5 Amazing Picks for the Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet

Cyclists that are worth the bike that they ride will recognise the importance of having the right shoes. It may not matter so much to the novice. Any old pair of trainers could do a job. However, if you want to progress, purchasing the right shoes goes a long way. That is even more significant for those that have wide feet. In this case, most of the shoes that you come across will not be ideal. You want shoes that permit you the room that your feet require without doing away with the features that are integral to cycling. We have researched and tested some exciting options to pick just five worth your while.

In A Hurry

If we had to identify the key things that you must look for when choosing your shoes, it would be the following:

  • The shoes must be wide enough for your feet.
  • They must have good underfoot traction.
  • They ought to be durable.

Getting these three right will put you in a position to find your ideal cycling shoes. We will now look at some fantastic shoes in greater detail.

Top Pick

The Bont Vaypor-S is the top pick on this list. The shoe company has worked hard to ensure that you have the most innovative and high-performance shoe on the market. It comes with a Duralite top for a much-improved airflow through the shoe. It comes with a carbon sole that has been well designed to allow you to transfer power from your shoe to the pedals correctly. 

The shoe has a rigid and durable bumper at the front of it that will allow the shoes to protect your toes should you get into an accident. The bumper also incorporates many air ducts in them to allow your feet to breathe as best they can. The only issue is the way the shoe looks is nowhere near as attractive as the other options on this list. Many manufacturers have gone for design and aesthetic over performance, but these have gone vice versa!

Best Cycling Shoes for Wide Feet


Lake CX332 Black Carbon Road Shoe

The CX332 comes from one of the few manufacturers that has gone that extra mile to ensure that all their customer’s needs are fully satisfied. It is quite common that when companies make cycling shoes, they often cater to their most popular demographic. Lake has however gone out to ensure that people with wide feet can find shoes that will guarantee them comfort while cycling. 

This pair of wide feet cycling shoes is one of the best that they make. It comes with three different designs. My favourite being the white and black that stands out. The shoes are made from Kangaroo leather with the top section of the cycling shoe being made from mesh. It works to make them lighter than other shoes. 

The cycling shoe comes with a dual side-mounted lacing to ensure a snug fit that will be necessary to keep the shoe glued on your feet at high speeds. This feature may seem subtle but is very efficient. Take into consideration that people with wide feet do not easily find comfort in their shoes. 

You will notice that the manufacturer well designs the sole of the shoe. They are well ventilated and allow your feet some space to breathe. The sole comes ready and hardened to enable you to maximise the force you can apply directly to the pedal. 

The last thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that these shoes are specifically created to be used when cycling at high speeds, perhaps if you were racing. The company believes that once you are a customer, you should remain one for life. Hence if your shoe manages to get destroyed, then your next pair will only cost you 50% of the price! 


  • These shoes are light
  • They come with a replacement guarantee
  • Hardened sole
  • Kangaroo Leather
  • Three different designs


  • May not be as durable as they are efficient
  • The original tightening process is confusing


Sidi Ergo 5 Mega Matt Shoes, Mens, Black matt, 43 EU

Sidi is another company that has a wide range of wide feet shoes currently. It is a company that prides itself on making shoes that look good. Their shoes are well-reviewed by customers as being classy and sleek. You can get these shoes in 2 colours, both white and black. If you prefer to get the black version of these mega shoes, then this will be a matte black.

Unfortunately, apart from the excellent design of the shoe, there is nothing to set them apart. Especially when it comes to efficiency, you will find that the company charges quite a hefty fee for these shoes, yet they do not have a carbon sole. Compared to the numerous products within the company’s catalogue, this is the only wide shoe they produce without a carbon sole. Carbon soles are known to be hardened, allowing the cyclist to apply a much greater force when cycling without damaging the shoe over time. 

It is also the strongest and lightest material used on cyclist shoes which is why it is so common among the top tier cycling shoes. At the bottom of the shoe, you will find that the sole is decent, but relatively it does not perform to the same standards as its closest competitors on this list. The top of the shoe has a Techpro Microfiber which is not the same as mesh and as a result, reduces the amount of breathing that your feet can do within the shoe. 

The company did well, however, to include the Techno3 push dials and Hook-Loop straps. These allow more comfort when lacing the shoes. It is also less in your way, allowing you to get on with the job. 


  • Sleek Design
  • Techno3 Push Dials 
  • Hook-Loop Straps
  • Matte Colours Available 
  • Good for road cycling


  • Lower quality sole
  • No mesh at the top of the shoe


Bont Vaypor S Cycling Road Shoe: Euro 42 Black

This pair of shoes is the lightest that you can buy on this list. The manufacturers have tasked themselves with making this shoe one of the best you can buy and succeeded. Compared to the other shoes on this list, these shoes weigh almost 60g less. It is one of the shoes that brings with it the most innovation and technology, making it a strong challenger for the top pick. The shoe's aerodynamics are off the charts. 

That is due to the Durolite upper section of the shoe, which helps the shoe to absorb and release air quickly enough that it cuts through the air. The sole of this shoe is a masterpiece. It is made from carbon and is stiffer than the other shoes on this list. The stiffness of the shoe will allow you to generate significant amounts of power from pedalling while wearing the shoe. 

It is made in such a way that the heel and your shoe become like a newly married couple that are inseparable. Even simple walking in the shoes, you can feel the impact of the memory foam that the manufacturers have added. It makes you feel like there is space for your foot to breathe whilst maintaining a tight grip.

Speaking of ventilation. The shoes have got many little air ducts attached to the front bumper that allows your feet to breathe easily. This shoe is one of the best you can buy when it comes to race performance. The shoe was built with the rider’s best interests at heart. 

The only problem with this shoe if you are someone who minds aesthetics is the way it looks. Customers have well noted that the shoe looks cheap and tacky. It appears the manufacturers brought in shoe engineers with no artistic skills. Hence if you wish to buy this shoe, you will compromise style for performance.  


  • Duralite upper section
  • Carbon sole
  • Air ducts for better ventilation
  • Lightest shoes available
  • Memory foam


  • Not very stylish
  • The shoe looks cheap


Dragon 5 Mountain Bike Shoes (44.0, Matte Black/Black)

Sticking with the Sidi brand, you will find that this is also an excellent option to consider. It is the slightly upgraded brother of the version mentioned above in the Ergo 5s. That can be thought of as a medium quality shoe that will still get the job done for you when cycling. The shoe comes with an upper that is made from a Microfibre Techpro mesh that you will find on the other shoe mentioned on this list. 

It comes in a matte black colour which is quite appealing. The shoe has a beautiful soft instep closure system which has been reviewed positively by customers of this product. The instep closure system delivers a very secure grip when you tie the laces. You are almost guaranteed that the shoe will stay on your feet in the case of something unfortunate happening whilst you are cycling. The shoe has prioritised the rider’s safety over almost everything else. 

The shoe comes with a high-security Velcro that will ensure that the shoe remains durable for an extended period. That is the standout feature of these shoes because, given the price tag that comes with cyclist shoes, you would be gutted if they didn’t last. Although they do not offer the replacement guarantee that the Lake brand does, this is almost as good. 

If you look at the sole of the shoe. It is made from carbon composite. That is something that the other Sidi shoe on the list does not possess. Carbon on the shoe helps to save your energy when cycling because you need to apply less force to get the bicycle moving. If you liked this version more than the first one mentioned, then you will have to pay slightly extra for it, but it is worth the additional cost. In this shoe, the company has looked to fix everything that was wrong with the original version. 


  • Carbon sole
  • High-security Velcro
  • Instep closure system
  • 3 Push system
  • Sidi heel cup


  • Slightly more expensive
  • No air ducts


Giro Cylinder Mens Mountain Cycling Shoe − 45, Black (2020)

This option has been included as the low-budget challenger. It is by far the cheapest product on this list, but that does not mean it should not be considered. It caters for the wide feet customers quite well although it does not offer many of the advancements in cycling shoes that all the other shoes possess. 

The sole is made from rubber. That means over time, wear and tear will show much faster than any of the shoes on this list that is made from carbon. It does come with a very breathable mesh that will help the rider to feel comfortable when riding. It also comes with a BOA L6 dial that allows you to tighten the shoes with surgical precision which is a big plus for people wearing mega cyclist shoes. The shoes also have a powerful peddling system that works well to ensure that the power generation you can achieve is relatively high and efficient. That will allow you the rider to save your energy as you go. 

The shoes come in a lovely black colour. It is not the best shoe on the list; however, it can be a good alternative for someone who just wants to cycle as a hobby. It would not make sense to buy the same shoes as people who wish to race professionally with their bicycles. That is the reason why I have included this option on the list. 


  • Relatively affordable
  • BOA L6 Dial for precise lacing
  • Powerful pedalling system
  • Breathable mesh
  • Lightweight


  • Not very durable
  • No carbon soles

Buyer’s Guide

Cyclists with wide feet have often struggled to find the perfect shoes for them to cycle in comfortably. Many people do not even know that they have wide feet and require these mega shoes. Cycling can be a very joyful hobby or profession, but the right gear is needed. The wrong gear can lead to frustration and injury when cycling. That is why you should be aware of what you need to cycle.  

  1. Determining if you have wide feet

Many people do not necessarily understand the concept of having wide feet. That means that inside the shoe you will not be comfortable even with a bigger size because the shoe is bigger vertically not horizontally. It will lead to people having blisters on their feet. Some people, however, have feet that are bigger when you stand on them rather than wide feet. These people may require a more sophisticated sole rather than to get a wide foot shoe.  

  1. Materials Used

Depending on what you want to do with the shoe, you will need to know about the materials used. That is because some materials such as carbon will help you to go faster and provide more excellent stability when pedalling. It is as opposed to other materials such as microfibre that can be used for regular riders as opposed to racers. That will just help your foot to breathe. 

  1. Weight of the shoe

Most people prefer lightweight shoes. Heavy shoes pull you down and make cycling more of a chore than a fun hobby. The weight of your shoe will heavily impact the ride you have and should be considered seriously. Large shoes can be misunderstood. They may be thought to provide the rider with more power and safety, which is not always the case. That will depend on the material used.  

Final Thoughts

Choosing a pair of shoes will be a decision that will last you for a long time. You should therefore try your best to buy these in person after you try them. There is no point in purchasing wide feet shoes online because you need to check that they are wide shoes physically. All the above shoes have earned a place on our list. They all do their job. However, it depends on what kind of riding you wish to do. If you are in any doubt, our top pick is the one to go with. 

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