Peloton Bike Maintenance


When it comes to Peloton bike maintenance, you have to consider replacing certain parts such as the pedals and tires, cleaning the bike as well as fixing the cycle if there is a broken or malfunctioning part of the bike. You need to inspect every part before and after a ride. Bolts need to be tightened or loosened if they have been over-tightened. Lubrication is a crucial component to avoid friction. Paying particular attention to the above aspects to be considered, if you are not sure about a specific tip or instruction you need to consult the customer service, a professional mechanic or refer to the booklet with instructions so that you do not damage the bike in the name of “maintenance”. Below is a more detailed analysis of the Peloton bike maintenance.

Key aspects to consider in Peloton bike maintenance.


I recommend that you turn off the screen first before you start cleaning. This is done to get rid of the moisture when cleaning. When the screen is on you, do not see or notice the remaining moisture or dirt particles onto the screen. To shut down the screen, you need to press the red button that is on top of the tablet. 

Make sure the screen is off before you release the button. You have to wipe off any dirt and the whole surface of the touch screen using recommended cleaning detergents that work for plasma and computer screens and a microfiber cloth, not just any random cloth. Any other fabric will scratch or gradually damage your screen. 

A touch screen is susceptible when it comes to cleaning items. The frame requires a wet, soft cloth when wiping. You need to get rid of all the sweat, mud and soil that might be onto the frame. As much as water and soap are what is familiar to bike users, you cannot use these for a Peloton bike. For good results, you need to dry the Peloton bike before you call it a day. 

Replacing Peloton bike parts

You need to replace some parts of the bike so that it continues giving you maximum performance. The moment your bike starts slowing down, it is not because it is due for expiry. Some parts have to be changed before it is too late to fix the bike. Some repairs can be avoided in the process.
Pedals play a pivotal role in the Peloton bike’s performance. They need to be inspected time and again to make sure that they are in good condition. You can do this before, and after your ride, then you need more time to check after every month. After a year, indeed, they have to be changed.
The pedals need tightening as well, not just an inspection. This is done to make sure that they are fitted securely on to the bike. If you are not sure about how to do this, you need to consult an expert. You have to work on your resistance knob so that you lock the flywheel and crank. Replacements avoid failures from wear and tear. The crank arms have to be replaced when necessary.

Tightening bolts

Not only bolts are supposed to be tightened for the Peloton bike maintenance. You need to tighten the seat, pedals and cleats regularly. Tightening bolts works on the tension of your bike. The cleat has to be tightened to the usual tightness; otherwise, you will damage your bike. The cleat bolts do not need any special tightening.

You have to press your finger, then on the inside of the shoe to locate the portion of the foot that is between your arch and toes. This is done to make sure that your foot has to rest comfortably on to the pedal before you secure your cleats.

The screws on the Peloton bike might need an Allen wrench or a hex key for tightening. Adjusting the seat is also an important matter when it comes to the Peloton bike. The height has to match your height. The seat has to be aligned in line with your hip bone. 


Have you been experiencing that squeaky sound on your Peloton bike lately and you do not know what causes that and how do you fit it? Your bike is not about to stop working but it is either you have not been lubricating the bike or you have not been lubricating it enough. You use any type of grease that works well on your bike.

I recommend the silicon grease. Before you apply the lubricant, you need to make sure that the cleat is tight enough. If it is too tight to allow grease in, you need to loosen it a bit. When you have added some grease, you have to crank it down. Friction is not suitable for your bike. It damages the parts of your bike and your bike as a whole.

You do not have to take it for granted. As soon or before you even hear some noise from the bike, get rid of it. The pedals need lubrication as much as other parts of the bike. It makes your ride more smooth than you have experienced.

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Do peloton bikes need maintenance?

I advise you to take care of the pedals by replacing them yearly. You do not have to wait for them to wear over the years without replacing them. Bad performance is not only a result of a broken part but an old bike part can slow down the performance of your bike. Making it a habit when you change pedals yearly increases the performance of the Peloton bike.

What types of wipes are recommended for cleaning the Peloton bike?

Clorox is recommended when you want to clean the Peloton bike. The reason behind this choice of wipes is that they kill germs and bacteria (Source). You do not have to worry about the next person who is going to use the bike after using the Clorox wipes. Clorox wipes and a wet cloth is a great combination when it comes to removing dirt and sweat.

Some people might get motivated by vintage and would choose old model bikes that look like the early ‘80s, and some are attracted by more advanced fancy bikes. Unfortunately, the type of fat bike you would like to purchase might not have the colour of your choice available. In that case, you cannot leave it all because of the colour. You will be forced to adjust and choose another colour from the readily available colours. You have to bear in mind that not every bike you want comes with all the features you like.


Maintaining a Peloton bike does not come with any consequences at all unless there is something done in the wrong way or excessively. More advantages do come with the practise as it guarantees you a functioning Peloton bike throughout the year. You have to clean it thoroughly and properly, fix it when broken unexpectedly, tighten bolts and screw and change parts that have to be changed yearly. When this has been done, the chances are meagre that you will have problems with the bike.

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