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The quickest way to break your bike is not to clean it. As debris and all sorts of murk gather on it, it becomes more prone to wear and tear. This applies to the moving parts as well as the fixed parts. Having debris on your chain will cause unnecessary friction to occur. That can significantly shorten its lifespan. Depending on where you live, letting sand or saltwater set on your frame will lead to rust and other issues. The best way to steer clear of these issues is to have a bike cleaning kit at hand.

Cleaning your bike does not have to be difficult. Having the right tools makes the job straightforward. It requires that you allow enough time to scrub every inch of it. The average user will not know where to start when searching for the ideal kit. Even the more experienced cyclists can use some pointers here and there. You will find some great bike cleaning kits reviewed within our shortlist. They are accompanied by details of things that we thought were excellent and those that could improve. 

In a hurry?

A good cleaning kit must be exhaustive. You should be looking for one that has several tools in it. It is just as vital to consider the build quality of the tools. Getting efficient cleaning tools that do not last can be expensive. Even if you are getting them cheap, you will have to buy replacements sooner than you think. That is where seeing what others have to say about the products goes a long way. 

Top Pick


SINGARE 7pcs Bicycle Bike Cleaning Tools Set, Bike Clean Brush Kit Suitable for Mountain, Road, City, Hybrid, BMX and Folding Bike

This set is best described as a professional kit that can take up any challenge that comes its way. Flexibility characterises the brushes and that makes them smooth and easy to move between bike parts for a perfect performance. The seven pieces that come with the package comes with a chain brush, tapered detail brush, tire scrubber, wheel brush, sprocket scraper and brush and a clean mitt. The 7 in 1 kit contains multipurpose brushes that balance efficiency and effectiveness all the way. Dirt is easy to remove from any part or corner of the bike. This is made possible because some of the brushes are flexible enough to reach any part of the bike. The package is very easy to carry as it is lightweight. It does not require much space for storage. The kit is made up of durable materials such as the ABS that makes up the handles that last longer. Versatility is one of the key features of the kit as it is capable of cleaning any type of bike.


  • Professional cleaning kit
  • Made up of 7 pieces
  • Effective and efficient
  • Portable
  • Flexible
  • Versatile


  • It is made for stronger chains

Best‌ ‌Bike‌ ‌Bell‌ ‌To‌ ‌Keep‌ ‌You‌ ‌Safe‌ ‌On‌ ‌the‌ ‌Road‌ ‌


MMOBIEL Bike Cleaning Tool Set 7 Pieces Mountain Road City BMX Bicycle Cleaning Brush Kit for Chain, Wheel, Tire

The cleaning brush tool comes with eight different pieces. These include a chain scrubber, cleaning brush, wheel brush, scrapper, bike clean mitt and a tire scrubber. This package is enough for basic maintenance. It is not selective when it comes to bikes. Any type of bike can get a cleaning service from the kit. It is very easy to use. When you want to clean free wheel designs, you only have to make sure that you mount the cleaner to the chain and make use of the pedal to gain access to the spot for cleaning. Efficiency is maintained by the way different brushes are offered that clean different parts of the bike. You can use it for daily household cleaning.


  • Quality material
  • Easy to clean 
  • 8 pieces 
  • Ideal for any bike
  • One size fits all brush
  • For basic maintenance 


  • The chain cleaner is a bit difficult to use


Oumers Bicycle Clean Brush Kit, 10pcs Motorcycle Bike Chain Cleaning Tools Make Chain/Crank/Tire/Sprocket Cycling Corner Stain Dirt Clean, Durable/Practical fit All Bike

It is meant to last longer and light in weight. It is very easy to use. The bristles that come with the kit are quite sturdy as they easily remove dirt between cassette cogs and derailleur areas. These areas easily get dirty because of dust and mud when it is on a rainy day. The brushes are specifically made for different parts of the bike. The kit has an ergonomically designed handle for a perfect comfortable grip. The bike can be sparkling clean when the cleaning is done properly. Basic maintenance is guaranteed the very moment you purchase this kit. You can use it to clean your household items at home. This is a 10 piece bike cleaning kit that includes a mitt, scrappers, brushes, bristles and a duster cloth. All bikes can be taken care of with this kit. 


  • Multiple brushes
  • Cleans any type of bike
  • Practical
  • Easy to clean
  • 10 pieces are included
  • Durable


  • The tire cleaning bristles could have been more durable


Finish Line Pro Care Bucket Kit 8.0 Total Bicycle Care

Convenience best describes the cleaning kit as it comes packaged in a bucket. It is weatherproof as it can be used in any weather condition. What makes it possible is the fact that it comes with 4oz WET and 8oz DRY lubes. A can of Speed Degreaser comes as part of the package that allows quick and easy cleaning. Superbike wash comes in a bottle and it is used to keep the bike fresh and revived. There are two specific brushes for thorough cleaning. You use the bucket to keep your soapy water when cleaning the bike. This gives you enough storage space for even some brushes that are not currently in use but that you intend to use. After a deep cleaning, you have lube to apply for a shiny look. The package is quite compact which makes it very easy to carry.


  • You have all the equipment you need for a basic maintenance
  • The package is quite compact
  • Takes care of the stubborn dirt deep inside chains
  • Comes with a scrub bucket
  • It comes with a detailed guide
  • Weatherproof


  • Simple instructions for beginners would have been great


Bike Cleaning Brush Tool Kit Set (Chain Cleaning Brush Set)

The package includes seven pieces that include: a tire scrubber, wheel brush, sprocket scraper and brush, tapered detail brush, bike clean mitt and grease cleaning floss. The bristles are stiff and flared and very easy to use. The wheel brush has an ergonomic design that helps you with an easy and tight grip. When you apply more force, chances are very low that it will break. This makes it last longer. The sprocket scraper is very easy to clean the brakes and derailleur. You can move it smoothly when you reach these parts. Gears and chains are very easy to clean with the bike cleaning brush. The floss takes care of the smaller particles that are hardly visible. The package is compact and contains tools that were made with certain specifications in mind. The kit is ideal for any type of bike. It is more practical as it can be used for cleaning household items. 


  • 7 Piece kit
  • Contains 7 pieces
  • Ergonomic design on handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Gets rid of smaller particles
  • It can be used for household purposes


  • The sprocket cleaner could have been steadier


focopot Bicycle Cleaning Tools Set (9PCS), Bike Clean Brush Kit Including Bike Chain Scrubber for Mountain, Road, City, Hybrid, BMX and Folding Bike

The package contains nine pieces of different items. These items include two chain clean brushes, wheel brush, sprocket scraper and brush, bike clean mitt, bike chain scrubber, tire scrubber as well as the tapered detail brush. It works well for all types of bikes regardless of the type of braking system and wheel design. The chain is meant to be cleaned with so much ease as you use the given brushes. You only have to attach the chain scrubber under the bike chain, apply some degreaser that takes away all the grease surrounding the chain so that you apply new grease. Grease can clot onto the chain which slows down the performance of the bike hence the need to get rid of old grease from the chain. The brushes were made with certain different specifications in mind. This makes basic maintenance possible. The fact that some items that make up the package are made up of plastic makes the whole package lightweight.


  • 9 piece tool kit
  • High-quality materials
  • Works for every bike
  • Easy to use on chains
  • It is more practical
  • Lightweight


  • The plastic material cannot be a favourite of many users

Buyer's Guide

No matter how much we tell you about bike cleaning kits there are questions that you would still have. Some of these questions will undoubtedly have come as a result of new information found within the product reviews. The buyer’s guide will address questions related to these products.

How often should you clean your bike?

We would recommend that you don’t go for more than 30 rides before washing your bike. How often that will be depends on how much you use your bicycle. That is what makes this method more accurate. Washing it after a certain number of days without factoring usage is not effective. You must also consider where you are using your bike. For instance, if you cycle in sandy or muddy areas, it is important to clean up the bike more frequently. The same would be advised if your bike has been exposed to salty water. If you live close to the ocean, keeping your bike outside will do this. 

What household items can I use to clean my bike?

The frame of your bike can be cleaned with regular dishwashing liquid. You can use warm water to mix the detergent in. Here are some other items that you can use to clean a bike:

  • Cleaning sponge.
  • White vinegar.
  • Scourer.
  • Olive Oil

The list can go on and on. Some of these items can only be used on the chain. 

How often should I oil my bike chain?

Your bike should be oiled once every month or two. This is something that should be done by the eye. You can usually tell when your chain is making some gritting sounds when cycling. That is a good time to oil your chain. 

How do you clean an old bike?

Old bikes usually have issues with them. How far gone they are will depend on where they have been stored. The first thing that you want to do is find any areas of the bike that need to be salvaged. Start by checking the frame for any signs of rusting. In its early stages, it can be cleaned off with a wire brush and stopped from spreading by adding a fresh coat of paint. The chain is also worth looking at. Start with a good rinse with clean water. It makes it easier for you to identify any areas with debris. At this point, you can introduce soapy water and some wire brushes.

When the chain is cleaned up, you may oil it up. The bike spokes and the rest of the wheels may require some scrubbing as well. At this point, you may want to play it by the eye. Look at the bike to find areas that can use additional cleaning and give them that. Finish off by oiling all parts that may need it. That includes every nut and bolt you can see. 

Is it OK to pressure wash a bicycle?

Yes, it is okay to pressure a bicycle. This is an effective way to get rid of any debris that may be stuck on the frame. The chain would derive tremendous benefit from a good pressure wash. A word of caution before you start. Make sure that all nuts and bolts are secured. Anything that looks as if it may fall off must be removed before using the pressure washer. You don’t want to start looking for parts when your bike has been cleaned up.

Is it OK for a bike to get rained on?

No. Bikes do not fare well when exposed to rain. The implications may not immediately be visible, but the chain of events leading to wear and tear is in motion. Leaving your bike in the rain will lead to rusting. It happens at a quicker rate if the bike remains outdoors for a long time. If you are caught in the rain with your bike, you want to make sure that it does not remain damp for too long. Dabbing it dry will help. We will cover the cleaning process below.

How do I clean my bike after rain?

If caught in the rain, your bike will collect some debris from the ground as water bounces off the surface. The bulk of your cleaning is aimed at this. Doing the cleaning as soon as you get indoors may mean you don’t have to use any water or soap. Give your bike a good wipe with a dry cloth. Assess the frame and chain to see if additional cleaning is required.

For additional cleaning, a dish with warm water and detergent will suffice. Use a sponge to scrub the frame of the bike with the soapy water. Once done, rinse it with clean water and dab it dry. 

How do I protect my bike from rain?

Your bike is at greatest risk of being victimised by the rain when you are not using it. It is important that you find suitable storage where it is not exposed to harsh weather conditions. Where possible, you want to store it in a building. That can be in your garage or the hallway of your house. Not everyone has access to these or the liberty to use such space for bike storage. In which case, you might want to buy a waterproof cover. These come in two main forms. They can be a fully standalone tent or just a cover.

If you choose the tent, make sure you have the room and facilities to erect it. If not, the waterproof cover is the next best thing. This is simply placed over your bike to give it complete or partial covering. 

Is rust on a bike bad?

Rust is one of the worst things that you can ever find on your bike. In the worst-case scenario, it is a condemnation of the bike. You cannot salvage it when it is deeply set. Catching it early may give you time to clean it off and stop it from eating through the entire frame. Avoid rust on your bike at all costs.


Cleaning your bike is one of the main ways to prolong its lifespan. The presence of debris makes it easier for friction to occur in areas where it should not. This can often cause wear and tear. Parts such as the chain already have a significant amount of friction to contend with. Adding some debris to it will make things worse. You may not need the most extravagant cleaning kit for your bike. However, you will always find that a good cleaning kit makes the work much easier. That is why you should get a kit that enables you to save precious time and get the best possible results.

Our research and product trialling efforts landed us with the cleaning kits above. You will have found out what each one has to offer from their reviews. The pros and cons highlight the best and the “not so great” things about each one. Combining those with additional information from the buyer’s guide will put you in a great position to purchase an incredible cleaning kit. If we had to settle for one, it would have to be the Luniquz Bicycle Cleaning Tools Set. It is a 7-in-1 set that has everything you would need to give your bike a thorough clean. 

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