your smartphone. You do not have to squeeze in stuff in your riding jacket, which sometimes leads to the fall out of precious gadgets that you might never be able to replace. 

It caters for almost all your activities as it comes with different sizes of the bag. Someone who is going to the gym cannot have the same load as the person going for hiking. In this case, you need to pay more attention to the places you go to more daily. This will determine the size of the bag you need. The sizes vary from extra small to large, which is quite good. You are given four options to choose from. 


  • Multi-size options
  • High-quality material
  • Reflective
  • Strap on mount
  • Compatible to a taillight
  • Can be expanded
  • Easy access
  • Safe
  • It perfectly fits on a bike
  • Large strap
  • Great design
  • The rigid plastic liner that makes sure that the bag is still in shape 


  • Sometimes it swings a little bit when riding.


Roswheel Race series 131432 Ultralight saddle bag

The capacity is 0.6L, and it is unisex. It is made up of reflective materials on both sides, which is ideal for night riding or even in low light conditions. When it is cloudy and dark, you will need it so that you stay safe on the road. The fact that it does not get easily affected by wind shows that it is meant for speed. 

The ultra-light material used to make the bag is a bit light like the standard polyester that is used on some saddlebags. 3-point quality Velcro straps and chances secure it is very slim that it will move when riding. This is also perfect for speeding. It comes with the YKK metal zipper, which is the best zipper brand that can last longer. It has a tail light hanger which you can hang any light of your choice for excellent visibility during the night. 

It comes with different sizes so that you choose the one that meets your needs. The jacquard cloth does not tear easily, and the PU leather and PVC material is not only durable but stylish and dependable. It is easy to install, and the material is rugged, and the stitches are excellent. Although it appears to be a bit small to some users, it gives you space that allows you to pack the essential items that you may ever need for a ride. 


  • Compact
  • Designed for speed
  • Made up of ultra-light material which is light 
  • Three quality Velcro straps
  • Secure
  • Water-resistant
  • Hidden pocket
  • Key hook
  • Mesh pocket
  • Safety light compatible
  • Ideal for serious cycling enthusiasts
  • Easy installation 


  • Does not come with a safety light


 Golener Bike saddle bag

This is the best saddle bag for night riders as it comes with three different lighting modes. These include the long light, slow flash and fast flash. They make the rider visible for as far as 500 meters. Your safety is guaranteed with the Golener saddlebag. The flexible light strap is waterproof and is not affected by movement and washing. It is meant for day to day use without wearing off quickly and easily. 

You may even make your visibility stronger by adding a taillight on the hanger. It is meant to give you the most comfortable, reliable and efficient ride. The bag is not only for the road, but it can be correctly used off-road as it minimises wind resistance. It is not difficult to clean, and it can be perfectly clean if you use lubricant stain. Since you will be off-road, chances are very high that it will get dirty from the mud or dust. 

Easy cleaning will be ideal since you might be using it daily. You might clean it in transit as you might feel comfortable getting in town with a muddy bag. Your items are easy to access due to the big zippered opening design and a double zipper closure. It is the perfect size for all your essentials. It allows you to keep your tools and personal belongings such as your smartphone. As far as it is durable, the credit goes to the high-quality material used to make the bag. It is made of the Oxford fabric that is well known for its durability and has a coated weatherproof layer. 


  • Led light strips
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Ideal for mountain bikes
  • Easy to clean
  • Large inner pockets
  • Large capacity
  • Versatile
  • High quality
  • Dual safe protection
  • Easy installation 
  • Ideal for off-road


  • One size

Buyer's Guide

What is the use of a bike saddle bag?

  • You can use it for storing your maintenance equipment such as cartridges, inner tubes and repair kit. 
  • Allows the user to be visible due to reflective material
  • Protecting your equipment and personal belongings from harsh weather conditions

What are the advantages of having a bike saddle bag?

  • You do not have to carry your equipment inside your pockets which might tear up your jersey.
  • You do not have to put all the load on yourself as you ride your bike.
  • You will not wet your equipment.

Characteristics of bike saddlebags

Small and comfortable

A good bike saddle bag should not be huge as this can be distracting to the user when riding a bike. The size of the bicycle should not interfere with the cycling process. Heavyweight is not suitable for some bikes. It is comfortable enough so that it does not irritate you. It has to be that compact bag that you cannot forget at home.

Larger volume designs

Larger volume designs are ideal for commuting, hiking and bike packing. As much as the bag should be small and compact, it should be able to carry all your essential tools and personal items. It is not safe when you find your smartphone in your pockets all because there is not enough space in the bag. Having all your things in one bag is quite handy and convenient.


Some cyclists might not think of buying a saddlebag because all they see is a tiny bag attached to the seat post that is used to carry a few items. However, it is the best tool that you can ever use for your safety. It is even more important than a helmet because you need to be visible on the road. The saddlebag is made up of reflective material that is highly visible to motorists.


A good saddle bag should have a locking system; otherwise, your valuables will fall out whilst you are riding your bike. It should have secure straps that attach to the bike. Most of the bags have a tendency of swaying or swinging, which is not ideal for such a bag. You might end up losing your stuff.


The material used to make a saddlebag is of paramount importance. It determines the durability of your bag. No one would want to buy three bags in a year for the same use. This has nothing to do with your budget, but it is a matter of convenience. The PU leather, PVC material and 21OD cloth for lining are the most durable materials for saddlebags. 

Easy mounting

The bag should be easy to install and easy to detach as well; otherwise, you are going to spend more time trying to figure out how you can successfully do that. You might even mount it the wrong way, which might be a distraction when you are riding your bike. You might even lose your items due to that.

It takes excellent reflection and a compatible ROCKBROS Bike saddle seat to have a safe and secured ride. It goes an extra mile of giving the most durable, reliable and efficient performance when it comes to storing and protecting valuable items when you are on the road. The bag surpasses the qualities of a standard bike saddlebag.

Final Thoughts

Having considered all of the saddlebags on our shortlist, which one do you like the most. You are assured that any of the ones that we have reviewed has merited its inclusion. It is up to the user to select one that suits their needs. If in doubt, our top pick is a safe bet.

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