Best City Bikes under 500

If you have lived in a busy city such as London or New York. You will know how it is easy to be late for an appointment due to a train delay or a cancellation. It throws every plan up in the air. The only way to save it would be to spend money on exorbitantly priced taxis to shuttle you across the city. That is what has made the use of bikes prevalent in the city. London, for instance, has the Boris bikes that you can hire for a period. The downside is they have to be returned within a set time to specific stations. That is fine unless you are already running late. The simple solution would be to have your own bike. It would allow you to lock it up at whatever location you choose safely. You would also do away with the subscription fees that are attached to renting a bike.

Sounds good, right? The problem soon becomes which buy you should purchase. In a market full of demands, countless unscrupulous dealers are peddling low-quality bikes as the real deal. Good marketing does not guarantee a good product. Staying within a budget can also be an issue here. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best city bikes under $500.

We will also guide you through some of the features to look for when choosing a bike. Channel your lifestyle and saddle that paddle without stretching your bank account with a city bike under 500.

Best Pick

The best pick on this list is by far the SWAGTRON EB-5.

This bike is electric, which means that you can glide through the city without having to expend so much energy. The cycle can get you up to 15 miles on one charge. A full charge will only take you 4 hours, meaning that when you get to work, you can charge your battery well in time to go back home. If you need more charge, you can always buy another battery because they are nice and compact. The bike can also be charged through cycling if you wish to get that extra workout in for the day. The cycle is sturdily made from an aluminium frame and with a top braking system. You will enjoy this bike when you read about it as it has a lot to offer.

Honourable mention

I would also like to mention the women’s EVRYJOURNEY bike on the list that has been crafted meticulously with women in mind. The bicycle looks nice and has a happy feeling attached to cycling with it. It is nice and low, allowing you the time to stop and take a breather now and again without having to feel uncomfortable. The manufacturers have not left much to chance in how the bike functions. It is a top tier bike that provides serious competition to the other bikes on the list. 

Here are some of the best city bikes under $500:


Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 PLUS Folding Electric Bike with Pedals and Removable Battery, Black, 14' Wheels

This bike is made from the company SwagTron. The company has worked hard to make this bike a reliable option to consider with numerous innovative features that might just pull you into purchasing it. The bike comes in a 14inch size sporting a dark black colour. The design is quite an eye-catching and has been made to cut through the air with its aerodynamic build seamlessly.

The bike is electric and can be charged in just 4 hours. The full charge will give you over 15 miles! If you need to go farther, you can always carry a spare battery because the battery is easily swappable. The battery is also light and compact meaning you can just pop it into your backpack. We must give credit to Swag Tron for this bike. It is cool. 

The height of the bike is completely adjustable. It may appear small at first but don’t worry it can be adjusted to your size. The tires are only 14 inches big, but that helps you to get a soft and smooth ride. When you buy this, you get the product already assembled and ready to go. This bike is a very modern, eco-friendly and pleasant product. It is built for someone who likes to enjoy their surroundings while on their way to work. If you believe in a more sustainable planet and you want to reduce your carbon emission, then this is an excellent place to start. 


  • Compact and easily swappable battery for increased distances 
  • Eye-catching design
  • Charges in 4 hours
  • Fully preassembled
  • Aerodynamic build


  • The bike may feel a little bit small 
  • Spare battery sold separately


sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 7-Speed Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle, 26' Wheels with 17.5' Frame, Cream with Brown Seat and Grips, Model:630034

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney is one of the most colourful and alive bikes on the list in terms of design. This bike screams cool coming in a sweet cream finish. This bike manufactured by Shimano is one of the best female city bikes that they produce. It will make for easy gliding as you move through the city. If you have “City Girl” in your Instagram bio, I swear this is for you. I don’t even want to rush into the specs yet because I’m still stuck up on how cool this bike looks but let’s look under the hood. It comes with a 7—speed gearbox and 26” wheels.

It is the perfect wheel size for city touring, and the gears will allow you to glide comfortably. You get external Derailleur brakes when you buy this product meaning you can add safety to the list of pros for this bike. A brown synthetic leather seat offsets the cream colour of the bike. The two colours pair quite well, giving the bike a retro-modern feel. The bike comes with semi-slick tires that work well on roads.

That is because the tires will produce a substantial amount of roll, meaning that most of the time, the bike is moving on its own without you having to cycle too much. Perfect for cruising. The frame is quite low making it easy to get onto the bike and start riding. Nobody wants to have to jump on to their bike and risk falling off whilst people are walking by. The shame would be unbearable. It is also essential to assisting you when you need to wait because you can quickly put your feet down and hold steady. That is often necessary when cycling in the city because there are traffic lights at every corner. In the end, this is a beautiful bike with everything that a bike should have.


  • Cool ‘Retro Modern’ Design
  • Semi-slick tires for easier roll
  • Low swooping frame
  • Derailleur Brakes
  • Leather seat


  • The frame is not very durable
  • 80% assembled, so you have some DIY to do


Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women, 21-Speed, 28-inch Wheels, 18-inch/Medium Frame, Black

Are you looking for a good old Mr Reliable? It is one of those bikes that is well designed, efficient and straightforward. I did not include stylish or modern for a reason. This bike made by Schwinn has nothing extraordinary about it for people who don’t know cycles. For those who do it is a high-quality bike made for a purpose. If you live in the city and work in the city, it can become both expensive and time consuming to drive or commute.

Many people have found that it is faster to cycle there simply, and this bike is well made for that. It has been designed at all points to save the rider energy. It will allow you to get to your destination without sweating too much. This bike comes with a 21-speed SRAM grip shifter. That means that cycling up a hill is well taken care of by the bike. You will get Promax linear-pull brakes meaning that you can perform emergency stops.

It can be crucial to protecting yourself from injury when cycling in the city. If you and your bike should come to harm the aluminium frame is sure to hold up. It is both light and reliable at the same time. The bike has been fitted with fenders meaning you can keep your work clothes nice and clean while you cycle. This bike is well designed for its purpose. It is not made to stand out but rather to be a reliable travel companion. Buying one of these bikes, you will be able to ride without any problems for over five years maybe more. It comes with a padded seat and handlebars that are swept back up. It is a comfy and economical way to get around the city. Thumbs up!


  • Aluminium frame that is light and durable
  • Promax alloy linear-pull brakes
  • Fenders to keep clothes clean
  • Schwinn suspension fork
  • Padded seat for added comfort


  • Nothing special about the design
  • If you are 5’1” this bike may be too big for you


KESPOR K7 Folding Bike for Adults, Women, Men, Rear Carry Rack, Front and Rear Fenders, Shimano 7 Speed Aluminum Easy Folding City Bicycle 20-inch Wheels, Disc Brake (Green)

This bike is made by the Kespor company, which is a new company that is devoted to making eco-friendly and sustainable bikes that you can take with you everywhere. This product that they have created here is one of the best options available in their product catalogue. It is a folding bike, meaning that you will save space whenever you move around with it. Instead of leaving your bike chained up outside, you can just park it in the corner of the office until home time.

The bike has been designed with an aluminium frame that will guarantee you lightweight toughness capable of handling the city life. The bike also comes with a disc brake that is not the most powerful but for this size of bike will work more than efficiently. You will get seven gears on this which will allow you a comfortable ride through the city.

This bike has been made portable to allow you to make it your personal travel companion. Whether you want to cycle in the city, the suburbs or even on a camping trip you can take it with you. A folding bike's main appeal is the lack of space consumption and portability. However, this bike offers you quite a bit more than that with the specs that it brings to the trail. Once your order and it is delivered the bike comes fully assembled meaning you will be ready to go. 


  • Comes in 7 different cool metallic colours
  • The folded size makes it easy to move around with
  • The aluminium frame is tough and light
  • 7 Speed gear for better cruising
  • Comes cycle ready


  • A low weight limits
  • The bike is relatively small


EuroMini ZiZZO Heavy Duty Forte 28lb Folding Bike-Lightweight Aluminum Frame Genuine Shimano 7-Speed 20' Folding Bike with Fenders, Rack and 300 lb. Weight Limit (Forest Green)

When looking at these bikes, we can safely affirm that this is one of the strongest that you can buy. When looking for a city bike, you want a sense of compactness to weave through the chaotic combination of people and traffic. We want this compactness, but we often don’t want it at the cost of bike durability. This bike can support a weight of up to 300lb on such a light aluminium frame. Looking at the bike, you can see that it is small and lightweight, which makes me wonder how they got it so tough. It comes in a sleek olive-green colour or a pastel coral which both look quite aesthetic.

The bike comes with 7-speed Derailleur brakes which are the standard in the industry for safety. If the bike looks a little too small, you should not worry too much because the bike frame will easily adjust to the height you set it to. It will make for a comfortable ride when you factor in the padded seat. The rims are also well designed.

They are made for almost every terrain and have double walls inside them. That is probably the reason why they can support such heavyweights. Saving the best for last, one of the best features of this bike is that it folds. The bike folds quite easily and has a magnet in place to keep it folded until you want to use it. That means you can take this bike anywhere you like without much hassle. This bike is well designed and should be a good option to consider when looking for a city bike. 


  • Double-wall rims for added durability
  • Strong 300lb capacity
  • The bike can be folded
  • Multi-terrain tires
  • Aluminium frame


  • Rigid suspension so ride may not be so smooth.
  • More expensive than the other bikes

Best City Bike Buying Guide


Even under $500, there are many subcategories. There are solid commuters, there are semi-off roaders, and there are cruiser bikes for luxury and leisure purposes while biking around the city. Hence, this article helps you to decide on a user -friendly budget beforehand and get as many high-quality components with the stock bike as you can – accessories can run your account alarmingly high.

The Style

The preferred style for the bike is a debatable and personal choice, but there are several standard styles to meet up when designing your motorcycle. For example, alloys or steel spoke wheels are standard procedures when designing. You can also schedule a straight or a slightly angular frame for sharper styling options. Further, styling options differ between cycles intended for men and women, to accommodate for body shape differences.

Many bikes above come with several customisation options – so make sure you get the specification which suits your aesthetic tastes in the best manner.

Through adjustment

Have you ever noticed that throughout the article we mainly recommended for bikes to have Shimano gearing due to cycles extended longevity in the market for bikes with gears, practically? Other brands for bikes are available, and some are equally good – but getting spares for Shimano parts is exponentially more comfortable than for other brands.

Make sure to take note of the appearance of the gears, at times, might lose focus of the road whilst in the process of switching gears. Hence, if you're entirely new to bikes with bags, we recommend taking a few lessons or getting educated on tips from bikers, you know before buying a bike with gears.

Mount with an easement.

More so, make sure to note that the bike you purchase is comfortable and easy to paddle daily to the desired destination-be it works or leisure biking around the city. Owning an uncomfortable bike will hurt or worsen your posture, especially on your vertebrae and the neck.
It brings its value altogether.


It wraps up our review of the eight best city bikes under the $500 mark. These bikes all have their virtues and concerns, but all of them are guaranteed to deliver years of trouble-free riding. Some come from well-known brands like Schwinn, others from new players like Pure Cycles who take a minimalist approach to the trusty bike.

The key to the bike should be to go for something which meets well with your expectations and tastes. If you desire to customise the motorcycle, then make an excellent referral if customisation can be achieved without harming it. If it is impossible, make sure it comes with high quality and reliable components out of the showroom.

Hoping you read the guideline on what to consider and why you should consider a city bike under $500. Ride safe and happy being the owner of a bike.

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