Pairing Airpods with Peloton bike

Are you wondering if you can use your air pods with your Peloton bike whilst you enjoy a good sweat? The answer is yes and if you are wondering how, well here below is a step by step guide to pairing your Peloton bike to air pods or any other Bluetooth devices. That will allow you to enjoy music as you cycle without the need for another device. 

Pairing Bluetooth devices to Peloton bike.

Step 1

Put your headphones in pairing mode!

To pair your air pods to the bike, you need to begin by turning them on and putting them in pairing mode. That will allow the air pods to be found by the bike. When pairing air pods, you will need first to open the case, and then you should see a green light to show that they are on. Once this is done, you will press the little button on the back of your air pods case. You will have to hold this for almost 15 seconds to allow the device to go into pairing mode. Once the device is in pairing mode, you should notice a white beeping led light coming from the case of the air pods. It will symbolise that the air pods are in pairing mode. If this does not work, then your air pods may be connected to another device. 

Step 2

Put your Peloton bike into pairing mode!

Now that your air pods are in the searching mode, it is time to activate the pairing mode on your Peloton bike. That is done through the screen. So, first, log into the bike. Once logged in on the right-hand side of the home screen, there will be a menu option that you must click. It will open a panel with several options.

Select “Device Settings”.

Under the very first group of options that will be called “Wireless & Networks” select “Bluetooth

It is here where your air pods which should be in pairing mode can now be selected from. First, you will need to turn the Bluetooth on by clicking on the button in the top right corner. It should go from grey to blue to signal that the bike’s Bluetooth is now on. Look for the name that your air pods are saved under and then select that option.

It should seal the deal and have you connected within a few seconds. 

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If you have followed this guide and found no joy in connecting your air pods, then here are some things you can try. Many people often overlook how intelligent and almost dumb that technology can be at the same time. Often just the smallest things can cause problems, so here are some everyday things to try if you cannot connect the air pods to the bike. 

Try Again

It may sound silly and frustrating, but it does happen that sometimes the air pods or the bike can glitch with their Bluetooth. It may not have worked the first time, so feel free to try the steps again once or twice more. You will be surprised that they just start working after giving you a hassle.

Turn the Air pods and Bike off and on again. 

The greatest mystery of life so far is why technology often just needs a good restart to kick in. Weird enough restarting both your air pods and the bike will push them to connect in most cases. Fun fact is that almost 65% of technology call centres fix their callers problems by getting them to turn on and off their device.

Check you are not connected to another device

If your air pods are still connected to your phone or laptop even if they are in another room, then they will not be able to connect to the bike. You must get all the devices that you have used the air pods with and turn off their Bluetooth features. That will at least guarantee you that this is not the reason why they are not pairing. Your air pods cannot connect to a device they have never connected to before; hence you don’t have to worry about other people’s devices in the house.

Make sure the air pods are fully charged

Once again, this may seem elementary. However, there can be a good chance that if your battery is low, then the bike may struggle to connect with your air pods. You must avoid using them on low battery because over time this will depreciate the quality of your air pods, meaning you will get fewer years out of them. 

Check that the air pods can connect to your phone

This option is just to check if the air pods Bluetooth connectivity has somehow not been affected. You may be struggling to connect with the bike because your air pods are broken. A simple test will rule this out because if they can connect and play with your mobile phone, then there is no reason why they could not connect with your Peloton bike. The same procedure can be done with another pair of Bluetooth headphones to check the connectivity of your peloton bike. If you can safely connect another pair of Bluetooth headphone with the bike, then there is no reason why it should not connect with your air pods.

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On the rare chance that the steps listed above do not get the job done, you will need to do some troubleshooting. The first thing that you would want to do is to complete a factory reset. It can be done by pressing the Setup button on the back of the Airpods’ case for 15 seconds. It must be done with the Airpods in their case.

You are looking for the status light to flash amber a few times then white while you are still holding down the button. Once this is done, your Airpods are factory reset and ready to pair again. 


Following the steps above will make pairing your Airpods with a Peloton bike reasonably straightforward. If in doubt, go through the troubleshooting.

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