The Best Hybrid Bike Tires For Serious Riders


Considering getting some hybrid bike tires? If it has to be done, why not get the very best. It would be great if it were that easy. The main draw of hybrid tires comes from their versatility. They can take on varied types of terrain. There is also the durability factor to the mindful of. The difficulty in choosing is down to the sheer volume of products that you would come across on any marketplace that you search for these tires. We have put in some considerable time to researching and testing tires to whittle away the pretenders so you can by the real deal.

In a Hurry?

Buying your tires from a recognisable brand has its upside. It often means you know what sort of quality you will be getting. On the other hand, it is not always the case. If you learn nothing else, it is important to go into these things with an open mind. You may just find a gem.

Top Pick

The Serfas Drifter Tire is the best pick on the list, in my opinion. The manufacturer of this tire has worked very hard to include technology that is not found in the other tires. It comes with an integrated flat protection system. Often with bike tires getting a flat means that your bike tires may have come to the end of their time. 

Bike tires are notorious for being difficult to fix, and once they are punctured if this happens again, you must throw away the tires for your safety. The tires also come with dual density technology. That means that they have made use of several rubbers to make this tire as opposed to just one. 

They combined different rubbers and then hardened them. It is expected to ensure that your tire will be more durable than the other options on this list. The final reason why this option is number one is because of its price. It is priced quite reasonably given that all this technology has gone into making the tire. Other options are similarly priced, but they do not offer what this tire can.

Best Pick

Hybrid Bike Tires For Serious Riders


Serfas Drifter Tire

The Serfas Drifter Tire is one of the more innovative options that you can get in terms of bike tires. The manufacturer has worked hard to ensure that the feel and durability of the tire are top-notch. They have used dual density technology which combines different rubbers to give you a tire that is durable but light. These other rubbers are then hardened. That means you can expect relatively improved resistance to rolling. 

It will also give the tires a longer lifespan. By this, you can also expect that there will be fewer tire punctures as you go. The manufacturer has added thin nylon layers between casing and tread layers. It is important because the more flats you get, the more likely your tire is to become completely unusable. Meaning that you would end up losing everything you invested in buying them. 

Therefore, when you purchase this asset, you will receive access to the company’s integrated flat protection system (IFPS). That is something that you will not find very commonly when you buy a hybrid tire. To conclude, the tire also comes with a durometer of 69. It is relatively high for a tire, meaning you are guaranteed durability as opposed to the other tires. If you are looking for a good value for money tire, then this is a good one to consider.


  • Dual-density technology
  • Integrated Flat Protection System
  • Durometer of 69
  • Hardened rubber compound
  • Lightweight


  • Not foldable due to wire beads
  • Unclear of the best terrain to cycle on


 Continental Ride Tour

This product has good versatility and offers many features to the buyer. One of the biggest problems any biker can face is their tires getting punctured. When this happens, your journey is over. The trouble of fixing bike tires most of the time will outweigh the benefits. That is because the tires become more susceptible to punctures again. 

This product comes with an extra puncture belt meaning it can offer you more excellent protection against punctures—overall extending the life of your bike tires. The bike tires also have a much more comfortable ride. They offer low rolling resistance and are fully economised to allow the bike to cope well with high-speed riding. 

Something very important when riding at high speeds apart from comfort is stability. These tires come with a very durable casing that offers a higher level of tread, meaning you can remain well in control while cycling at any speed. It is a benefit of these tires. This bike offers many features at a relatively affordable price which is why it has been selected as the number 1 product on this list. 


  • Extra Puncture Belt
  • High-Quality Thread Casing
  • Fully Economised
  • Low Rolling Resistance
  • Comfortable Ride


  • Five tire sizes can be confusing for buyers
  • Comes without reflective white stripes


WTB Trail Boss

This product is in the middle of the products we have listed here. It has its most significant benefits when moving on uneven roads that are difficult to manoeuvre. It comes with supportive side knobs that all you to keep the bike balanced when cycling. That is a nice feature for people that do not have the best cycling skills yet. 

Often with beginner cyclists, they may struggle to keep the bike upright, and these tires can help with that. The tread on these tires is also excellent as it allows you to brake efficiently. The track connects well with the road. The tires weigh about 670 grams which are relatively light for the durability they offer. 

It will also allow you to cruise easier when you cycle. When you buy this product, you will also receive the option to get the endurance tires or the ones built for hardpack trails. That is because some athletes prefer to cycle for exercise purposes, whilst others want to go off-road and experience nature. With this option, you can choose the one that is best for you. 


  • Lightweight tires
  • Supportive side knobs
  • Option to select endurance or hardpack tires
  • Minimal rolling resistance 
  • Good treads for braking


  • Requires a tube
  • Mainly for light riding


Kenda K838

The Kenda K838 is quite well designed to be sleek and durable. It comes with wire beads on the tire that allow it to sustain its strength in all weather conditions. You will also notice that it has a similar design to the patterns you would find on motorcycle tires. That is in order to give you much higher traction than regular tires would have. 

This product also comes with grooves that are specifically designed to allow you to cycle through the water much more comfortable. That is because the grooves work to move water out from under the tyre to the outside. Once this happens, the bike glides through puddles and wet conditions. If you live in an area where it often rains, then you will find that this type of tire will come in handy when moving from place to place. 

The last feature on this tire that is worth noting is how light it is. They designed this product with black wall sides meaning that its more lightweight than your average tire. In conclusion, the tire is a mid-range product for people who live in the city and will not be performing any heavy-duty cycling. It is a nice and light tire that has low rolling resistance allowing you to glide through the city comfortably. 


  • Sleek Design
  • Motorcycle design allowing for better traction
  • Wire beads for more outstanding durability
  • Light profile
  • They work well in wet conditions.


  • Not for heavy-duty cycling
  • Will not cycle well in sandy conditions


WTB Nano 40C

This product has been designed with gravel and dusty conditions in mind. It is a bike that is quite suited to bumpy, uneven surfaces where a bike would typically struggle to keep traction. If you are a biker who lives on a farm or somewhere where it is quite sandy and dusty, then this tire is an option to consider. It comes with a high centreline which will allow you to take on corners with confidence. 

Some tires will have the rider struggling to corner when moving at relatively high speeds successfully. It often leads to injuries which can be avoided by selecting the right tire. This tire caters explicitly to that because it has long-staggered knobs. These knobs will be your best friend when you are cornering at high speed. With this tire, you will also be able to move tubeless. 

Tubeless tires are much more efficient on roads that have gravel on them. That is because the tire needs to be more flexible to adapt to the various conditions it will face. It is different from a tire designed for city use where you can expect the road to be entirely even on your cycling journey. It will also be much easier to fix should you have a puncture whilst cycling in the outdoors. The tire is also very light, weighing just about 570 grams. It is the most delicate of the tires available if that is something you like. 


  • Tubeless tire
  • Staggered knobs allow for efficient cornering
  • Elevated centreline for less drag
  • Lightest tire 
  • Perfect for sandy conditions


  • Not for high-speed biking
  • More difficult to push from a standstill

Buyers Guide

When you want to invest in a pair of tires for your bike you need to know what you are looking for. That will save you from having to replace the tires consistently or having an uncomfortable ride when you cycle. There are many different features that various bikes have. It is essential to know these features and figure out which would be best for the area you wish to cycle in. 

  1. The terrain you wish to cycle

You need to know if you are going to cycle in the city or in more outdoor terrain. That is because many bike tires are built with specific features that specialise in one or the other. Indeed, the bike tires you buy will most likely be able to handle either terrain if every they need to. The issue, however, is that in the long-term having the wrong type of tires will affect how comfortable the ride is, especially for people who intend to use their bicycle every day, i.e. to go to work or grocery shopping. For them over-time cycling your bike will become less of a pleasant experience and more of strenuous activity. Riding a bike should be a flawless motion that you enjoy. 

  1. Materials Used

The materials that have been used by the manufacturer will be essential to know. That is because some materials are more robust than others for a reason. That reason might be because the price is higher, and the tire is expected to last longer. The reason might also be because the terrain it is built for requires a more durable material. You should be aware that for city cycling the tires used will often be of a lighter and narrower nature. That is because you will not be encountering many bumps along the way that will require the tires to adapt. On the other hand, when you are moving on dust road, you will experience many little stones and sand that may get stuck within the treads if you are not careful. 

  1. Weight of the tire

When looking at the weight of the tire, you may think that they are the same, but in truth, this is a big part of choosing the correct bike tires for yourself. The heavier the tire is, the more likely the ride will feel like a chore than a cruise. The more massive tires are better for the outdoor cycle than they are for the city ride. That is because it needs to be more vital to deal with the more unpredictable conditions. People who live in the city prefer lighter tires that can get them from point A to B without too much strain. Think of yourself going to work in the morning. You most likely would prefer to get there without that much sweat so the ride should be lighter and easier to cycle. 

Final Thoughts

All the options on this list are highly rated among users. They are well-reviewed by customers; hence you have quite important information at your disposal to decide. You should be aware of precisely what it is you are looking for when you purchase the bike tires. All details should be considered, i.e. how much it cost, where you want to cycle it and how long you want it to last. 

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