Best Women’s Road Bikes for Beginners


When we look at the world of cycling, you will find that the manufacturers of bicycles tend to overlook women when making the products for their catalogue. Often women are forced into buying bikes that are designed for men who enjoy cycling. Men’s bikes tend to be different from women’s bikes. 

That means that if you buy the wrong one, you are likely to experience some discomfort when you are cycling. Pain over a long period will likely reduce the satisfaction you get from cycling and force you to ditch the activity altogether. That is why we have compiled some of the best bikes that women can buy for road cycling. These bikes are all available from Amazon and look to put the spring back into your cycle. 

Want to cycle asap?

Let’s just quickly cycle through the main things that you would need to look for when choosing a road bike for women:

  • Adjusted contact points.
  • Bicycle height.
  • Frame size.

If you can understand these three aspects of choosing a female bicycle, then you will be right on your way to cycling asap!

Top Pick

The 700c Royce Union is the top pick on this list of bicycles. It is a company that has worked hard to ensure that you get a bike that will last you a lifetime. The company personally guarantees that its aluminium frame is rigid and will never rust. The bike also comes with dual springs technology to ensure that your ride is as comfortable as possible. It will be important in maintaining your posture as a rider. Doing so will protect you against lower back stiffness. The wheels of the bike are also made from aluminium which means that your rim will not bend if you hit a pothole. Once a rim bends it will need a panel beater to hit it back into shape. Even after this, it will not ride the same. You will also enjoy the soft Kraton grips

Best Pick

  5 of the Best Women’s Road Bikes for Beginners



700c Royce Union 

Royce Union is another company that is well known for producing women’s bicycles. The company produces high-quality bikes and is one on the list worth seriously considering. 

Coming in pearl blue paint job this bike has an aluminium frame that is 100% rust proof. That should give your mind some peace if you were wondering about durability. The bike is relatively lightweight and therefore, easy to handle. When looking for a woman’s road bike, you will often be looking for a bike that is not difficult to control due to the conditions of cycling on the road. There will be cars passing by on every turn, and losing control could be fatal. 

You will find that the bike has a 15-inch frame that comes 90% assembled. It is stereotypical to say women do not enjoy an excellent DIY session as men do but why to put the effort in. With this bike, you are just one or two screws away from hitting the road with your new bike. The bike is designed for commuting on the road. 

It comes with a top of the range saddle that is well padded for adequate comfort. The harness comes with dual springs that allow you to cruise comfortably without feeling any of the bumps on the road. The soft Kratom grips are known to be durable and gentle in your hands, making you feel like you’re truly in control of the bike as you ride. It comes with a pair of pedals that maintain their responsiveness over time. A common theme we are noticing with this bike is that it is built to be reliable. It can be one of those bikes that eventually may be passed on to your children.

If you are someone who struggles with posture when cycling, then you will appreciate the slight rise handlebar. Posture is essential because, over time, it can cause you problems with your lower back when you cycle over a long period. Many bikes often come with a posture manual on how best to sit when you cycle. 

The Shimano drivetrain feature is also another excellent little addition to the bike. It works to ensure that as you cycle, you can easily change gears when you would like to. You will not even feel any of the transitions as you go. When you brake with this bicycle, you will be quite impressed by how efficient the brakes are. They are made from a lightweight alloy metal that attaches to rims that are also made from lightweight alloy. Even though this bike is made specifically for neighbourhood cruising the brakes have proven to be efficient in all terrains. 

Lastly, the bike comes with the company’s flagship 700c tires that work well to give you that feeling of gliding when you cycle. You will feel as though the bike is slicing through the air and this is a big bonus for road bikes. On a road bike, you wouldn’t want to feet the grind of the hard tar as you cycle. It can lead to frustration on the roads from discomfort. 


  • Kraton grip
  • Aluminium frame 
  • Aluminium Wheels & Brakes
  • Premium padded saddle 
  • 700c tires


  • Not suitable for climbing hills 
  • Slightly more expensive


Sixthreezero Around the Block

Sixthreezero is a company that has been making bicycles for quite some time now. They are a well established and reliable brand. They have taken the time and effort to dive into the women’s bike market to expand their market reach. Here they have made a classic looking women’s bicycle with quite a few handy innovations. 

This bike has those classic 1960’s frames with almost a childlike nature. It’s a fun bike that will bring back that retro flare as you fly down the street of your neighbourhood. The bike comes with a 17inch durable frame. That is about the appropriate size for a lot of female cyclists. It will allow you to maintain close control of the bike and not be overwhelmed by a frame that is hard to manage. The frame is made from steel, making it tough to dent or destroy should you get into a little accident. It is vital when selecting a bike because given its cost you would probably prefer for it to last!

The bike also comes with a design that will encourage the rider to maintain a proper upright posture when cycling. That is achieved through the bike’s dual-spring saddle and comfort curve handlebar. Comfort curve handlebar’s work wonders for making sharp turns at cruising speeds. They do not require overwhelming effort and will protect you as you curve on roads that have traffic. They will also protect your posture because they force you to sit upright. A rider’s posture is crucial to saving energy and protecting your back over time. You will find that if a woman picks the wrong bike, they must uncomfortably exert more effort. 

The bike is especially lovely for cruising on tar. It will also work well on any surface or terrain that is flat. That is due to the single-speed feature that the bike has. For people not looking to perform advanced cycling, there is often no need for more than a single gear. Many people would confess that they would not even know how to use multiple gears on a bike if it had one. The bike also comes with coaster brakes which make for good brakes. 

The wheels are 26 inches long and are made from aluminium metal. That means they can support heavier weights should you need to carry a passenger. The waffle tires also provide for a very clean and calm cruise when cycling. If you wish to take goods with you on your travels, you can always purchase a basket as an additional accessory for the bike. 

The bike was designed with the word “calm” in mind. It is a very low-profile easy-going bike designed specifically for women. You will find that the cycle will last quite a long time and serve you nicely. It comes with simple instructions should you wish to assemble the bicycle yourself. The last thing to note is that it comes in a beautiful teal blue colour that stands out. 


  • Comfort curve handlebar
  • Cushioned dual spring wide saddle
  • Attractive blue teal colour
  • Steel frame
  • Aluminium wheels


  • Foam grips not very durable
  • Single-speed gear


Firmstrong Urban Lady

Firmstrong has been many women’s go-to bike for quite a long time, and we understand why. The company prides itself on making bikes that are also companions. Reliable companions that you enjoy moving around with. The bikes are well known for their safety track record. They are also known for the beautiful luminous colours that their bikes come in. For a lady looking to cruise around looking cute, this is a bike to give a try. 

It is a single-speed bike that is designed for cruising down the sidewalk on the beach. You will not have to worry about changing gears and can focus on enjoying your ride and the surroundings you encounter. Coming with a 15inch steel frame, it is not the most robust bike that you can buy on the market. It is, however, fit for purpose because of the lightweight nature of the cycling you will be doing. The wheels, however, are made from aluminium, which is very durable, so you won’t be missing anything there when you accidentally ride over a pothole.

Aluminium is a very lightweight but durable metal. It means that when you cycle the bike, you will not have to fight with the wheels to turn. Heavy wheels are often used on bikes that are made for challenging and strenuous terrains. This bike is made primarily for cruising. 

Adding to the style and flair of the bike you get these beautifully designed white-wall balloon tires that will allow you to enjoy a comfortable ride on the road. Comfort is critical when you buy a road bike because often people want to arrive at their destinations without having sweated through their outfit. These tires will take the pressure off you to generate power to push the bike. Instead, you will be able to start and keep moving with minimal effort. The brakes are standard coaster brakes which are easy to become accustomed to mean that you won’t need to practise for a long time. That means you can use this bike to commute and see friends nearby rather than driving safely. 

The seat of the bike is nothing to write home about, but it has been widened to ensure that you can sit comfortably. Women tend to need bigger seats than men do give their genetic nature. It means you can sit on the saddles without feeling like parts of your behind are not fully secured. That feeling leads to riders having a poor posture that will eventually cause them back pain and discomfort. The handles are wide handlebars that give you steady control over the bike. The bike has been mainly built for women that are between 5 and 6 feet tall. If you are bigger or smaller than these heights, then you may need to consider a different bike. Remember a bike needs to choose you as much as you choose your bike. There is no point in buying a bike if you do not feel comfortable using it. 


  • Aluminium wheels
  • Widened saddle
  • Trendy luminous colours
  • Whitewall balloon tires
  • Wide handlebars


  • Only for women between 5 and 6 feet tall
  • Not a durable frame


Hiland Mountain Bike

This bike is made from the brand known as HH Hiland. It is a premium road bike as compared to the other ones on this list. It is designed for the user to be able to travel on mountain roads and highways. In comparison, the other bikes have been designed for light cruising from your house to a friend. This one has been designed for longer journeys through the countryside. It is the most durable and robust bike that you can buy on this list, and the price tag reflects that. 

The unique geometry of the bike caters specifically to women allowing them a snug fit on the bike. The brakes are made from a high-quality double disc. That means that even when going down a steep road, you can brake safely. It is an important feature that wasn’t present among the other bikes. It also comes with a whopping 24-speed gearbox that will allow you to climb and descend hills as you need to.

It comes with bigger 27.5-inch wheels that are held together well by a lockout suspension. That means that when you are riding on roads in the countryside that are not as smooth, you will feel no difference. The bike is built to give you the best possible experience you can on the road. When you order the bike, everything you will need to set up the bike and be on your way comes in the box. 

That is the best option on the list by far, but that depends on the person buying. If you are looking for a bike that you can take with you on holiday camping, then this is it. The other bikes are more catered for suburban roads. 


  • Special geometry frame
  • Double disc brakes
  • Lockout suspension
  • 24-speed shift gears
  • Durable tires


  • Only for women between 5 and 6 feet tall
  • Relatively expensive


Roadmaster 26 Granite

The Roadmaster 26 Granite is the most standardised bike on the list. It is simple and will get the job done. It has no flair, fancy handles or colours. What you get is a sleek black granite finish. It has a durable and heavy steel mountain frame. There is a front suspension fork that works to ensure the ride is comfortable and seamless as you cruise on the road. It is a bike that has been developed for the road but will not roll as quickly as the other bikes. It, therefore, is not in the real sense a road cruising bike. It does have 18 speeds that it can attain meaning you can go up and down hills with ease. The brakes are standard coastal brakes that will perform an adequate job for you.

This bike is mostly recommended for young children or teenagers if you are looking to get them or yourself a first bike. It is not for people who are experienced and want to use a bike for commuting but rather to enjoy cycling.  


  • Relatively affordable
  • Sleek design
  • Heavy, durable frame
  • Coastal brakes
  • 18 speed


  • Not for cruising
  • Tires are not durable

Buyers Guide

How to choose a bike frame

Female cyclists have long felt left out when trying to choose a bike that is specific to the way their bodies are built. That leads to women becoming frustrated and merely selecting a bike that is for men and does suit them very well. That can lead to an unpleasant cycling experience for the rider, which is what we want to avoid. So, let us quickly look at how to determine if the bike is for women or for men.   

  1. Saddle of the bike

Naturally, women will need a more giant and more comfortable saddle than men will. When looking for a bike, try to buy one that has a widened harness. It should also come with dual springs that will support you when you go over a bump in the road. If not, it may hurt your back in the process of cycling.   

  1. The frame of the bike

You will need to be aware that the size of the bike frame is essential. Often bikes designed for women will have slightly smaller contact points than those made for men. It is because women usually have shorter legs and arms than men. For you to be able to reach the paddles of the bike and the handles safely, the frame should be around 15inchs. That is the typical size of a woman’s cycle. 


  1. Weight of the bike

For a woman’s road bike, you will want one that is made from lightweight aluminium metal. If you intend on cruising, then you will want a bike that does not need a horse to get started. By this, I mean that you want something comfortable to maintain and get going with. A heavier bike may be more durable than one that is lightweight but take into consideration why you need the bike to be so stable. The activities you are planning will probably be minimal and not need a heavy bike. 

Final Thoughts

Understandably, given the high cost of purchasing one of the bikes on this list, the decision may give you some anxiety. However, there is no real need to be worried. If you can go through to the bicycle store and test out the model you want to order before buying it online. That will give you a feel for how the bike is on the road. If you plan on purchasing the bike directly online, then you should ensure that you are buying one which can be returned should you not like the bike. Once you have your bike, make sure to tighten all the screws on the bike. That is especially the ones that came pre-assembled. That will be for you or your child’s safety before their first ride.

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