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Most of my favourite cycle paths are littered with amazing scenery. That is one of the reasons that I frequent them. It is one thing to see them once, and yet another to capture those memories. Capturing them allows me to share these views with family and friends across the globe. While I think my description of the cycle paths is accurate, it cannot possibly do them justice. That is where a bike camera comes in handy. My first attempt at taking some videos was on my iPhone while cycling. Needless to say, it is not the safest option available. Neither does it provide an authentic view of a cyclist’s experience.

Having tried and tested several bike cameras in search for one that would do my cycle path just. I couldn’t be better placed to advise you on your search. In this article is a short list of some stellar options that you must consider. You will also find a buyer’s guide to help you with your decision making process.

In a hurry?

If I had to cut the search to one word it would be “purpose.” Getting that right will put everything else in the right place. What is the purpose of your bike camera? Try to look beyond the obvious. You want to consider what sort of capabilities you are not willing to do without. If your focus is going to be on getting great videos while in motion, you want your camera to be geared towards that. That may mean it does not do as good a job for still images, and vice versa. Decide what is important to you before you start looking at cameras.

Top Pick

The top pick on this list is the COOAU Action Camera. The reason why I have selected this bike to be the top pick is that the camera is the most affordable option on the list with the highest quality available. Many other cameras were much more expensive than this one however they matched up in quality. Hence, I would think that if you are just getting started out and looking for something affordable that would not compromise on quality then this is the perfect option. It has 4k videos and a 20MP camera. Some of the more expensive cameras could only offer you a 12MP camera. This camera has WIFI and a remote to control it. The only feature that was lacking on this product was there is no voice command. For the price, however, I think you could let it slide.

Best Bike Camera For Scenic Routes


AKASO EK7000 4K30FPS Action Camera Ultra HD Underwater Camera 170 Degree Wide Angle 98FT Waterproof Camera

This bike made by Akaso is quite a stylish and technologically advanced camera. It comes with almost everything you need and is a strong contender for the best pick. It comes with a 4K Ultra HD action camera that can take 12 MP photos at 30 frames per second. This guarantees you high-quality pictures even at high speeds which is important in a bike camera. The camera is wireless and is remotely controlled through your wrist. This is a positive feature because it allows you to control the camera without disengaging it. When you buy this camera, you will get 2 fully rechargeable batteries giving you a combined action lifespan of 180 Minutes. The camera comes with built-in WIFI which is a very convenient feature. It allows you to live to share your experiences through a WIFI connection with a range of up to 10 meters. For professional athletes with a Facebook page that enjoys watching him cycle or do stunts live this is a major plus. The camera is waterproof up to 100 feet. Not that you plan to but this bike doubles as a swimming camera too. Versatility is always appreciated. It has been designed to be durable even when it is pushed to the max out in the extreme. The excellent camera quality, usability and technology innovation makes this a stand-out option. 


  • 4k Ultra HD action camera
  • 12 MP Photos
  • Wireless wrist remote control


  • No SD card included


GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 720p Live Streaming Stabilization

GoPro is one of the pioneers of making bike cameras, so I think Hero7 is a good option to consider. Coming with a sleek black design that looks as cool as it performs. The camera comes with 4K recording quality and the ability to live stream in 720p whilst on social media. In terms of stabilization, this camera is the best on the list. It comes with gimbal-like-stabilization which means that even when performing the shakiest of activities, the footage is extremely clear. If you wish to use the camera to record high-speed events such as fast cars racing, then this camera has the best time warp you can find. You can reduce or increase the speed up to 30x which is very impressive. The versatility on this camera is top tier. With the Super Photo feature, you can get well applied 12MP HDR photos in a second. What’s even better about this feature is that to take photos you do not even need to use the remote only your voice. It comes with voice control commands allowing you to take pictures, turn it on/off etc. Quite cool. Even cooler is that it understands 10 languages. 10! The camera is waterproof meaning that all the fun can even go underwater if you need it too. It has been designed to be tough and fulfilled that mandate well. The only thing you should know is that all these features come at a steep price. It is understandable given what the camera can do. Its durability also makes it a worthwhile investment because you know it will last for years.


  • Voice control command
  • Waterproof camera
  • Super Photo technology


  • Most expensive option 


AKASO V50 Elite 4K60fps Touch Screen WiFi Action Camera Voice Control EIS Web Camera 131 feet Waterproof Camera Adjustable View Angle 8X Zoom Remote Control Sports Camera with Helmet Accessories Kit

This camera made by AKASO is one of the medium to upper budget options. It comes with voice control which is a much-appreciated upgrade on the other AKASO option on this list. This feature will let you take photos of things as quickly as you need to. The only problem is that it does not understand many languages therefore to use the camera you have to know English. The camera comes with a noteworthy image stabilization system. The system is automatic and advanced for bike cameras. It works to try and figure out your next move so to be stable when you make it. It comes with a variety in terms of the view angle. It offers you wide, medium and narrow options. In case you wish to take videos of fast action events like sports and racing then you can use the sport mode. This mode will allow you to reduce blur on your videos. The camera is also waterproof up to 131 feet which is the highest of any on the list. Therefore, if you plan on going swimming with this camera you might like that. The best thing about this camera is its photo quality. Photos of up to 20MP can be taken on this which is by far the best considering its price. This means that if you needed a camera for a social event this would work well. The fastest speed that the camera can match is 240fps. That is very fast, and they worked well to include that quality on the bike camera. 


  • Voice control command
  • Noteworthy image stabilization
  • 20MP Photos


  • Voice control only knows English 


Kodak PIXPRO SP1 Action Cam with Explorer Pack 14 MP Water/Shock/Freeze/Dust Proof, Full HD 1080p Video, Digital Camera and 1.5' LCD Screen (Yellow)

This option from Kodak is on the list because it is relatively affordable and will get the job done. It is therefore in the medium-low budget range of bike cameras. Kodak is well known for making reliable cameras so you should still have a look. The max video quality of this camera is 1080p which is quite low compared to its counterparts that boast 4k quality. The camera is waterproof however only up to a limited range of 32feet so do not try and go deep-sea diving with this. The highest frames that you can capture per second on this camera is 120 which is not the best, but it will work. It does have electronic image stabilization so you can rest assured that the pictures will not come out blurry. The camera has a built-in LCD for you to double-check your shots after you take them. The good thing about this camera is that it comes with an advanced CMOS sensor that has 14 million image pixels. These will give you better image clarity than most cameras are able to provide. The camera does have WIFI meaning that you can share your footage once you finish recording it. You cannot however perform live streaming, unfortunately. 


  • Advanced CMOS sensor
  • Waterproof
  • Electronic Image Stabilization


  • Limited underwater range of 32 feet


This is the cheapest option that you can buy on the list, but it still pulls its own weight. The camera comes with full HD video up to 1080p and a 14 MP pixel camera. This is quite high for the price you would pay for this camera. It has a 170-degree lens that will allow you to easily capture more of your surroundings in one shot. The camera comes with waterproof capabilities up to a depth of 98 feet. This is quite deep, deeper than a few other cameras on the list. The LCD is almost 2 inches big meaning the screen allows you to accurately dissect your pictures after you have taken them as opposed to waiting until you can connect to a bigger screen. You will also get the appropriate mounting kits meaning you are pretty much good to go. The camera can be controlled via a wireless remote connection. This will come in handy because after mounting the camera in a difficult position you can leave it be without having to be close. It can therefore take pictures from places you can’t physically be. It is an all-weather camera but if you also want to use it when you get home as a webcam then that is an option, they have made it available to you. 


  • Full HD video resolution
  • 14 MP Photos
  • Waterproof up to 98 feet


  • No WIFI


COOAU 4K 20MP Wi-Fi Action Camera External Microphone Remote Control EIS Stabilization Underwater 40M Waterproof Sport Camera Time Lapse with 2X1200mAh Batteries and 20 Accessories

This option here is another low-cost beginner bike camera option. It has Ultra HD 4k video streaming which is the best quality you can buy for this price. Even the camera quality stands out very well at 20MP per photo. The camera comes with one of the latest lens advancements that their company has to offer. It has over 7 layers of different lenses allowing for a higher quality picture even when zoomed in. Electronic Image Stabilization is quite intelligent. It comes with an anti-shake program that gives the videos and pictures much-needed clarity. It is waterproof up to 120feet meaning that you can take this camera deep-sea diving safely. Many other cameras that cost much higher than this one won’t allow you to reach such depths. The camera is remote controlled up to 10M away. You can also use WIFI if you would like to send pictures to other devices connected on the same network. In order to do so you will first need to download an application called App Live DV to your android or IOS device. The camera covers all the angles you might be looking for in a bike camera. 


  • Waterproof depth of 120 Feet
  • WIFI connection
  • Anti-shake program


  • Quite heavy

Buyer's Guide

Have questions about bike cameras? The buyer’s guide will answer some key questions. Some of them will be related to the products reviewed above. Others will cover general questions that help buyers decide what product to get.

How do you mount a camera to a helmet?

Most cameras that are designed for mounting will come with fittings for various surfaces. One of those fittings will be ideal for cycling helmets. The two most common positions for mounting a camera on a helmet are above the head and on the side. You can choose based on what you prefer, and where it is easiest to mount on your helmet. The best approach would be to mount the fittings onto the helmet before getting the camera involved. You should also test out the camera mounted to the fittings before locking it on your helmet. A few good shakes will give you an idea of how sturdy it will be when you start to cycle. 

How do you take good pictures on a bike?

Taking pictures while cycling is not the most prudent of activities. It distracts you from cycling, which can be hazardous to you and other road users. If you are in a safe place, you want to use a camera that does not require the use of both hands. An even better approach would be to use a mounting fixture. You can mount the camera onto your bike’s frame on your helmet. That makes it easier to point in in different directions. A remote for shutter control would be a good option.

The settings will be how you determine how good your photos come out. You want to use the motion-sensitive setting. Most cameras will have a preset option. Your manual will give you additional information about how to set the camera manually. Consider the position of what you want to capture when setting the camera up.

Where is the best place to mount a GoPro on a helmet?

The best place to mount a GoPro on a helmet is on the top. It allows for freedom of head movement without worrying about interfering with the shot. The top of the helmet is also one of the most stable parts of a helmet. As the central part, it acts as an axis and sees the least movement which makes for clearer shots. 

How do you film while cycling?

The best way to film while cycling is to have your camera set up before taking off. That will mean having it mounted in the position you will keep it in when shooting. You can use the set up time as an opportunity to run some test runs. Mount the camera and go for short rides to see what sort of quality it produces. If it is not up to expectation, you can make some adjustments. Provided you have the placement right, check the camera settings as well.

Are cheap action cameras any good?

Yes, some of them are good. A few years ago, the best action cameras were set apart by their price. You knew there was a premium price to be paid for the quality that they produced. It meant that a few brands controlled a large share of the market. In the last few years, cheaper action cameras have begun to match the quality and build of the pricier ones. It can often be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Finding a cheap action camera that is as good as the pricey ones takes time.


Which bike camera did you like the most? Each camera on our shortlist is there based on its merits. There are various things that we considered. The last one of these being the cost. Our aim was to find the very best products. Once we were satisfied with their quality, we also considered ensuring they provided good value for money. A good bike camera must be built to last. Not only do you expose it to the elements, but it is also often shaken with vigour as you cycle. Getting a camera that is durable is a must. It should also be capable of delivering clear shots in motion. Stabilisation technology is critical. Where possible, check that the settings of the camera have some stabilisation options. A few other bells and whistle to look out for include a clear LCD, Wireless connectivity, and external storage. For a good balance between quality and value for money, we recommend checking out COOAU Action Camera. 

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