Best Cycling Gloves

If you're a regular cycler I'm sure you've been confronted with the discomfort of road rash on your palms and the fatigue of your hands after gripping a solid handlebar. 

A perfectly affordable and effective solution to this issue is a good pair of cycling gloves. With good padding, breathability, and shock absorbency you will be relieved of this discomfort in no time.

Best Cycling Gloves

We have browsed the market selecting our top five picks of the best pairs of cycling gloves accounting for quality and comfort in equal amounts. 

Below you will also find a handy buyer's guide with all of our top tips for choosing the best pair of cycling gloves. If you are in a hurry, we have selected our top pick for you below.

Top 5 Best Cycling Gloves


LuxoBike Cycling Gloves Bicycle Gloves Bicycling Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves – Anti Slip Shock Absorbing Padded Breathable Half Finger Short Sports Gloves Accessories for Men/Women

The padded LuxoBike Cycling gloves work to relieve hand fatigue by minimizing the numbness that can be felt following a lengthy bike ride. For occasions when you may be mountain biking, the gloves include 4-zone shock-absorbing pads throughout the palm. These help to dampen the road vibrations ultimately providing a more comfortable experience for the rider. 

The back of the glove has a breathable design thanks to the stretchable lycra with the inclusion of velcro to adjust to a comfortable fit for enhanced flexibility. 

With a suede palm, you can get maximum grip of your bike handle and the no finger design maintains direct contact with the handlebar. 

After the physical excursion of a bike ride, of course, you are likely to be faced with sweaty handlebars. The thumb section of the glove acts as an absorbent towel cloth which makes the sweat easy to wipe away and saves you having to take an additional cloth on the go with you.

When it comes to taking the gloves on and off, convenience is key. Courtesy of the smart finger loops, you can easily take these gloves off without having to turn them inside out and they will then be ready for the next time that you wear them.


  • Available in a range of sizes from small to extra large, these gloves suit a range of individuals allowing you to select the most comfortable fit.
  • They cater to different tastes thanks to the range of color choices.
  • The double stitching maintains the solid structure of the gloves and prevents them from breaking down easily.
  • The build up of sweat is prevented thanks to the quick drying lycra.
  • Courtesy of the fingerless design you maintain direct contact with the handlebar for a firmer grip.


  • Made with light padding, they may not be suitable for those looking for thick gloves.


MOREOK Cycling Gloves Bike Gloves-[5MM Shock-Absorbing SBR Gel] [Full Palm Protection][Ultra Ventilated] Bicycle Gloves-for Cycling,Training,Workout,Sports-for Men/Women-Blue-L

Shock absorbing, anti-slip, and breathable, are just a few terms that we love to hear when looking for a good pair of cycling gloves. The Moreok men's cycling gloves combine each of these features to deliver a high quality and reliable glove. 

Made with highly elasticated lycra, this material is both breathable providing an all round comfortable riding experience. The suede palm incorporates anti-slip qualities so you can ride with confidence and the velcro and elasticated wrist allows you to relax your hand while allowing you to select a comfortable size.

With extra thick 5mm gel SBR padding, the gloves absorb shock while relieving any pain and fatigue that can be felt during a bike ride. The padding also increases comfort by relieving the pressure that is felt by your palm directly. The non slip silicone surface allows you to attain a secure grip, with a fingerless design that still allows for direct contact with the handlebar.

Along the thumb, there is the placement of highly absorbent terry cloth which allows you to wipe any sweat away easily. Usefully the mesh material absorbs moisture very well, helping to keep your hands cool and comfortable.


  • These cycling gloves come with a 12-month warranty and a 30 day no hassle returns policy if you happen to find yourself unsatisfied with the product that you receive.
  • With pull tabs on each finger, these gloves are easy to get on and take off.
  • An expansive availability of sizes ranging from small to XX-large.
  • The air permeable design allows for effective heat dissipation following your ride.
  • Retailing at an affordable price, these gloves are a budget friendly option.


  • The sizing runs big so you may need to downsize.


INBIKE 5mm Gel Pad Half Finger Bike Bicycle Cycling Gloves Blue Large

Comfort is crucial when it comes to cycling gloves and this pair by INBIKE do not disappoint. With 5mm of gel padding along the palm and non-slip silicone, you can ride with comfort and this also accounts for effective shock absorption which helps to relieve any pain or fatigue following a lengthy bike ride.

Made from elasticated lycra and knitted mesh, these gloves are comfortable whilst allowing the air to flow efficiently, preventing the build up of any sweat. A functional glove with the Terry cloth inside each finger which makes it easier to wipe away sweat as you ride.

The velcro straps along the wrist allow you to adjust the tightness of the glove to achieve the most comfortable fit. With a reflective stripe, you will be visible even when riding in low light conditions.

These gloves are easy to get on thanks to the pull tab design and are easier to take off courtesy of the tabs located in between the fingers.


  • There is a range of sizes available, each very specific to the palm size, etc and this allows you to select a glove of the perfect fit.
  • They are durably designed to withstand regular wear.
  • Thanks to the 5mm pads, these gloves effectively absorb shock to increase your comfort as you ride.
  • The inclusion of mesh cloth absorbs any sweat or moisture to create a breathable glove.
  • You can easily put these gloves on and take them off thanks to the big hook and loop fastener.


  • The gloves are a little tight so it may be worth investing in a larger size.


Atercel Workout Gloves for Men and Women, Exercise Gloves for Weight Lifting, Cycling, Gym, Training, Breathable and Snug fit (Black, L)

Delivering unrivaled comfort, these Artercel workout gloves are a strong competitor with the versatility to be worn for weight lifting, cycling, gym, or training. Behind the innovative design, there is a hefty amount of research to create a glove that is ergonomically designed to reduce discomfort as you ride.

With a lightweight feel and a breathable and stretchy material design, you are provided with increased flexibility for a comfortable fit. 

These gloves are advertised to be of a snug fit and the thorough size guide ensures that you can find the right size for you. With 5 different sizes on offer, you are bound to find the perfect fit. 

Thanks to the pull on loop system, these gloves can easily be removed after wear and the toweling material embedded onto the backhand panel allows you to wipe any sweat away easily. Inside, the glove is lined with soft mesh fabric which creates a cool and dry environment for the duration of your bike ride. 


  • Retailing at an affordable price, these gloves are an excellent choice for those on a budget.
  • The inclusion of toweling along the back panel of the gloves makes it easier to wipe away sweat. 
  • With 5 size options available along with thorough sizing details, you are more than likely to find a comfortable pair for you.
  • Impressively, these gloves come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you happen to dislike them you can return or exchange them.
  • The design of the glove focuses on improved ergonomics and better muscle direction.


  • The rubber doesn't fit very effectively which may make the gloves slightly uncomfortable.


Tanluhu Cycling Gloves Bike Gloves Biking Gloves Half Finger Bicycle Gloves - Anti-Slip Shock-Absorbing Padded Breathable Road Mountain Bike Glove for Men Women

For our final choice, we have selected the Tanluhu cycling gloves. These cycling gloves include all of the desired features that you would need in a pair of cycling gloves. Made from elasticated lycra and breathable mesh, these gloves provide enhanced flexibility along with a comfortable fit. 

Intended for a snug fit, the gloves are available in three different size options small, medium, or large.

Using the adjustable velcro pad along the bottom of the glove you can alter the size to a comfortable fit. The inclusion of mesh not only creates a tough glove but also absorbs any unwanted moisture too. 

The thumb section is lined with an absorbent microfiber cloth helping to maintain a comfortable environment by making it easier to wipe away sweat as you ride. With effective padding, you are provided with powerful shock absorption that is going to reduce the impact of road vibrations.

Durably designed, these cycling gloves are likely to see you through many wears before deteriorating in quality and breaking. 


  • Made with breathable mesh, these gloves are going to absorb any unwanted sweat creating a pleasant environment for the duration of your ride.
  • The buckle allows for easy adjustments to achieve your desired size.
  • With hook loops along the top of the fingers, the cycling gloves are easy to put on and take off.
  • Courtesy of their durable design, they are likely to last for a considerable amount of time without wearing easily.
  • There are multiple color options to suit individual preferences.


  • The size options are slightly limited which may not cater very well to those with larger sized hands.

Best Cycling Gloves Buying Guide

Quality, comfort, and fit are of particular importance when it comes to selecting the best pair of cycling gloves. Before making your purchase, there are some criteria that we would recommend you follow to ensure that you get the best product for your money and needs.

The material

The most common materials used in the design of cycling gloves are elastic lycra and breathable mesh. The elasticized lycra provides enhanced flexibility allowing you to move your hands freely without restrictions as you cycle. The inclusion of mesh creates a breathable environment that allows the air to flow freely preventing the build up of any unwanted sweat. 

If you are likely to embark on lengthy cycles breathability is crucial to maintain a cool and dry environment for your hands. The majority of thumb or fingers sections are also lined with a toweling material that allows you to wipe the sweat away easily as you cycle, dismissing the need for an additional cloth

The inclusion of swede is also important in maintaining a firm and secure grip of the handlebar for you to ride with confidence without the fear of the gloves slipping as you cycle.

The design

Cycle gloves typically have a fingerless design, not only does this prevent your hands from overheating by being completely covered, but this also enables you to maintain a firm and direct grip with the handlebar.

Hook loops

I'm sure we have all faced the struggles of trying to get gloves on and off only to be faced with gloves that are inside out, creating a struggle for you to face the next time you go to wear them. This issue is going to be particularly prominent following a long bike ride as your hands are likely to be much warmer. Hook loops, typically located above each finger, provide a much easier way to get your gloves off without the risk of them turning inside out. Others will also feature a pull tab which allows you to put them on easily.

The size

Some have more expansive size options that others with a more detailed breakdown regarding the exact measurements of each size. Pay close attention to the sizing as some gloves can run smaller so you may find yourself investing in a pair of gloves that are too small resulting in discomfort.

Incorporated in the design of most gloves is an adjustable velcro strap. This allows you to make adjustments to the tightness of the glove to achieve the most comfortable fit for you. 


If you are a regular rider, cycle gloves are something that you are likely to be wearing frequently and therefore it is important to ensure that they are of exceptional quality with the ability to withstand frequent wear without getting damaged.

A double stitched glove is a great choice as this enhances the durability and the sturdiness of the cycling gloves.

A glove that deteriorates after a few wears is going to result in a more expensive spend for you in the long run as you are likely to need to replace them after a few wears. In the long run, investing in an initial good quality pair of gloves is going to save you this hassle by ensuring that you have both the quality and the comfort. 

The Padding

The padding is the main variable that influences the comfort of your cycling gloves. With minimal padding that is barely noticeable as you ride your hands aren't going to be provided with the comfort that is needed.

The quality and thickness of the padding can differ between the brands and design of the cycling gloves. It is important to select cycle gloves with substantial padding for enhanced comfort and a pain free bike ride. The padding is also effective in protecting your hands from injury if you should fall. Most pads tend to be shock absorbent too which reduces the vibrations and impact from the road. 

The price

Cycling gloves tend to retail at pretty affordable prices, of course, some are more expensive than others but there doesn't tend to be a noticeable difference. For those on a budget, you will be pleased to see that you can get some excellent quality gloves that don't come with the hefty price tags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cycle gloves make a difference?

Yes, cycle gloves do make a difference, they provide additional padding that is largely focused around the palms for improved comfort and also protection if you should happen to break at speed and fall. They are also useful when cycling in cold weather as they keep your hands warm and prevent them from going numb.

Should my cycle gloves be tight?

Ideally, your cycle gloves should be of a snug and comfortable fit without being too tight as this poses the risk of restricted circulation. If the fit is the other way and it is too big then the glove isn't going to remain on your hands securely, and there is the possibility that your gloves may slip off as you cycle causing disruptions and potential injury if you fall.

Why are most cycle gloves fingerless?

Many gloves tend to be fingerless as this combines the comfort of wearing a glove with the security and flexibility of having your fingers free. Along the palm of the glove, you will typically find padded and textured palms and cushioning for comfort and protection as you cycle. This also allows you to maintain a sturdy grip of the handlebars through the direct contact from your fingers.

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