Best Regular Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling

If you’re not a professional cyclist, then you don’t really need cleats on your shoes.  Whether you’re a casual road cyclist or an urban cyclist regular non cycling shoes are just fine, and are often more comfortable than cycling shoes and you don’t have to worry about all the straps attached to the pedal and closure system which can at times be more of a hindrance.

Coming up shortly we’ve got a selection of reviews on regular non cycling shoes which we think are great for cycling.  We’ve handpicked our Top 5 for you. 

And after that we’ve also got a handy buying guide for you which goes through everything you might want to think about before you buy, and comes complete with answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Best Regular Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling



The Vans Authentic is somewhat of a classic.  It’s Van’s original and now iconic style.  The design came about in 1966 but is still super popular today, topping many retailer’s best seller charts for skate shoes.

In fact with some retailers it really flies off the shelves.  For example, on the Amazon page there have been well over 9,000 customer ratings.  But what’s better yet is the customer feedback.  Even after so many individual ratings, the average still comes out at a staggering 4 and a half stars out of a possible 5.

There are a number of factors that make it a good choice for cycling.  Firstly the color.  Black is great, it goes with anything, blends easily into the background, rather than some garish cycling shoes do, and better yet no scuff marks show.  And this shoe not only has a black upper, but the sole is black too.

On the subject of the sole, it’s Vans original Waffle Outsole, a gum rubber sole, which provides better traction than other track outsoles on the market, which also makes it great for cycling and keeping your feet in place without having to rely on cumbersome straps.

It has metal eyelets and comes with black laces, and to complete the look it features the Vans logo.

It’s a Unisex look that looks great on anybody.

As for the sizes available, the sizes tend to start at about 5 and go up to 15, including half sizes, and are predominantly available in medium width.  Most customers have reported that the fit is true to size, which is good to know if you’re thinking about buying them.


  • Cycle in style
  • Flying off the shelves
  • Fantastic customer feedback
  • All in black, hides any scuff marks
  • Great traction in the outsole
  • Half sizes made available


  • The upper’s canvas has not been waterproofed, but this can easily be rectified by purchasing a suitable waterproofing spray.  We believe they’re available on Amazon.


DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe, Black/Black/Black, 7 D D US

Again it’s a bestseller, and another shoe that’s flying off the shelves at Amazon in particular.  And the customer feedback is just as good as with the Vans.  After well over 2,700 individual customer ratings, the average rating comes out at a very nice 4 and a half stars out of a possible 5.

There’s real leather used in the uppers, and there are ventilation holes in place for breathability.  It also features a cupsole, which is an outsole shaped like a cup around the sole of your foot.  

But what really makes it good for cycling is DC’s trademarked pill pattern tread, which provides great traction which is just what you need to keep your feet in place.

There are several different color options you can choose from, mainly different variations of black and white (super cool), but if you want to go for high visibility, then maybe pick the Dark Grey/Orange.

It’s marketed as a men’s shoe but we think women would look just as good wearing it.

The sizes start at 6 and go up to 18, and there’s half sizes available.


  • Flying off the shelves
  • Great customer feedback
  • Real leather in the uppers
  • Ventilation holes
  • DC’s pill pattern tread
  • Great  color options
  • Half sizes available


  • Not available in wide or narrow sizes


DC Men's Villain Casual Slip ON Skate Shoe, Black, 7 D M US

What we love about this shoe from DC is that you don’t have to worry about any pesky laces coming undone or getting in the way at all.  Instead, the shoe has a moccasin toe style that you simply slip on or off.

The shoe has a mesh lining which is great for breathability.  But better yet, it’s got DC’s trademarked pill pattern tread, which provides great traction and is just what you need to keep your feet in place.  

It features an EVA outsole, which is a plastic made by combining ethylene and vinyl acetate to create rubber like properties which provide all the softness and flexibility you need in a non cycling shoe for cycling. 

We love the black style, basically black all over with DC’s logo patterned in a checkered design, and the sole is black too.  So you don’t have to worry about any scuff marks.

There’s also a pure white option if you prefer, and in the white option you can better see the mesh lining which covers the entire upper.

It’s available in sizes 7 to 18, with some half sizes available.

It’s a best seller and comes highly recommended.  Customers on Amazon have rated it 4 and a half stars on average.


  • More affordable option
  • No pesky laces!
  • mesh lining for breathability
  • DC’s pill pattern tread
  • Flexible outsole
  • Black or white options
  • An Amazon Bestseller 
  • Great customer feedback


  • Not all half sizes are available


Mens Running Shoes Non Slip Athletic Walking Blade Type Sneakers Black Green,US 6.5

If you want a high visibility non cycling shoe for cycling, then this beauty from JSLEAP is the one for you!

If you go for the 1black Green, then shoes can be very easily seen from every conceivable angle - even the sole!  Such a valuable safety feature when you’re cycling in areas of heavy traffic.

The other things that make it great for cycling include the anti skid grip on the outsole, which is perfect for keeping you feet in place on the pedals rather than allowing them to slide off.

In fact the sole is quite unique, with a honeycomb hole design which is great for shock absorption as you pedal.

You also get a mesh upper, for the breathability that will keep your feet cool and dry over long cycling journeys.

It’s a popular shoe that’s made the best seller charts with many retailers.  And customer feedback has been very positive too.  On the Amazon page for example, after well over 2000 individual customer ratings, the average rating comes in at 4 stars out of a possible 5.

If you didn’t fancy the neon option, there are several other colors you can choose from, with some still almost as noticeable as the neon one, like the 1lake Blue, the 1red, and the 1yellow.

It's available in a range of different sizes, starting from 6.5 and going up to 13.


  • high visibility option
  • anti skid grip on outsole
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Shock absorption
  • A best selling shoe
  • Great customer feedback
  • Half sizes also available


  • You can’t return them, so please ensure that you get the right size for your feet


Under Armour Men's Kilchis Sneaker, Black (002)/White, 8.5

This sneaker from Under Armour comes highly recommended.

It’s a best seller with several retailers, and customer feedback has been really positive.  For example, on the Amazon page, after well over 700 individual customer ratings the average customer rating comes in at an impressive 4 and a half stars out of a possible 5.

There are a number of factors that make it a great shoe for cycling.  Firstly, there’s the welded synthetic overlays which provide fantastic abrasion protection which is just what you need when your feet go in and out of the pedal set up.

They are also very comfortable with a nice, thick sole and a highly breathable mesh upper, which is great for cycling long distances.  And it’s quick dry too, which is great if you get caught out in the rain.

There’s also a bungee lacing system which we quite like, because it means you don’t have to constantly redo the laces, and instead you can simply slip them on and off, while the laces remain perfectly in place.

There are 11 different color options to choose from, most of them fairly subtle and subdued.

In terms of sizes, the sizes start fairly high at 8, and go up to 14, and there are half sizes available.


  • A best seller with retailers
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Fantastic abrasion protection
  • Thick comfortable sole
  • Highly breathable mesh upper
  • Bungee lacing system
  • Nice color options available
  • Half sizes also available


  • We’ll be honest, the size range could be better

Best Regular Non Cycling Shoes for Cycling  Buying Guide

Complete with answers to your most frequently asked questions

Let’s start at the beginning.

What kind of non-cycling shoes can you use to ride a bicycle?

In our view there are two main types of non cycling shoes that are great for cycling.  These are skateboarding shoes and sneakers and running shoes.

Skateboarding shoes have soft and sticky soles which are really durable and don’t wear out easily, making them a great choice for keeping your feet in place on the pedals and lasting out on regular long journeys.

Sneakers are good too, because they often have strong traction thanks to their nylon composite or carbon fiber soles.

What we will say is, it is important to always tie your laces with these styles of shoes, since research has shown that most accidents amongst cyclists are due to the laces getting stuck to the cog or the chains.

What to look for in a non cycling shoe for cycling

OK, so there’s a few different things you might want to think about before you decide what shoes to buy for cycling, and we’ll run through each of them one by one.

High Traction Tread

When you’re cycling, the last thing you would want is for your feet to slip on the pedals.   So to that end we strongly recommend that you invest in shoes that feature a high traction tread, and preferably are a little sticky or tacky, in order to help keep your feet firmly in place throughout the entire journey.


If you intend to cycle long distances, then it’s imperative that you get shoes that are comfortable.  And first off that means that you must ensure that they are the right size for your feet.  So, if you measure 7.5 say, then don’t get a 7 or 8, get the perfect size for your feet.

Secondly, other factors that influence how comfortable a shoe is for pedaling long distances are the thickness of their soles, and the shoe’s breathability.


Your style of shoe is pretty much a matter of choice, but in terms of being appropriate for cycling, there are two very different routes you can go down if you so wish.  

You could either go for a really dark or black looking shoe that won’t show any scuff marks from your bike, or alternatively you could go to the opposite extreme and go for a high visibility shoe that will get you noticed more easily, which is a great safety feature on the road.


It’s important that your shoes stay on when you cycle.  Most people go for shoes with lace up closures, which is great if you can lace them tightly without making them uncomfortable and without the laces getting in the way.

But on the flip side, many cyclists feel that laces just get in the way, which is why we’ve included a slip on shoe in our Top 5 picks, specifically, our Number 3 Pick, the DC Men's Villain 2 Slip-on Skate Shoe.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to buying shoes, good ones don’t always come cheap, so it pays to do your homework on the shoes that take your fancy before you shell out any of your hard earned cash.

We recommend that you check out customer reviews on your products before you buy.  We’re not saying that you need to read every review (that would take forever) but rather just get a feel for what people are saying about the particular item you’re interested in.

This is particularly handy when you’re shopping for things like clothes and shoes, since the reviews can tell you whether the item is true to size, or whether the sizes run a little small or, less likely, large.

We find that Amazon is a good site for examining customer reviews, not just because of the sheer number of reviews, but also because the manufacturer’s website will only show positive reviews, whereas Amazon will show both positive and critical reviews.  Moreover, you can also see whether the reviewer has made a verified purchase.


Chances are, one of the reasons that you’re looking at non cycling shoes is that you don’t want to have to pay the extra bucks that proper cycling shoes cost.  Which is fair enough.  But we don’t think that you should skimp too much on price, since getting a good shoe for cycling, that will stay in place as you pedal, is a valuable safety feature.

For a non cycling shoe for cycling, we would suggest a ballpark figure of at least $50 minimum.  If budget is a particular concern for you however, then we would recommend our Number 4 Pick, the JSLEAP Mens Running Shoes.

What are the other alternatives to lace shoe fastenings?

We get your frustrations with lace up shoes for cycling, and that’s why we included a slip on shoe in our Top 5 Picks, the DC Men's Villain 2 Slip-on Skate Shoe.  

But if there’s a lace up shoe that you fancy but you don’t want fiddly laces getting in the way of your skating, then we can recommend Lock Laces, they are elastic laces which conform to the shape of your foot, giving you a snug, customized fit and are held in place without the need for any knots or bows.  You can get them on Amazon.

Should I get rain covers for my shoes?

If you live in an area that sees regular rain, then we would strongly recommend that you invest in rain covers for your non cycling shoes for cycling.  We believe they have some good ones on Amazon.

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