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Are you thinking of advancing your technique in cycling? Then we have a potential solution for you to look at. I found myself cycling during one of the lockdowns. A lady in one of the villages in which I stopped to have a breather and a snack wasn’t delighted by my presence. That is when I considered how I could perhaps use my favourite bike without venturing out. Trying some bike rollers landed me on a solution. After a lot of research and testing, which was punctuated with some hilarious errors, I have finally wrapped my head around these devices. In this article, you will find out about some of my favourite bike rollers. You will also come across our buyer’s guide, in which we explore some of the things to consider when choosing the right bike roller for yourself.

Top Pick

For the top pick, I have chosen the Elite Arion folding roller. I liked this option because everything about it is professional. Arion has worked hard to ensure that the price is not what matters but rather the quality of a product. The roller is by far the lightest and most durable option. It comes made from a specially made composite metal that is built to take on heavy objects. The design of the product is highly stylish. It looks cool. The parabolic rollers ensure perfect balance without the need of a nearby item to balance on. The built-in step means that getting on won’t be a challenge even for less tall people. It really has everything you would be looking for if you wanted something very high quality.


Tacx Antares Indoor Retractable Bicycle Rollers

Bike rollers are often well advertised, but the product customers receive never lives up to the expectation. Tacx Antares, however, worked hard on this bike to make sure it is worth the investment. This bike roller is made from poly material and a metal frame. The Polly material helps the bike to feel stable whilst you do your indoor cycling. It is not the most challenging material; however, it has a memory foam that will cushion the design of your bike tires, therefore allowing them to balance well. It will feel like you are on the road. You might think that you would need a powerful push-off to get cycling, but this has been designed to be lightweight and easy-going a nice feature. The roller fits bikes between 26 to 29” wheels. It is recommended however not to buy the product if your bike is either 26” or 29”. It is always better to get something with the extra room; otherwise, it may not fit well. The diameter of the roller is 100-110mm, meaning that it is not very big but should be compact enough to work in the living room whilst cycling. It is only a one-person roller at this size, so do not attempt to cycle with a partner. 


  • Memory foam material
  • Maintenance-free
  • Compact and well designed


  • Material is not durable


Soozier Bike Roller Adjustable Trainer Indoor Fitness Cycling Parabolic Roller Bike Trainer Portable Bike Exercise - Red

After analysing this product, I can see that Soozier has made one of the top products within this catalogue. This bike roller is very durable. It comes made from precisely machined steel with an aluminium frame. The frame is well built to handle all the weight and pressure that you can give it. The bike roller is mostly suited to mountain bikes rather than to city bikes; hence the material is designed for a giant bike tire. The bike roller is versatile and caters for sizes between 24 to 29 inches. The product is very lightweight but still durable. It comes with three wide HDPE rollers that are made from nylon. The nylon works to offer customers an anti-slip experience which will be much appreciated. When buying a bike roller, people have a fear in the back of their mind that it may just break. This bike has been made to weigh only 17.5lbs but still is quite indestructible against anything you can throw at it. Its size means that you can comfortably take it with you to the location that you wish to cycle by. The bike roller comes in 2 colours, being red and black. 


  • Nylon material
  • Anti-slip pedal
  • Durable aluminium frame


  • Mainly for mountain bikes


ROCKBROS Bike Rollers Adjustable Bike Trainer Stand Foldable Indoor Cycling Bicycle Roller with Resistance for MTB Road Bike Exercise

The option from Rockbros is one of the medium – high budget options on the list. It is one of the best but not the best. The product comes in a black aluminium frame and is built for both road bikes and mountain bikes. An aluminium frame ensures that the product is light but durable, which is always a plus. You would not want to bend the frame by accident one day. The product has three aluminium rollers on it that are mountable. Once mounted, you will experience near-perfect stability when cycling. You won’t have to worry about the product moving around whilst you cycle. The product is also foldable, which means if you want to take it to the beach, you can. It will not absorb too much space in your boot. The bearings on the product are sealed, which makes the ride much more comfortable and realistic. Often bike rollers if not well constructed can feel shaky and unsecured whilst the rider is using it. Some people usually do not feel safe without having a door handle to hold on to. This roller is well adaptable to either a mountain bike, 700c road bike and a folding bike. The versatility will always be appreciated especially if you have younger members of the family with different bikes that want to share the product. 


  • High-end aluminium frame
  • Sealed bearing for a better ride
  • Foldable for better compactness


  • Mount might not be very secure


Elite Arion Folding Rollers

In terms of elite rollers, this is one of the main characters in the conversation. It is one of the more professional options that you can choose and for a good reason. The roller is built almost to perfection. It has a very light frame. I mean very light. It weighs just 39 grams. However, this does not mean it is not durable. The frame is made from an ultra-strong composite metal that can withstand massive loads without needing to weigh many kgs. You can tell by when you see the product that it looks futuristic. The product has been well designed to look innovative. The rollers are shaped parabolically meaning that the rider can feel a sense of optimum balance as they cycle. Many people are confident enough to cycle on these without any object to grab on. That’s what you expect from only the best bike rollers. The product has a built-in step that allows you to get on quickly. It also allows you to calmly put your feet down when you need to take a breather. The bike roller can also fold into half and be carried around with complete ease. It can be your riding companion whenever you want to cycle at home or cycle in one place away from home. The only thing about buying such well-designed and high-quality products is that it will cost you. This is by far the priciest option on the list. 


  • Ultra-strong composite frame
  • Weighs very little
  • Parabolic shaped rollers


  • Relatively expensive


Tacx Galaxia Indoor Retractable Bicycle Rollers

In a close bid for second place is the Tacx Galaxia. This product is also another well-made gem. The product comes with conical rollers that have been tapered inwards. This technology will help the rider to feel as though they are floating on air. It works to reduce some of the workloads from the rider, meaning you can amp up the revs and workout for longer. This bike roller has something special that you will not find on other products. It swings. As you cycle on this, it has a system whereby it will be rolling back and forth to absorb your acceleration and deceleration without throwing you off balance. This means that you can go as fast as you can without feeling like the bike is about to fly off into the tv. This product is made from a super-strong aluminium frame. This is possibly the reason why it is so heavy weighing in at over 18 pounds. This is one of the reasons it is not the top option on the list. It is meant to be a little more compact than it is hence Tacx made the product foldable. It might, however, be challenging to fold something this heavy.


  • Conical rollers facing inward
  • Swing system for higher speeds 
  • Folds for better compactness


  • Quite heavy


Minoura MoZ Roller

This product is one of the low budget options that you can buy on the list. If you are unsure of what these products do and would like to test one out without spending too much money, then this is a good option. The product comes with a solid metal frame that uses MOZ roller drums. Many other brands use materials to cover their rollers, but this comes as a drum, i.e. bare. It will work although just not as good as the other options on the list would. The product has cartridge bearings which are used in many of the lower end bike rollers because they make the product cheaper. The ride, however, might be a little bit shaky for you at times. The frame is good for 24-inch wheel sizes only. Therefore, the product does not offer you very much versatility. On the plus side, the product is light and foldable. This means that you can take it anywhere you like without having to fuss over how heavy it is. 


  • Relatively affordable
  • Alloy metal frame
  • MOZ roller drums


  • Poor quality rollers

Best Bike Rollers Buying Guide

The first rollers were made in 1972; hence they have been amongst us for a while. Bike rollers are a simple way of rolling yourself around with no extra effort added on to the bike. Due to their portability, they have become fast-selling equipment.

Bike Rollers?

They have a rectangular-shaped frame with three rollers attached to the bike. The bike rollers have two rollers at the back whilst there is one at the front, joined with an elastic band. It is a bit challenging to ride on bike rollers as they require your inactive riding which might lead to you falling over a lot of times if it is your first time using them. What fun without falling over with friends and family? The fun thing about rollers is the moment you attach them to the bike. They are now smooth and easy to roll. It is advised to start with a hybrid or step-guard as they are user friendly for beginners. These rollers require maximum practice as compared to the old-fashioned trainers. Bike Rollers are an excellent way of refining bike steadiness and conduct expertise. There is an intensification of handle effectiveness which results in great speed. Bike rollers are usually used indoors.

Recent bike rollers are created in such a way that the rollers can quickly produce resistance with the use of magnets. Since many people rely on the drums on the bike rollers, they seem to make it easy for them to be in a straight line.


Additional firmness and swiftness come from the spinning of the front rollers, thus less effort in controlling the bike rollers when riding. Due to zero power needed to move them, swinging them makes it easier to pedal freely without any worry of falling over countless times.


They help you to keep fit with the continuous practice with these rollers. They stimulate muscles. They also enhance building performance of the rider.


To some people, it might come natural but practising every day will make you an expert. The first few rides can be challenging, which is part of the learning curve. Hence, the more you practice, the more you will gain stability and the easier it will be for you to use the bike rollers.

Specs of the bike rollers

Correct bike rollers

Bike rollers can be used on any kind of bike with the condition that the wheelbase perfectly fits the rollers. Therefore, ensure to measure your bike to have the correct size bike rollers for your bike. We wouldn’t want to waste money on rollers that do not fit the bike, wouldn’t we, hence always take this precaution.


There are few things more irritating than riding a loud bike with bike rollers. Wider tires of the bike cause the loud noise of the cycle due to friction; hence narrow tires are strongly advised for a peaceful bike rollers ride. Moreover, the bigger the width of the bike rollers, the less amount of rolling resistance due to less distortion on the tires.

Types of rollers

  • Omnium Zero-Drive
  • Tacx Roller Galaxia
  • ELITE Arion Mag Rollers
  • Minoura MoZ Cycle Rollers
  • Cylindrical Rollers vs Conical Shaped Rollers vs Crowned Rollers
  • Old-fashioned bike rollers are shaped cylindrical whilst modern rollers are either conical or crowned shaped. The modern rollers are difficult to use as they do not have the strength to keep them rooted in the centre.

Advantages of bike rollers

  • They are light weighted hence easy to use.
  • They are durable.
  • They require no maintenance.
  • The bike rollers are stable when riding.

Disadvantages of bike rollers

  • They tend to be semi noisy.
  • There are expensive
  • Hard to use especially beginners hence tripping over


It is with great confidence that this article has journeyed you through the use and need of purchasing a bike roller for your bike. The advantages and disadvantages of the rollers will give you a push factor for you to take the first attempt in using bike rollers. They were fully intended for riders to exercise and gain top speed. The difficulty in choosing the right product can be resolved by going with any of the ones that we have recommended and reviewed in detail above. That way, you know what you are buying, and what to expect from it.

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