Best Peloton Bike Seats and Cushions

One thing most cyclists and Peloton riders can agree on is that an uncomfortable seat is up there with the worst things about cycling. If you’ve ever had saddle sore before, you’ll know it can be incredibly irritating, uncomfortable, and even painful. 

According to a study carried out by, saddle discomfort and saddle sores were the most frequently reported issue encountered by cyclists. In another study of amateur endurance cyclists, over 60% complained of pain due to the saddle, and about 50% had to alter their riding style, or temporarily stop riding altogether. 

Having a comfortable bike seat is particularly important when riding your Peloton bike, especially if you spend a lot of time doing longer sessions focusing on endurance. Replacing your bike seat not only makes your riding experience more pleasurable (which it should be!), but your replacement bike seat should allow you to sit in the correct position and not put unnecessary strain on the perineal or pubic bone area, which could otherwise result in damage to sensitive areas of blood vessels and nerves. 

Best Peloton Bike Seats and Cushions

If your seat is more comfortable you’ll be able to focus better and will have improved control over your pedaling - meaning more speed and endurance, which is exactly what you want when riding your Peloton bike. 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to replace your seat entirely, you could simply modify it with a bike saddle cover that goes over the top of your seat and adds a gel, foam, or fabric cushioning that can be conveniently taken on and off. 

However, we know that bike accessories can be a scary region of the web thanks to a never-ending choice of products. The plus side of this is of course that you will find something good quality for a reasonable price. Don’t fret about which seat to buy though, as we’re here to guide you through the process, with our top 5 peloton bike seats and cushions, as well as a handy Buyer’s Guide so that you can make an informed decision. 

In a hurry? Find our top pick below!

Top 5 Best Peloton Bike Seats and Cushions


Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover- BS031 Extra Soft Gel Bicycle Seat - Bike Saddle Cushion with Water&Dust Resistant Cover (Black)

If you’re after a cushion rather than a seat, this gel option from Zacro is adjustable so it can fit a range of saddle widths and styles, with a maximum fit of 11 x 7 inches, making it ideal for narrower road bike style seats. 

Cushions are a great option in terms of versatility, as they are easy to take on and off and mean you can adapt a seat by simply adding the cushion, making it ideal for Peloton riding in gyms or in households with multiple riders, where some people want to ride with a cushion, and others prefer it without. 

With a soft gel interior, this cushion provides extra support and padding if you’re happy with the shape of your saddle and just want to modify it for comfort. Zacro also supplies a handy water and dust resistant cover with the purchase which you can use to keep your cushion in optimal condition.  

While gel isn’t the most durable of materials, this is a good way to update your bike seat without spending a lot of money or compromising your family member’s comfort.


  • Removable and adjustable 
  • Comfortable gel interior 
  • Additional water and dust resistant cover 
  • Extremely affordable 
  • Easier to install than a seat 
  • Perfect for households where more than one person will be using the Peloton


  • The gel will wear down quickly and lose its shape. 


Bikeroo Oversized Bike Seat - Compatible with Peloton, Exercise or Road Bikes - Bicycle Saddle Replacement with Wide Cushion for Men & Womens Comfort

This bike seat comes out on top in terms of adaptability and versatility. This is a great replacement bike seat that boasts a universal fit for nearly all exercise and indoor bikes and is specially designed to maximize your indoor cycling experience. The saddle comes with a universal saddle adapter included, which allows you to easily mount the seat on any indoor bike.

Thanks to its thick padding and extra strong spring elastomer suspensions, this seat is super shock absorbent and is comfortable for both women and men. It's also extra wide for added comfort and promises to distribute the pressure from your behind across the surface of the saddle which will help you avoid lower back pain. The stainless steel rails on this seat are highly durable and can take heavier riders.

Another excellent feature of this product is its ability to facilitate a range of cycling styles. This saddle is comfortable for both upright riders and those who prefer to lean forward, making it an ideal saddle if multiple people will be using the Peloton bike. 


  • Universal fit for any indoor bike and both men or women 
  • Facilitates multiple riding positions 
  • Firm but comfortable foam interior 
  • Spring elastomer suspension for shock absorption 
  • Extra-wide seat for comfort


  • Some people had issues with the seat breaking 


Giddy Up! Bike Seat - Most Comfortable Memory Foam Waterproof Bike Saddle, Universal Fit, Shock Absorbing Including Mounting Wrench - Allen Key - Reflective Band and Waterproof Protection Cover

This universal, easy to install replacement seat from Giddy Up! Comes with a tail light (if you want to use it outdoors), a seat protection cover, a reflective band, and a mounting wrench. 

With a memory-foam interior and shock absorbing balls, this seat ensures smooth pedaling both indoors and outdoors and provides ultimate comfort thanks to the curved cushioning and cutout which eases pressure on your sitting bones and allows air to circulate. 

If you want to use this seat on your outdoor bike too, you’ll have no trouble fitting it thanks to the tilt adjusting clamp that comes with it, plus the integrated rear light is perfect for riding in low-light conditions. 


  • Easy installation and comes with necessary tools 
  • Also includes cover, reflective band, and mounting wrench 
  • Memory foam for ultimate comfort 
  • Cutout for pressure-relief and heat dissipation 
  • Can also be used outdoors


  • Some buyers complained of poor customer service 


Xmifer Oversized Bike Seat, Comfortable Bike Seat - Universal Replacement Bicycle Saddle - Waterproof Leather Bicycle Seat with Extra Padded Memory Foam - Bicycle Seat for Men/Women

Xmifer is so confident in this replacement bike seat that they’re offering a money-back guarantee on this newly-improved model. This seat is fitted with a high-density foam and dual spring suspension design making it great for your prostate and tailbone relief.

The seat comes with two tools to help you mount your seat to the desired height and angle. Not only does this highly diverse seat fit a Peloton bike, but it’s also suitable for a mountain bike, road bike, cruiser bike, and electric bike. 

This saddle also guarantees smooth-riding thanks to the dual anti-shock rubber ball, which means you’ll be able to pedal effortlessly both indoors and outdoors. This saddle is also perfect for intense workouts thanks to the breathable airflow vent in the middle for heat dissipation and long nose which is angled to avoid rubbing against the thigh when pedaling. 

This seat is made of microfiber artificial leather, which while less durable than real leather, is waterproof and wear-resistant with a smooth anti-scratch surface that can be easily cleaned. You’ll also get a free reflective armband with this purchase, perfect for running, cycling, or walking during the night. 


  • High-density foam for ultimate comfort 
  • Versatile - fits indoor and outdoor bikes 
  • Two tools included for installation 
  • Anti-shock rubber ball 
  • Breathable vent 
  • Waterproof, anti-scratch surface for easy cleaning 
  • Free reflective armband 
  • Adjustable


  • Not very durable due to synthetic leather 


Cevapro Bike Saddle Cover, Soft Silicone Gel Padded Bike Seat Cover Improved Comfort Bicycle Seat Cover for Spin Stationary Cruiser Bike Mountain Road Bike Outdoor Cycling (Black)

This highly-rated bike seat cover is perfect for Peloton bikes, thanks to its comfortable, liquid-silicone gel pads that provide support and offer a new breathable biking experience.

The non-slip design ensures you stay firmly on your bike without slipping off, while the strong, velcro straps allow the cushion to be secured in place. This cushion should eliminate the need for cycling shorts too, thanks to its padded gel design which protects from saddle sore. 

Thanks to the slim fit of this design you won’t be aware of the excess material when cycling, so it keeps your bike feeling lightweight despite the extra layers. 


  • Gel pads for comfort 
  • Material and shape of the cushion allow the body to breathe when cycling 
  • Comes with dust and water-resistant cover 
  • Versatility - its most indoor bikes (including Peloton) but also some outdoor bikes too.


  • This is quite a narrow fit, so some people had trouble installing it at first. 

Best Peloton Bike Seats and Cushions Buying Guide

Seat style 

The position you ride in impacts how you sit on the bike, and vice versa. For example, a cruiser style bike saddle won’t do any good on a peloton bike, where you’re prioritizing fitness, endurance, and speed. On a peloton bike, you lean forward in more of a racing position, with much of your weight forward towards the handlebars, and because of this, you’ll want something designed more for road bikes, racing bikes, or endurance cycling. 


Just like people, saddles come in various widths, too, and it’s really important that you get the ride sized saddle for you. Your saddle should fit the width of your ischial tuberosities - better known as your "sitting" or "sit" bones. Your sit bones should be centered over the rear of the saddle. Often there are anatomic bumps in the area for this purpose. It’s a good idea to measure the width of your sitting bones and then look for a saddle that will fit these. Different manufacturers may offer different sizes and guides, so your width may vary depending on the style and brand of the saddle. Gender can also come into it, as usually women sit better on wider saddles that are female-specific. 


Some modern cycling seats may feature cutouts. These are holes or grooves that have been carved out of a specific place on the saddle. The idea of this is that it takes away the part of the saddle that usually applies pressure to your sit bones and as a result, causes numbness and pain.


You may be tempted to immediately go for a saddle that is soft and padded, however, the softness of the saddle should depend on the amount of time you plan on riding for. As you ride longer distances, you pedal at a higher rate and will find yourself remaining on the seat more. Because of this, it’s vital that you have a seat that supports your weight, rather than absorbs it. It may come as a surprise to you, but heavily padded seats usually become uncomfortable the longer you ride because the padding begins to put extra pressure right where you don't want it, which can cause the numbness and pain you were hoping to avoid. That’s why saddles with cutouts can be great for endurance, Peloton, or road cyclists. 


Leather seats tend to be the most comfortable, once they are broken-in. They’re also by far the most durable and will last for years despite frequent use. Having said that, synthetic materials can be great for enduring bad weather and are often water-resistant, so they won’t get soaked through in the rain or accumulate sweat. 

Foam padding is lightweight and molds into shape when compressed. However, it's a misconception that the most comfortable saddles contain layers of foam and material. In fact, less is more when it comes to saddles. As an alternative to foam, some saddles are filled with gel. Gel padded saddles or cushions are usually great for beginners, however, over time and as your muscles strengthen, you may find that gel starts to become compacted and lose its springiness, therefore becoming less comfortable.

Saddle position 

It’s important that your saddle is horizontal, as you may experience discomfort if the saddle’s nose is pointing too far up or down. Equally, if your saddle is too far back or forward, you may acquire issues with your neck, arms, or lower back. Shimano recommends putting both your pedals in the horizontal position, then dropping a plumb line from your knee, so that your saddle is in a good position when the plumb line runs past the shaft of your pedal. 


There is a range of good quality yet affordable bike seats and cushions out there, thanks to the Peloton and cycling craze that has taken the country by storm. While you can get a seat cushion for under $20, it’s worth bearing in mind that it probably won’t make a massive difference as it’s likely to be pretty thin, so if you’re after something that’s really going to transform your cycling experience it’s worth paying a little bit more. While a professional bike seat can go up to the triple figures, you can easily find a good quality, comfortable bike seat for anywhere between $30-$100. 

Best Peloton Bike Seats and Cushions FAQ's

How do I make my Peloton bike seat more comfortable? 

The seat that comes with the Peloton can be pretty uncomfortable, and you’re not alone if you find this to be the case with yours. While some users say it takes around 10 rides to fully get used to it, some people find that it’s simply the wrong fit or style for them, and opt for a replacement saddle or seat cushion instead. A replacement seat or cushion can offer extra support and comfort which in turn will allow you to focus more on your cycling, which means you’re far more likely to pedal efficiently and reach your goals. 

Why do my sit bones hurt when cycling? 

It could be that your saddle isn’t positioned properly; it may be too high, too low, too far forward, or too far back, which means you could be straining to reach the handlebars and as a result experiencing pain. 

How do I stop this? 

You don’t have to put up with the pain! There is a range of solutions that regular and professional cyclists use, from padded cycling shorts to Chamois cream for chafing. However, a good start is to find the right saddle. Ensure you have the right fit and style for your gender, cycling position, and sitting bones width, and don’t forget you can refer to our handy Buyer’s Guide for all the points you need to look out for. It’s worth remembering that your muscles will be built up and strengthened the more you ride, making them more resilient to pain and discomfort over time.

How do I adjust the seat on a Peloton? 

When setting your seating position on your Peloton, you’ll need to adjust the height and depth. To adjust the height, turn the lever below the seat to the left. Peloton recommends having your seat height aligned with your hip bone. You can then tighten the lever by turning it to the right. To tighten the depth, loosen the lever below your seat by turning it to the left. If the lever bumps into your weights, simply pull the lever out and down. You can then slide the seat into your desired position, and tighten the lever to secure it. 

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