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Getting the right gear is important for cyclists. Not only is is a key factor when it come to safety. It also play a role in their performance. Whether you cycle casually or are looking to do it at a competitive level

Join our ride for Justice

Yield to Life is hosting a ride on September 3, 2014 to protest Los Angeles County District Attorney’s decision not to prosecute the police officer who killed cyclist Milton Olin Jr. The cyclist, an entertainment attorney and former Napster executive, was killed while riding in the bike lane in Calabasas, California. Deputy Wood, who was driving a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s patrol car, was typing on his mobile digital computer when he struck and killed Milt Olin.

Records show that a moment earlier he had been texting on his personal cellphone and he was exceeding the speed limit. It was not even an emergency that he was addressing on the mobile device. The police department’s own training material contains the warning that distracted driving is unsafe and use of technological devises does not exonerate one from traffic laws and department policy.

If officers are allowed to use devices that others are not, at the very least they must also be required to do so in a manner that does not endanger themselves or others while doing so. Wood was so inattentive to his driving that he failed to follow the curve in the road and drove out of his lane right into the bicycle lane, hitting and killing a cyclist that he said he never saw. There were no weather issues or any extenuating circumstances to justify such behavior.

Whether or not policeman should be given access to mobile digital computers in a vehicle is a separate issue. Taking care of police business does not translate into unrestricted power to drive unsafely. Policemen cannot be given carte blanche to routinely drive in a manner that turns their vehicle into a deadly weapon and endanger the life and limb of everyone else on the road. Letting Wood off scot free does just that! Having access to a mobile digital computer does not mean one has unconditional authority to drive unsafely. Today’s decision is a travesty of justice.

Yield to Life and the The LA County Bicycle Coalition will host a ride and vigil for Milt Olin to call on the DA to revisit the investigation and consider pressing charges.

Wednesday September 3, 2014
Schedule of events:

4:00 PM Meet at crash site (approx 22532 Mulholland Hwy, Calabasas, CA 91302)

4:15 PM Moment of silence

4:30 PM Start ride

7:30-8:00 PM Arrive at District Attorney’s office (210 W Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012)

8:00 PM Candlelight vigil

9:00 PM End of event

The public is invited to join us at the start and ride with us, join us for the vigil, or meet us at any point along the way.

Yield to Life and the California Highway Patrol talk safety

Yield to Life is excited to be working with the California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Leland Tang to learn how Yield to Life can cooperatively work with police to ensure that motorists, cyclists, and police alike are on the same page regarding the law with respect to cyclists. Very productive conversations are leading to many interesting steps for the Santa Monica Mountain range to keep cyclists safer on the road in this community and beyond.

We are talking about Information Cards for Police Officers regarding cyclists rights and responsibilities that police officers can carry with them—highlighting laws specific to their area. Yield to Life can help create these or help coordinate with the public officers in your area to do the same so all police are up to date and on board with cyclists rights and responsibilities.

It is very important for everyone to know the applicable rules—motorists and cyclists alike. Some may surprise you! And others are just common sense. An example is California Vehicle 21656:

Turning Out of Slow-Moving Vehicles:
On a two-lane highway where passing is unsafe because of traffic in the opposite direction or other conditions, a slow-moving vehicle, including a passenger vehicle, behind which five or more vehicles are formed in line, shall turn off the roadway at the nearest place designated as a turnout by signs erected by the authority having jurisdiction over the highway, or wherever sufficient area for a safe turnout exists, in order to permit the vehicles following it to proceed. As used in this section a slow-moving vehicle is one which is proceeding at a rate of speed less than the normal flow of traffic at the particular time and place

Adhering to this rule—(even if there are only 4!)—will go a long way in alleviating tensions and bolstering mutual respect.

As for Public Safety Officers, they are there to help. Find one in your area—keep them in them in the loop, they are your safety advocate.

If you are in the Santa Monica Mountain area and have had an incident, close call, or grievance, Leland wants to hear about it. Let’s start the conversation. Message him on facebook or send him a twitter message @chpwestvalley. Please keep us in the loop too @yield2life so we can follow up.

Yield to Life is racing its message across America

Yield to Life is racing its message across America

Dave Zabriskie is taking Yield to Life on the road again, this time in the Race Across America (RAAM). Dave is always looking for the best way to spread his safety messages, and he didn’t want to miss this opportunity to take his awareness campaign to the highways and bi-ways of America. Also, cyclists have been hit and killed by motorists during the RAAM so it seemed like a natural fit for setting things right between motorists and cyclists and making the roads safer for all.

Legends of the RoadJoining Dave on this journey will be none other than BMX Champion and 24x X Game medalist Dave Mirra; 2x Motocross Champion, Supermoto Champion and Pikes Peak Hill Climb record holder Micky Dymond; and Superbike Champion, Supermoto Champion, and professional mountain bike racer Ben Bostrom. Their team will be aptly called “The Legends of the Road” and a video series will follow their journey and feature Yield to Life and its mission. For more information about their team, the video series, and how you can get involved, check out

Yield to Life and Life Time

Yield to Life and Life Time

Yield to Life went to Life Time’s California Laguna Niguel Grand Opening to talk cycling safety. Life Time has a national cycling club Life Time Cycles, and, because we both share a goal of getting people out on bikes for a healthy lifestyle, Y2L will be sending out safety messages and tips to Lifetime cyclists and motorists to get them in the Yield to Life – style of thinking.

Reaching Out on Rockstore

Yield to Life was at the popular Rockstore climb in Southern California this past weekend to talk to motorcyclists in an attempt to raise awareness, ease tensions and increase respect among all who utilize this popular canyon road. This is a very popular, windy, narrow canyon route used by car clubs, motorcyclists and cyclists – along with regular traffic – which brings to the fore the safety issues that we all struggle with on the road. A few months ago there was a shocking incident between a motorcyclist and a cyclist on this road:

We wanted to see what we could do to keep cyclists safer on this popular climb and build respect, understanding, and awareness among all those who use this road. In step with Yield to Life’s harmonizing philosophy, we went to the popular motorcyclist hang-out on this road. We started by giving motorcyclists a chance to vent and give their recommendations on what would help ease tensions and keep everyone safer on the road.

Some felt that cyclists had no right to the road, but through our talks came to realize and appreciate that cyclists have equal rights. One of the good points our new friends stressed was that cyclists should ride single file close to the right so that passing traffic does not have to cross the double line. This was not the issue in the accident referred to above, but it is always good to keep in mind since we often see cyclists clogging the lane.

This is just one courteous thing cyclists can do to ease tensions and show respect. We talked to the motorcyclists about slowing down and not using the road as a race track, we talked to law enforcement and to Paul Herold who runs Rockstore Photos. It was incredible to see how productive these efforts can be, and the more we talked, the more understanding and respect built and progress made.

We want to build upon the harmony and understanding that we started to create and work with Rockstore Photos to get cyclists and motorcyclists together for a Lycra and Leather Ball. We feel that this kind of face time is invaluable towards improving relations and keeping all safe on the road. Stay tuned!

Corporate Education

Yield to Life is working with corporations to get our safety messages and educational materials out to their employees. We also want to encourage cycling to work and are working out ways to help employees do so safely. Our latest company that we have reached out to in this endeavor is Amgen. They have an incredible cycling club with whom we are thrilled to be working! Your company could be next! Please contact us if you are interested. 

Awareness Campaign in the City of Thousand Oaks

Yield to Life is working with the City of Thousand Oaks to bring about an awareness campaign as they open up their latest bike lane. Such an event often raises tensions between motorists and cyclists and Yield to Life is stepping in to help ease those tensions and ensure everyone’s safety. Let us know if you have similar issues in your area where we can be of assistance.

Yield to Life is a proud supporter of and participant in the Ride of Silence

Yield to Life is a proud supporter of and participant in the Ride of Silence – a national and international ride that will take place on May 19 to honor all fallen cyclists. Please go to to find out where your local ride will be taking place.

Christopher Thompson was sentenced for five years in prison after he intentionally slammed on his brakes to severely injure two cyclists. 
Read More

We wanted to thank all who took the time to write letters to the District Attorney in support of a strict sentence for Christopher Thompson. We received a letter from Mary Hanlon, the District Attorney on the case expressing gratitude for all help the letters provided. She regrets she was not able to personally thank everyone individually so we are passing along her gratitude.

Driving Test

Our Driver’s Test that we provide to Driver Education programs is now on our site.  Take the test and see how you do! If you would like to get involved in our Driver’s Ed programs, please contact us for more information.


Y2L has created a twibbon to show your support. Please click here to add our twibbon to your avatar and help us replace the notion that cyclists are inconveniences or nuisances with the notion that cyclists are LIFE — Life deserving of a little more time, a little more space, and a lot more respect.

Follow us on Twitter

Yield to Life is using every avenue to spread the word including Twitter! Please follow us on twitter @ yield2life and get information on our progress and happenings. Also, we have created a #yieldtolife hashtag for twitter so whenever you come across or experience a cycling/safety related issue please follow your twitter post with #Yield to Life to spread the message, raise awareness, and highlight the issue.

Yield to Life’s School Assembly Program

David Zabriskie continues to emphasize the school assembly program and we are always interested in finding new schools with an interest in having a productive session with students and teachers alike. We are compiling our new schedule and are open for suggestions. We can also provide supplemental material for existing programs.

School Campaign Blitz


Yield to Life is now offering club and bike shop affiliations. We already have affiliations in many states and countries around the world. If you have a bike shop or a bike club that would like to partner with us, we would love to hear from you. Please email Jessica at

Share Your Story

Yield to Life wants to enhance awareness by bringing the issue down to a personal level. If you would like to share your personal cyclist/motorist story, please send it to us at

Awareness Test

Bravo to “Transport for London.” They have come up with an incredible awareness test that makes the very point behind Yield to Life. If you are not looking for cyclists, you won’t see them.  Take the test and see how you do.

Media Campaign

We want to extend our media campaign to local newspapers. If there is a newspaper in your local area you think would be receptive to our message, please send us an email at with the name of the paper and the editor, if you happen to know. Also, if there is a motorist/cyclist incident covered in your local paper, please make us aware of the incident and articles so we can to spread the “Yield to Life” message in your area to raise awareness and prevent such tragedies in the future.

Or if you like, you can contact your local editors directly. Here is an example of what one of our supporters, Sergeant Garcia, sent into his local paper to help spread the “Yield to Life” word:

Dear Editor,
I’m writing in the hope of getting our voices heard. To motorist in Indiana: As the warm weather approaches us and more athletes, cyclists in the case of my friends and I take the open road on our bikes to live a healthy and fit life, we ask that you be kind and patient with us on the road. Please remember that we are a LIFE, a Father, a husband, a son, a brother, we have families and friends to come back home to. Yielding to us will probably take a mere minute in getting you to your final destination. We asked that all motorists be considerate and patient. Together we can have a safe spring and summer.

Below is a very popular website from Dave Zabriskie (pro cyclist-who was hit by a motorist) David is on a campaign to educate motorists and cyclists on being safe on the road all across America.

Traffic School

Yield to Life is meeting with police departments in Utah and California to speak with traffic police in an attempt to enhance their role in maintaining cyclist safety. We are working on a template that can be used by law enforcement agencies throughout the country. 

Radio Spots

Yield to Life has teamed up with the Zero Fatalities campaign to spread our message. David Zabriskie did a radio public service announcement that will air over 100 radio stations that urges motorists to respect the rights of cyclists. We will be working on radio spots in additional markets to spread the message in as many cities as possible. If you have a particular need in your area or have any suggestions along these lines, please let us know.


Yield to Life is targeting trucking companies to increase awareness and sensitivity with respect to their role in keeping cyclists safe on the road. If you have a specific company in mind that you feel would benefit from this campaign please contact us.

Gear Review

Getting the right gear is of utmost importance. Whether you are riding casually or competitively, you are bound to come off your bike at some point. The countries with the greatest fatalities are usually the ones where the use of the right safety gear is disregarded. A good helmet is often the difference between an injury and a fatal crash. This is certainly not a chance worth taking.

Having gear may not be sufficient. The quality of the gear is a key part. In a market as large as the cycling one is becoming, there is a wide range of brands delivering gear. This makes it more difficult to sift through the noise to find the gems. This is where we intend to step in. With our experience as keen cyclists and safety enthusiasts, we will be finding and writing about the best products to come on the market in all sorts of categories related to bicycles. 

Whether you are looking for gear that will perform at the highest level, or a looking for gear that will protect you in specific situations, we will oblige. For instance, what may be the best piece of gear for commuting on your bike may not be the best option for taking on the hills and valleys. 

Context is everything. If ignored, you are bound to be placed at risk under the illusion of safety that some of the gear gives us. Testing your cycling gear and understanding how it fares in comparison to other products on the market also helps. This is how you can know if your money is well spent on anything that you purchase. 

Price is not always the best reflection of quality. There are cheap products that would give the pricier ones a ‘run for their money’. To discover this gear would mean paying attention to some smaller brands that are not as visible as the larger ones. We want this to become the place to go for all information related to cycling equipment. Your feedback will undoubtedly be of incredible value to the community that we are building. Let us know what your experiences have been with your helmet, brakes, pedals, gloves, and any other cycling gear that we write about. 

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