Best Indoor Cycling Shoes

If you are a regular at indoor cycling or you visit the gym, then you know that footwear is everything for an indoor exercise bike. Your footwear will determine whether your exercise will be a breakout or a fallout. So you know that paddles are quite slippery and some aren’t. The best for this to work would be to have the right pair at the right time to avoid any accidents. Plus with the right pair, you’ll realise that your workout on that exercise bike will be more effective and you’ll even feel it in your bones and muscles.

So today we are looking at the best indoor cycling shoes. We all know that bike that stays in one spot no matter how hard or fast you paddle. Yes, that’s the one, an exercise bike is beneficial for those that try to tone down as it represents the simulation in a real bike adventure minus the wind and the bugs. Just like with a real bike, some shoes will make your riding experience optimal and effective while other shoes may be a bit slippery and may cause a few mishaps while riding.

So what makes a pair the best for indoor cycling? Is it the style, the look or the grip? Do the insoles have a specific shape? Well, let's answer all these questions and help you determine which shoes would be best for you—looking at your own particular needs and requirements to get the best out of your pair. We aren’t here to push you towards one specific pair. We are just here to give you a clear guide on what will make a shoe the best for your experience. Then you can determine the rest for yourself. 

In a Hurry

Nothing is worse than having to select a single pair from a thousand pairs that seem similar. Imagine the time wasted getting explanations from the salesperson on why the rubber on one shoe is better than the other or why the pink pair would suit any outfit more than the red pair. We're not here to make the process longer. So if you are in a hurry then read along to the simplest version of a great buyer’s guide to getting yourself the best shoe for indoor cycling.

You already have a few pairs that you are looking at, but you just want to make sure that your pick will be the best and you won’t regret it, and we understand that. We did a bit of research as well and came up with our list. However, for now, let’s concentrate on helping you determine if the pair you want will fall under the category of ‘the best’ or will it just be a regular shoe.


The top pick on this list would have to be the New Balance FuelCore. The shoe has been designed with much-appreciated versatility. I know we are talking about cycling shoes, but it's always nice to have options when you wear a shoe. They are likely to last for quite an extended period, given that the shoe is 100% synthetic. Nothing more annoying than your shoes losing colour as you wear and wash them. When you first buy this shoe, you will need to break them in. Over time the shoes will then adapt to the size and shape of your feet, which I think is very important. This will make you feel special because it's almost as if the shoe was made just for you.

In terms of performance, they have the edge over the other shoes. That is to be expected from such a reliable manufacturer as New Balance. The aerodynamic design is something many people will come to love and appreciate because you can cycle much faster. You will also get a better power to pedal ratio, meaning that you can use them for competitive cycling. One of the last features I want to talk about that may or may not be a significant advantage is that you can get the shoe in over 30 different colours. This is an excellent aspect for the people who want to get something unique and special. It's unlikely that you will run into many people wearing the same shoe as you because of this. The only downside that the shoes have I think would be the laces. Laces can be dangerous on a cycling shoe, but otherwise, it is the best product on the list.

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes


TIEM Slipstream - Black-Black - Indoor Cycling Shoe, SPD Compatible (Women's Size 7.5)

Tiem has designed these cycling shoes to be light and durable. They come well engineered to offer your feet breathability and comfort. This will be important for your feet as you cycle because it will help prevent sore feet. The designers included a mesh at the top of the shoe that improves aerodynamics, allowing you to perform better when you cycle. The sole is made from rubber which means that the balance of the shoe is well managed. It will quickly adapt to the unique shape of your feet. The recessed SPD cleat assembly means that this shoe is not only for cycling. The shoes also perform well as walking shoes which adds versatility to the list of advantages it possesses. Customers often complain that they struggle with their cycling shoes because they can’t use them if they are not cycling. This product can also double up well as a running shoe. The shoe is made from Nylon, meaning that it has improved durability and will not wear out from constant use. The shoes come in 7 colours allowing you an excellent choice when trying to pick your favourite pair. The shoes slip on your feet and do not have laces. Instead, they have straps which allow for better tightening before you cycle. They work with a 2-bolt system and not a 3-bolt design. 


  • Slip-on design for comfortable wearing
  • Seven colours to choose from
  • Rubber sole
  • SPD Compatible 
  • Aerodynamic design


  • Relatively expensive
  • Do not work with three-bolt delta cleats.


New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker, Black/Magnet, 9

This shoe made by New Balance is a strong contender for the top position among the products in this catalogue. It is 100% synthetic meaning that the product will hold its colour for a much more extended period. You do not have to worry about your shoes losing colour and looking faded after a few washes. The shoe comes with midsole cushioning and provides the user with a light but durable feel. The sole of the shoe over time will ease into the shape of your feet, providing you with a unique custom fit. The shoes have an attractive design that supports aerodynamics. You will be able to cut through the air much easier whilst you cycle. If you are looking for your favourite colour, you will no doubt find it because the shoe comes in over 30 different colours. What you will love most about this shoe is the underfoot technology. When wearing it to cycle, you get a better bike to power generation. The shoes, when used during cycling, will give you an extra boost. Although they are the most expensive shoes on this list, New Balance is one of the most reputable brands that exist today on the global market. You can be sure. 


  • Colours will last long.
  • Revlite midsole
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Lightweight
  • Many colours to choose from


  • Most expensive shoes on the list


Tommaso Venezia SPD Bundle Women’s Indoor Cycling Class Class, Urban Road Cycling, & Road Biking Shoes - 38

If you are a cyclist or you frequent a spinning class, then these shoes are especially for you. With fantastic features such as a recessed cleat area, padded rubber sole, and a hidden inner shank you, like the cyclist, are prioritised. The Venezia is also adapted to provide you with comfort as you walk and pedal, these trainers are fitted with conventional laces that allow for a precise fit and mesh vents for ventilation. These shoes have your feet’s best interest at heart. There is adequate padding to give your feet a pleasant feel with each step you take. The trainers are fitted with the best quality materials to ensure the durability of the shoe. This will allow you to use your trainers with no fear of rapid wear down. This is quality for your money, and you can rest assured that you need not shop for trainers anytime in the near future. You are also assured of an increase in mobility and power as the Venezia allows a broader range of motion which in turn activates more muscles as you pedal. This will give you a fuller workout, keeping you strong and well. Available in chic pink and black, these trainers will look stylish with any gym attire. Their elegant look also guarantees that you look stylish as you go about your routine. Kindly Note: These shoes are only compatible with SPD cleats which must be purchased separately.


  • Preinstalled cleats
  • Sleek aerodynamic design
  • Durable materials
  • Ventilated mesh for better support
  • Synthetic leather


  • Sole is not made from rubber.
  • Stiff and rigid feelings


SHIMANO SH-IC300 Confidence Inspiring Indoor Cycling Shoe, Green, Womens EU 36 | Womens US 5-5.5

Shimano offers up a great product here for cyclists. The shoes come in 3 different colours and can be purchased for a relatively affordable price. These shoes are made by a company that produces bicycles and bike equipment which means that the shoes they manufacture are made specifically for bikers. The shoes are made for indoor cycling. They are compatible with SPD and come with 2-hole cleats.

They do not have laces and therefore are much safer for cyclists to use. There is no chance of the laces getting stuck in the pedals or the wheels. They are exceptionally lightweight and easy to walk around in. Even if not for cycling they work well as trainers should you want to try them out for another sporting activity. The trendy look and feel are one of the shoe's advantages. People with wide feet are also well catered for by this shoe. The shoe is designed in such a manner that the wearer has room to move their toes around spaciously. The shoe also has a breathable mesh at the top of the shoe, meaning your feet will be able to breathe. 


  • Indoor cycling shoe
  • Compatible with SPD
  • No laces
  • Versatile functions
  • Suitable for people with wide feet


  • Sole is not made from rubber.


SHIMANO CT500W Everyday Cycling Shoe, Black, 43

We have added another Shimano product on this list, but this mainly caters to women. This shoe is both versatile and stylish. I would not recommend this shoe for people who wish to cycle competitively. It is more for casual riding rather than racing. The shoe comes with laces, and this can be dangerous for competitive cycling. The shoe has been designed to resemble a sneaker tether than a professional cycling shoe. The shoe boasts acceptable levels of comfortability which will guarantee you a good cycle. They have been designed with a hidden inner shank that will allow you to generate more power when you cycle. This will be important for you if you enjoy cycling on hills and mountains where the incline is steep. The shoe comes with outstanding shock absorption. This is because of the EVA midsole that Shimano have installed on the shoe. It offers the wearer protection when they cycle for long periods. It means your feet are unlikely to feel pain after completing several miles while wearing them. The shoe also comes with CLICK’R pedal systems. This means that the shoe has been designed specifically for pedalling and is more aerodynamic than most others in this category. 


  • Sneaker design
  • CLICK’R pedal systems
  • Eva midsole for better shock absorption
  • Hidden inner shank for better power generation
  • Relatively affordable


  • Has laces
  • No breathable mesh


Gavin MTB Mountain Bike Mesh Indoor Fitness Cycling Shoes Mens Womens SPD

This shoe is the cheapest product on this list. If you are looking for a pair of shoes that are affordable but still get the job done, then this is a good option. It has been designed specifically for cycling, and in that regard, it does not have much versatility. I do not see one wearing these out for a jog. They have a synthetic sole which does not do much for the comfortability of your feet, but it will work whilst cycling. The shoe comes with two-bolt cleat compatibility with SPD. They have been designed to be lightweight meaning that you have a perforated insole. If the shoe gets wet whilst you are cycling, they have been designed in such a manner that they dry quickly. If you cycle over a puddle whilst racing, then the water will slow you down even if only slightly. These shoes will protect you in such a case. The shoe does not have laces which is always a benefit for cycling shoes. Instead, it has a carbon fibre designed to hook and loop straps that offer you greater security when cycling. It will be important that your shoes do not come loose whilst you are cycling because that can lead to injury. 


  • This is the cheapest shoe on the list.
  • The shoe has no laces.
  • Carbon fibre hook straps
  • Two-bolt cleats compatible
  • Perforated insole


  • Synthetic sole
  • Not very durable 

Best Indoor Cycling Shoes Buying Guide

On this guide, we'll be answering a few questions that will give you an insight as to what makes the best shoe for indoor cycling the best. The questions will provide you with a checklist of what to expect from a good pair rather than just the style. So without wasting much time, let’s see what we have. 

What are indoor cycling shoes?

Well, most people don’t know the difference between shoes. If it's a sneaker, then it works for every outdoor activity. That is very wrong, but I will not bother you with the details. Let's talk about cycling shoes. So generally cycling shoes like every other shoe designed for pedals, cycling shoes connect your foot to the pedals. That way, when you are cycling, you can push the pedal and pull it as well making that exercise much more effective.

Spin shoes, on the other hand, are a mix of road and mountain bike footwear. They are more comfortable to walk with when compared to road shoes and at the same time they are less rugged when compared to mountain bike shoes. Spin shoes work for indoor cycling and would be a better choice than trainers simply because they will give you more effective workouts. 

What should a good indoor cycling shoe have?

There are mainly three things that make a cycling shoe the best. In this case, right. The material is of importance as well as other things which we will look at. So the following are not in any order as they are all equally important. 

  1.  Upper material and breathability: A lot of indoor cycling and spin shoes are made from synthetic materials and fibres. Most brands mix up the materials so they can come up with a balance that is supportive and breathable. Some shoes come with perforations while others come with mesh fabrics. Depending on what you’ll be mainly using them for the mesh is suitable for the elemental indoor cycling or if there are dry weather and the perforated material would work best for outdoor as well as indoor cycling. 
  2. Cleat system: Most spin shoes or indoor cycling shoes have a lock at the bottom that allows them to be intact with the pedals on the bike—giving one the most effective exercise. The cleat system is a standard setup which only takes a small area of the shoe but makes a huge difference. However, it comes separately sold with cycling shoes. Getting one would transform the experience given by your shoe. 
  3.  Retention system: Another system that would make a regular pair of cycling shoes; the best would be the retention system. One thing that you do not want to be doing on a standard is continuously adjusting your shoe as this requires you to step off the bike and then adapt and get back on track. So you will realise that most spin shoes come with a strapping mechanism or another advanced mechanism to make sure that the adjustments needed will be as minimal as possible. There are velcros, straps, laces and BOA which are typically put on spin shoes. So if you want to make sure you get the best experience from your shoe, then a retention system is ideal. 

How do you determine if the shoes are the best for you?

Using cycling shoes needs some knowledge based on three essential parts. That is the pedal system of the bike, the shoes and the cleats once you know these things than getting a shoe that is the best for you becomes an easy task.

Well here is the part where I would typically throw in the ‘personal preference’ theme. However, it doesn’t work like that for these cycling shoes. Personal preference does play a part, but there are other factors that one should consider when dealing with indoor cycling shoes which are:

  1.  Determine the pedal system on the cycling bike: You should know which pedals you are working with so that you know which cleat system you’ll be getting for your shoes. I mean the cleat system is a choice. However, we are here because you want to get the best shoe and a cleat system plays a part in making that shoe the best. 
  2.  Find a cycling shoe that is to your taste: Besides working on the basics of what makes a shoe the best. It is also a great idea to buy a pair that suits your taste. Be it the colour or the style. It might not be as stylish as you were hoping for, but the shoe definitely must make you happy when you see it. Besides that, the shoe must have an outer sole that is easy to work with. You should be able to walk with them, and at the same time, they should be rugged enough to withstand the riding. 
  3.  Know the right cleat system that matches the pedals: The cleat system in your shoe should match the pedals. You don’t want a situation where the two don’t match. It will be like fitting a cube on a triangular match. That will just make the effect less appealing for your riding experience. 


Well by now I’m sure you have an idea of what show you're going after. It doesn’t take much to get the best shoe for yourself. It only requires ls knowledge because knowledge is the power one needs for them to get what they want in life. With the above guide now, you can determine if the shoe that you are planning on getting fits the storyline. You never know, that shoe you thought you’d never wear might just turn out to be the one you need.

So feel free to choose the pair that you feel is the best for you and if you don’t have a pair in mind as yet then be sure to take a look at our top pick. We have done a lot of research, and you never know. It might just be the shoe that you're looking for. Good luck in your shopping and have a great time with your cycling, Ciao!

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