Top 5 Best Bike Phone Mounts Of 2021

Not everyone has the ability to use a map while riding a bike. Maybe nobody has, but the important thing is that nearly everyone owns a smartphone. Smartphones can come in handy while riding a bike. Want directions to someplace?

Cool. Open up your smartphone. Want to check how many calories you ought to burn? Again, open up your smartphone. But there is one problem, keeping the phone on you while riding a bike is troublesome, isn’t it? I mean, where exactly can one mount it so it becomes easy to look at and ride the bike simultaneously?

There is an easy fix for this. Bike phone mounts! Pretty handy things. They come in all shapes and sizes with different functionalities, not particular to just themselves. Some even come with casings to offer extra protection for the phone. While many come with a portable charger. Just fit your phone and enjoy your bike ride with a stable view of your phone every time you look down.

So, are you in any particular need of bike mounts for your phone while riding a bike? If yes, then this best bike phone mounts article is going to help you in finding the finest one in the market suited for your need. Take a look at a few of Bikeeo’s Top picks for Best Bike phone mounts.

Recommended Best Bike Phone Mount Reviews

#1 Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount Review

Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount Review
The Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Mount is a trendy looking device. With its unique and ergonomic design; the gripping edges and parallel holding bars, it offers its mounting abilities for nearly all types of smartphones. It automatically resizes itself to fit any device for up to 3.8 inches in width. The handlebar of the bicycle or a bike should lie between the range of 0.9 to 1.3 inches in diameter otherwise, the mount will not fix on it.

Its clamps are strong and adjustable with silicone bands used for gripping the phone securely. Its multi-angle system allows you to rotate the device at any angle, the special ball and socket design make this mount very user-friendly. Without the need of removing the phone time and again, the mount offers full access to all the keys and the entire screen while being mounted on it. This property is an absolute essential in phone mounts. Owing to the clip on and off design, this mount is easily the best in the line.

Now, most phones can be mounted on it, like, iPhones, Samsung phones, and other similar looking phones. Tabs and phablets are probably not going to work.

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#2 Roam Bike Phone Mount Review

Roam Bike Phone Mount Review
Roam Bike Phone Mount is a fine black beauty. It is very similar to the Vibrelli mount in terms of design and structure but starkly different in terms of usability. The limit to this mount is 3.5 inches. Yes, .3 inches shorter than the Vibrelli one. But, according to statistics, most phones lie between the range of 3 to 3.5 inches in width. I don’t think you’d have to worry about your phone fitting in this mount or not unless you plan to use a tablet or something bigger.

Handlebar size should vary from 7/8th of an inch to 1-1/4th of an inch in diameter. It consists of two points of contact for the phone, has hard plastic grips with silicone net which secures all the edges of your phone amazingly well. The hard plastic can withstand a large amount of force, making it difficult to break. The net is efficiently stretchable, reaching a length of 4 times the original length. All in all, a perfectly groomed device for your phone.

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#3 USA Gear Water Resistant Phone Mount Review

The USA Gear Water Resistant Phone Mount is one of a kind. It has many new and amazing functionalities that other mounts do not have. First, it has a water and shock resistant pouch case which protects the phone against water, dirt, dust, etc. Amazingly well built for cyclers as most cyclers do see some dirt and dust while going on an adventure.

The downside of this pouch is that there seems to be no opening for the audio jack. Second, its transparent touch screen window enables a faster and smoother touch functionality on the phone. Adjustable and rotatable ball head joint with a locking system for preferred orientation. Easy installation instructions and fits perfectly onto handlebars with a maximum diameter of 1.38 inches.

It can house any device within the range of 6.75 inches as that seems to be the maximum in this model. The insides of this mount/case have foam padding to offer extra protection and shock-absorbing properties. If you’re into an adventure that involves multiple terrains and environments, the USA Gear seems like the perfect fit for you.

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#4 Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro Review – Best bike phone Mount

Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro Review
The Quad Lock Bike Mount Pro is a highly advanced mount with scrutinized corners. The technology used in this mount is extremely efficient and amazingly satisfying. It is lighter than the rest of the mounts in the list, weighing only 1.4 pounds. It is also stronger than most.

The unique thing about this device is its patented dual-stage locking system which makes sure that the phone is held firmly to the bike. The range for the handle diameter is 25-40 mm. Fits like a charm on most bike handlebars.

It is known to last for at least 2 years without any harm to its functionalities. Apparently, many phones have their speakers blocked while being mounted on the Quad Lock Pro. But, it doesn’t do much harm if you have your earphones on.

(Caution: Always be alert when riding while listening to music on earphones!).

It looks and works like a great mount for cyclers. If you ask me what is the best bike phone mount among these 5, My answer will be Quad lock bike mount. I am currently using this since 1 year with my restrospec mantra fixie.

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#5 Caw Car Crowfoot Bike Phone Mount Review

Caw Car Crowfoot Bike Phone Mount Review - best bike phone mounts
According to the description of the device by the makers, it has been made after careful considerations of many user reviews, multiple experiments, and high attention to detail. It is enabled by the Crowfoot technology which makes it fit securely on the handlebar.

It is quite heavy, weighing at about 6.6 ounces. But it redeems itself by allowing any phone up to the width of 3.7 inches to be mounted on it. 0.2-1.6 inches is the range of the diameter for the handlebar. It has shock absorbing rubber covering and four-band wraps for each of the corners of the phone.

This phone is specifically designed for safety. So, if your adventure includes high-risk areas, you might want to consider this mount.

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Our Verdict on Bike Phone Mounts

That’s about it. Five of the most amazing mounts on the market in 2018 with advanced functionalities for you to choose from. Happy riding!

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