What is it like riding a fat bike on the road?


Yes, you can ride a fat bike on the road. The fact that it is meant for harsh conditions means that it can be perfect on the road as well. It remains rigid and comfortable.  The tire studs also give an outstanding performance on the road. It is also fast when it comes to commuting. The only difference lies in a bike with skinny tires that can have high pressure on its tires to the extent that it can cruise better than a fat bike. 

A fat bike is meant to be used on rough, snowy, muddy roads. A seasoned fat bike might be the perfect ride on the road. You can just have another pair of tires ideal for pavements, and you will have the best fat bike on the road. A Fat bike needs perfect tuning, proper tires, good speed and enough pressure for good performance on the road.

Why do people use fat bikes on the road?

After a test drive, you might be quick to notice that Fat bikes can be used on the road but do not perform just like the bike for the road. Some riders have been using Fat bikes on the road because that is the only bike they have. What matters most to some ridings is the comfort that comes with Fat bikes. As long as someone can ride it for hours without having fatigue, that is good enough. It might not be the best bike for the road, but it can be suitable for any terrain. This only can just be an easy way of having an all-round bike of the year. You can think of those snowy, muddy and rainy days. This bike can be perfect for all these weather conditions.


Some people just like the comments when riding a fat bike in the streets. They have confidence and passion in the ride. Some riders can prefer riding a fat bike on the road because they consider it fancy.

Fun to ride on the road

Bikes without suspension are way lighter than bikes with suspension, which is why fat bikes can be useful on the road. A more lightweight bike is easy to handle. So, in this case, you have to choose between suspension or comfort. 

It is convenient to use

Instead of having two or three pairs of bikes, you can just have a fat bike and buy an extra pair of skinny tires for the road. It is not everyone that can have that extra money for a new bike.

It is Versatile

As much as it goes perfectly off-road, it can be as good as that on the road. Sometimes if you have problems with a bike, it might not be the type of bike, but the brand of your choice might be the one that has poor performance on the road. Some fat bikes are just good on rough roads but bad on the road. In this case, you need a test drive so that you buy the perfect fat bike that performs well anywhere. A road bike cannot go off-road, but a fat bike can withstand the pressures of a rough road as well as the luxuries of pavements. It performs well even during the rain. It will not be slippery on the road.

Wide tires

Wife tires are always great regardless of the type of road you are riding on. They can withstand any weight, unlike small tires. They are shock absorbers. Since most fat bikes are race bikes (great speed), you can easily use them for speeding around doing your errands. Fat bikes also handle bumpy roads with ease and comfort. They can withstand the bumps that come with potholes. You will not feel them because they are meant for bumps. It now depends on where you stay. It will be ideal on a rough road full of potholes. Riding a fat bike on the road gives you excellent traction because of the wide tires (Source). This makes riding on the road more comfortable and safer as you can get away with hitting drains and potholes.

It is accessible

Considering how fat bikes have gained popularity over the years due to their technological advancements, fat bikes have become more accessible than even road bikes. Fat bikes have become more conventional, lighter, and the tires have become more expansive. Riders have been buying fat bikes more, which has resulted in excellent mass production of the bikes. There have been a lot of fat bikes that are mid-priced as well. In this case, more people have been buying fat bikes not only for rough terrains but even for the road.

Fat bikes are practical.

You might have a wide range of bikes to choose from when you only want to concentrate on the road. Here is an excellent example that you might put into use: suppose it's on a sunny day and you have a lot of errands to run in town then, all of a sudden it starts raining unexpectedly. How far does your bike adjust to the different weather conditions? If you have a Fat bike, you are always good to go no matter where you end up at. In this case, you will not rush back home and change the pair of bikes you have at the moment. You can only worry about you or your baggage getting wet otherwise you already have a bike for the rain. If it starts snowing, a mountain bike cannot be able to have a smooth manoeuvre on the road but a Fat bike can.


As much as some Fat bikes are great on speeding, that can be a useful feature on a commuting bike. You might be delivering parcels, a student or use it for other work-related errands which you will not struggle with because you are guaranteed of maximum speed. If it is not good enough, you may look for a low budget bike for the road in the summertime when you do not have to worry about snow, mud or the rain.

Do those fat tires make it challenging to pedal?

Fat bikes are not meant to be slow. They are meant to manoeuvre across the world without any hustle smoothly. If they can ride faster in rough areas, what will stop them from riding smoothly on the road? With the wide tires that can be swapped anytime, I believe it will perform well. However, you need a lot of effort when pedalling, which might be tiresome and slow if you get tired quickly (Source).

Are Fat bikes not heavy for the road?

Fat bikes are heavier than road bikes. Yes, they have been lighter fat bikes, but they are not as light as road bikes or mountain bikes. It is the frame that has a bit of weight. In this case, the fat bike is made to be challenging to carry and store. When you are using a bike on the road, it should not be exhausting and challenging to ride. You would want to compare a Fat bike and the road bike since you want the best for your day to day errands. When you decide to have a bike on the road, it means you want a bike for commuting daily anytime It has to be handy for you to enjoy the ride. Not only the frame is heavy but also the fat, wide tires. You may add more pressure to reduce effort and allow a sufficiently long distance. This will be at the expense of suspension and shock absorbing. You still experience low speeds which is not good for the road.

How does it feel to ride a bike on the road?

It feels comfortable and smooth. Fat bikes are all-seasonal, which makes them even suitable on the road. It has some disadvantages when riding on the road, but every bike has its weaknesses. Credit should be given to Fat bike manufacturers who have been successfully making such versatile bikes that even allow a few adjustments, additions and fixings to suit any condition. Fat bikes are best known for their universality when it comes to performance. It may be so tricky to universalise experiences when it comes to riding fat bikes on the road, but knowing their strengths and weaknesses allows one to make necessary additions and adjustments for a perfect ride on the road.

Advantages of Riding a Fat Bike On The Road

Mongoose Argus ST Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, Medium 18-Inch Frame, Mechanical Disc Brakes, 7-Speed, Copper


  • Braking and stopping are made more accessible.
  • When the road is congested, you can just make your way through the park.
  • They are accessible
  • Good for low budgets
  • They area practical
  • It is convenient for low-budget riders.



  • Heavier than road bikes
  • Low speeds
  • The rolling resistance might not be that good because of low pressure.


Characteristics Of A Good Fat Bike On The Road

Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, 7-Speed, Twist Shifters, Steel Frame, Mechanical Disc Brakes, Silver/Black
  • Super lightweight frame
  • Narrow wheels and tires
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Great speed and efficient
  • Curled handlebar
  • Faster and smoother on-road pavements
  • Skinny tires
  • Drop handlebars
  • Performance geometry
  • Comfortable and shock absorbing
  • Durable
  • Wide range of gearing
  • Easy shifting and braking
  • Adjustable levers
  • Efficiency


Are Fat Bikes Any Good for the Road?

In consideration of the above assessment, Fat bikes are heavier than any other bike that can be used on the road and the increased weight might make it so hard for the bike to manoeuvre on familiar terrain easily. When bikes are made, they are made with specifications in mind. A Fat bike is meant for rough terrains whereas road bikes are solely meant for the road. However, with multiple advances on Fat bikes, it has been made possible for Fat bikes to be comfortable on the road as you may need to make a few adjustments for a perfect ride on the road. You cannot walk on foot only because you have a fat bike only. It can be useful as well on smooth pavements but not as good as road bikes. It is a matter of budget, the type of Fat bike you have and personal preference.

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