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Transitioning to a larger bike is a time to be excited. I remember my daughter’s experience as if it was yesterday. Seeing the freedom and independence that it gave her was a revelation. I wish I could say the entire process was a walk in the park. There was some butting of heads during the selection process. Some of the things that she wanted were too ridiculous to be entertained. Perhaps you are a cooler parent than I am. Having been through it once gives me a great perspective. There are things that I know I could have done better the first time. Hindsight is always 2021.

In this article are some of the best 24-inch bikes that you can find today. They have been selected based on my experience and that of others. The aim is for your child’s experience to be better than ours. That should make it a pleasant one for you as well. These are times to be cherished. We have reviewed each bike in some detail. It should put you in a position to know what you can expect from each one.

In a Hurry

If there was one piece of advice to you here it would be to be mindful of trends. It is easy for children to be enamoured by things that they will soon forget. That could be true for themed bikes. If you are going to purchase one, let it be one that they will appreciate for the long haul. It is important for you to choose your battles. Allow them to be a part of the decision-making process, with your guidance. 

Top Pick

Best Girls 24 Inch Bike For The Cool Kids


There is a great balance of style and performance. It is more ideal for tours or just leisure considering the features it is made up of. The bike allows the rider to ride on an upright position. When you are riding the bike, your feet can rest comfortably on the ground. This reduces fatigue and cramps. The handlebars have been raised so that the upright position can be possible. Extension of legs is made possible without any difficulties. More accessories are included when the bike is delivered. These include a cup-holder, rear rack and a front basket that you can use to keep the small items that you may need on your riding expedition.

You have easy access to your essentials when riding your bike and you can have your extra items in the rear rack that you intend to use when you reach your destination. Riding this bike gives you8 more fun than you can imagine. The coaster brakes are very easy to use and control. Simplicity is what defines the bike. The frame is made up of durable steel. The chin guard has a classic design. The dual-density grips make the ride comfortable. Smooth tires give you great traction on smooth terrains. 


  • Comfortable
  • Compatible with multiple accessories
  • Padded seat saddle
  • Lower centre of gravity
  • 24-inch cruiser tires
  • Smooth ride
  • Coaster brakes


  • The colour suits girls better


Roadmaster - 24 Inches Granite Peak Girl's Mountain Bike, Purple

The frame is made up of steel frames. It is very easy to assemble. There is great shifting due to the fact that the bike has 18 gears. The suspension fork makes sure that you have a smooth ride. Unlike other bikes that have raised handlebars, this bike does not have such handlebars. They remain lower like standard handlebars. The 24 inches bike wheels are very good when it comes to both on and off-road. They are made up of alloy. Rides should be aged 8 and their height has to range between 4’8 to 5’6 inches.

The mountain frame is meant to last longer than a standard frame. Great shifting is ensured due to the fact that the bike has 18 different gears. One can choose to master certain speeds that equip or helps the user to master the bike. The front and rear linear brakes allow the user to make immediate stops than delayed stops. The 3-piece crank also makes the bike last longer. The seat post is quite convenient as it can be adjusted to suit the height of the user.


  • Suspension fork
  • Steel frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great stopping power
  • Great gear shifting
  • Wide tires
  • Alloy tires


  • The handlebar is lower


What makes the bike sleek or stylish is the outer painting that leaves the bike looking shiny and classic. Bikers who are obsessed with fashion can easily go for this bike. The handlebars have been raised which reduces the chances of straining your elbows and makes the upright position possible. The frame is made up of steel which is made to last longer than standard bikes. The rims are painted as well which gives a classic look to the bike. It comes with seven speeds that perform well when it comes to climbing hills.

There are noticeable Hawaiian floral stickers on both the chain guard and frame that personalises the bike and make it customised for the user. The front and rear hand brakes are very easy and quick to operate. You operate them using the handlebar. The tires give you a comfortable ride. The oversized seat gives you a comfortable experience as you ride your bike. They have dual springs that make sure you do not strain the pressure parts that can be affected by bumpy areas. The handlebars are wide and made up of leather grips. This helps you in making the user feel secure and safe as the handlebars cannot easily slip off on a rainy or hot day.


  • Stylish
  • Faster speeds
  • Good for up hills
  • Painted rims
  • Front and rear fenders
  • White-wall balloon tires
  • Leather grips


  • It is heavy


Huffy Beach Cruiser Bike Girls 24-inch Bicycle for Kids

This is a cruiser bike that is ideal for kids. These kids should have an age range between 12 to 19 years. Their height should range from 4’8inches to 5’8inches. It has a single gear that one has to master. The kid should not take ages to become a pro when it comes to this bike. All the concentration should be on the whole bike not on multiple gears that can take most of your training time.

The steel frame is durable and it gives you the liberty to ride your bike in an upright position. This is also made possible due to the raised handlebars. The seat is padded using springs and it gives the user more comfort. The seat post has an alloy quick release that allows you to adjust your seat to your desired height. Your height determines the height of the seat post. The frame has a limited lifetime warranty. You have to assemble the bike yourself but it is not difficult to assemble. 


  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Ideal for kids
  • Durable steel frame
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Padded seat
  • You can ride on an upright position 


  • Only for kids


Pacific girls Sport Mountain Bike, Light Blue , 24-Inch

The 24-inch wheels attract great traction. The frame is made of durable steel. The seat can be adjusted to suit your height. It comes with 18 speeds. They make gear shifting so smooth that you do not have to struggle when you are riding the bike. The rear derailleur offers consistency in gear shifting as well. The 3-piece mountain crank is there to offer the user a wide range of gears. The knobby tires are not only great on-road but also perform well when you are off-road. It has linear-pull hand brakes that are so easy to control. They make the stopping power great and highly controllable.

The seat is well made in such a way that you sit comfortably. The suspension fork makes the bike move easily without adding much effort. Users should be aged more than 8 and their height has to range from 4’8inches up to 5’6inches. The rims are made up of alloy and they are meant to endure any terrain and last longer. The wide tires have great traction. You might just need Allen keys to assemble the bike which might be difficult for some users.


  • Multiple colours
  • 24-26inch wheels
  • Adjustable seat
  • Steel frame
  • 18 gears
  • Knobby tires
  • Suspension fork


  • The seat is hard


Huffy bikes usually do not disappoint and they are more convenient when it comes to touring around. What makes it perfect for touring around is the fact that it has a basket in front, a rear rack and a beverage cup-holder. This is the best package for a recreational person. You need a few items that you want to use both on your way and whenever you are going to make stops. A backpack cannot be ideal for certain items such as fruits and beverages. You can easily drop your cooler bag or any of your items depending on how accessible you want each of them to be.

Items that you wish to use on your way can be best disposed of in the front basket. When you are seated on the seat, you can easily rest your feet on the ground without any difficulties. You can as well ride on an upright position due to the fact that the handlebars have been raised that the standard handlebars. This makes your arms feel comfortable. Full extension of legs is made possible as you pedal forward. The cushioned seat makes your ride comfortable. Rides should be 4’8inches to 5’8inches taller.


  • Upright riding position
  • Easy to reach the handlebars
  • Feet can easily reach the ground
  • It has a basket at the front
  • Comfortable
  • Dual-density grips
  • 24inch cruiser tires


  • Accommodates recreational and casual users


Schwinn Baywood Cruiser Bike, Featuring Steel Step-Through Frame and Single-Speed Drivetrain with Full Wrap Fenders, 24-Inch Wheels, Bright Blue

24inch wheels are quite adventurous for kids. They can go off-road as far as they can and explore in whatever way. These wheels can bulldoze their way till the kid gets tired. This kind of bike is not there to limit or give a limited experience to the user. You do not have to worry about safety due to the fact that the coaster brakes are very easy to control. Simplicity best describes the bike. The vintage style on the fenders make the bike look fashionable. The colourful rims also make the bike stylish and fun to ride as the colours keep popping whenever you are riding your bike.

The rear rack makes it possible to tie a backpack on it. This reduces strain at your back as you do not have to carry a heavy backpack. All age groups can use this bike. Stopping is not difficult after all. The fenders also help you stay clean no matter the kind of weather outside. The seat is quite comfortable. You cannot experience a painful back after a long ride. The handlebars have a tendency of not staying in position regardless of the fact that they can be tight and the seat sometimes shifts. The bike is very easy to assemble.


  • Full wrap fenders
  • 24inch wheels
  • Raised handlebars
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Single-speed drivetrain
  • Rear coaster brake
  • Padded cruiser saddle


  • The front fender rubs against the tire


Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike, Stone Mountain, 24 inch 21-Speed, Lightweight, Purple (74818)

The gloss purple hardtail makes the bike look sleek. 21 Speeds are perfect for a bike. They give you enough time to experience the adventures that come with off-road biking. You can easily move the bike in hilly areas. Users between the age of 12 to 19 can use this bike. Any height more or less than 58 to 70inches will not be accommodated with ease. The steel frame is quite durable. Although the lifetime warranty is limited, you are guaranteed of a well-functioning bike as far as the manufacturer is concerned. The suspension fork makes sure that the ride is smooth. Any user can easily handle the bumps that come with the bike.

Great shifting is made possible with the SHIMANO TZ-31 rear derailleur. You can easily ascend and descend on hills without putting more effort. The guard can be removed for consistency when it comes to the gear system. The 24inch knobby tires can easily manoeuvre under any circumstances. You can easily pull the bike in the mud, sand and gravel without extra help. The ATB saddle has great cushioning that gives you a comfortable ride. Not only is it comfortable but also durable due to the stitching on the sides. You can adjust the seat without any hassle to suit your height. You are allowed to ride in an upright position. This reduces fatigue.


  • 21 Speed bike
  • Lightweight
  • Front suspension
  • Steel hardtail frame
  • ATB Saddle
  • Shimano-TZ-31rear derailleur
  • Knobby 24x1.9inch tires


  • You need to tighten the handlebar each and every time you plan to go for a ride


The 18 speed makes the bike move smoothly under different circumstances. Great shifting with ease is what the bike offers. It operates using the Shimano rear derailleur. More gears and the Shimano rear derailleur make a great combination and they complement each other. The front suspension fork makes the bike move smoothly in any type of surface. The front and rear hand brakes work perfectly when it comes to stopping power.

There is nothing as tough, insecure and unsafe as a bike that you cannot control with ease. The knobby tires can perform well under any circumstances. They have great traction that makes the movement smooth inroads with loose and rocks. When the users use the bike on smooth pavements, they might not have any idea of how the bike moves off-road. Only when you use it off-road, that is when you start appreciating the power in the knobby wheels. The wheels are not heavy.


  • Front and rear handbrakes
  • Knobby tires
  • Steel frame
  • 18 gears
  • Lightweight aluminium wheels
  • Alloy wheels
  • Shimano rear derailleur


  • The decals are very hard to remove

Buyer’s Guide

Knowing what each bike has to offer is not always enough. it helps to go a step further, to understand some of the additional things that we took into account when picking the bikes on our list. you will find some of these questions and their answers within this buyers guide.

How do I pick the right bike?

Picking the right bike will always come down to personal preferences. You must consider what your little girl will be interested in. That will include things such as their favourite colours and any patterns. These are things that you can look at after you have covered some of the fundamentals. As far as the fundamentals go, you are looking for a bike that is sturdily built. It also has to be reasonably priced. If you had to strike a compromise between preference and the quality of the bike, it would have to be the quality that takes precedence. The child may not be initially happy, but they will appreciate it. To summarise get these things right:

  • The bike’s built quality.
  • Aesthetics that the owner of the bike will like.
  • Reasonable price point.

Additional things that you can also look at may include the seller’s policies. You want a returns policy that gives you room to change your mind. Warranty! Warranty! Warranty! It gives you the peace of mind of knowing that there is a safety net under you if something was to go wrong with the bike. 

Is cycling an expensive hobby?

Cycling can be as cheap or as expensive a hobby as you would want it to be. There are bikes on either end of the spectrum. Bikes can be purchased for as low as tens of dollars if they are second-hand. You can also purchase more specialised bikes for tens of thousands. Beyond the purchasing, general running costs tend to be cheap seeing as there's no fuel cost. However, you would also have to factor in repairs. The most costly bit of repairs is usually the parts. The most expensive bikes tend to come with the pricier parts. You would be able to save yourself a bit of money if you learnt some of the basic maintenance skills.

Is a more expensive bike worth it?

The price of a bike does not automatically make it better than its cheaper counterparts. It is important to gain an understanding of the reasoning behind the pricing. What does this bike have that the cheaper ones may not? If a more expensive bike comes with better parts that are more durable, it is certainly worthwhile. Brand names tend to add to the price. Be mindful of that when making a purchase. Is it worth buying into the name? However, brand names can also be associated with a stand of workmanship that makes the premium price worthwhile. 

Does bike weight really matter?

Yes, the weight of a bike matters. For young cyclists, it would determine how much easier it is for them to control their bike. It also contributes to things such as speed. Riding uphill is more difficult when the bike is heavy. However, you will also enjoy faster rides downhill. Additional weight plays into the hands of gravity.

Are bikes unisex?

Bikes are not unisex. The top tube on a boys’ bike will be higher than one on a girl’s bike. Boys bikes tend to be larger as well. 


Selecting the perfect bike can be a maze. The difficulty is in knowing what to look for in a market where some of the worst products have the best marketing campaigns. Our shortlist of 24-inch bikes of girls will put you in a solid position to find a winner. We have covered some key questions in the buyer's guide. These should be of assistance as you decide which bike to purchase. If in doubt, be sure to revisit the Huffy 24" Nel Lusso Girls' Cruiser Bike, which is our top pick. It has a frame out of durable steel, to add to a stellar cast of features. 

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