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My bike bell was, without a doubt, my favourite feature on my first bike as a child. However, its importance would have been lost on me at the time. What I knew was that it got people’s attention. I can think of a few occasions when that ensured my safety. There are other times when it was a nuisance to my parents and other road users. It is an indispensable feature for any responsible cyclist’s bike. Alerting other road users of your presence can be lifesaving. You could do it with your mouth, or use a purpose-built tool.

There are a plethora of bells that you can choose from on the market. If that is not difficult enough, they also come at varied price points. Have you ever had to consider what was important to have on your bike bell? The likelihood is that you haven’t. That is why we have dedicated considerable time to researching these products to find the very best. 

In a hurry?

If we have to pick the things that matter when choosing a bike bell, they would be the fitting, sound, and bell type. The fitting would mean considering how any bell that you purchase would be attached to your bike. All bells will come with some sort of fitting mechanism. It is worth considering these in the context of your bike. Questions to ask yourself would include, “Is there enough room on the handlebar for this?” The sound may not be as important. You want to ensure that you are comfortable with the dinging sound that the bell produces. 

Top Pick

The top pick on this list is the Anderz 2-piece bell. This bell is one of the best you can buy because of the quality it has. Anderz has gone for the best metals to complete this product, and it has paid off. It is all well combined with a thunderous bell sound. The bell is corrosion-resistant, which is excellent because it will not stop working or sound lower in volume in a few months. It also has a hardened base that will prevent the bell from falling off whilst you cycle. Not many other bikes had this.


Accmor Classic Bike Bell, Aluminum Bicycle Bell, Loud Crisp Clear Sound Bicycle Bike Bell for Adults Kids

This bell is made from aluminium metal and has been made to last. The bell has an anti-rust feature meaning that you won’t have to worry about rust even if you constantly cycle in the rain. The bell is relatively easy to install and will fit on the handlebar of any standard bike between 21-22mm thick. It has a loud warning bell that has been designed mostly for mountain bikes. If you are riding in a pack, this will alert the riders behind any impending danger. The ringtone is quite crisp, offering a distinct sound that can’t be missed by surrounding cyclists or pedestrians.


  • Distinct loud sound
  • Easy installation
  • Durable aluminium frame


  • Plastic bike latch

Best‌ ‌Bike‌ ‌Bell‌ ‌To‌ ‌Keep‌ ‌You‌ ‌Safe‌ ‌On‌ ‌the‌ ‌Road‌ ‌


Aluminum Bike Bell, Loud Sound Bicycle Bell for Adults Kids Girls Boys (Red)

This product is a cheerful little option you might enjoy. The bike bell is made from aluminium and is both strong and light to carry on your handlebar. It has been made mainly for young children and toddlers. The sound is the traditional ring-ring sound which is quite loud and sure not to be easily missed. In terms of operation, it is not difficult to use at all. Preferably it has been made for toddlers to understand. It is straightforward to install and should be up and ready within a minute. 


  • Tough aluminium frame
  • Easy installation
  • Loud sound


  • The switch is not durable.


BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini

This bike bell is a much smaller one than the others, but it packs quite a punch. The bell is easy to install and fits bikes that are between 21-23mm. This means it fits bikes that are just bigger than your average, i.e. mountain bikes. The sound the bell makes is made from brass. This has been used to make the product sound clearer than before. The only disadvantage is that the part of the bell that holds onto the may not last if the bike. It is, therefore, a mismatch of sorts. 


  • Fits mountain bikes
  • Easy installation
  • A crisp, loud sound.


  • Plastic attachment.


Firmstrong Classic Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bell, White

This little bike here is quite an attractive and stylish option that holds its own quite well. The bell has been designed to imitate classic 1950s bike bells giving it that retro feel. It is made from a light metal but not aluminium. This means that the bell's durability may be limited. The sound it produces is a melody that is very amusing for children representing your children will love it. The diameter is big enough to fit around a 4inch handle but only just about. It is not the best or most durable option, but it's sweet and cute, giving an illusion of joy. 


  • Retro look and feel.
  • Loud sound.
  • Can fit a bike handle.


  • Not very durable.


ANDERZS 2pcs Bike Bell Bicycle Bell (Silver), Bike Bells for Adults and Kids, Crisp Loud Melodious Sound, Mountain Bike Bell, Road Bike Bell

This is a special bell that comes with two pieces to complete it. The bike is made from brass and produces its sound through a dome. The double bell is quite loud. Louder than one could be. The volume reaches over 100 decibels meaning it can be heard from a distance. The bells are quite durable and have been designed to be corrosion resistant. This will benefit you if you wish to cycle in the rain on your adventures. It is the only option that comes with a hardened base that means when you hit a bump along the way you won’t lose the bell easily. 


  • Corrosion-resistant.
  • Sturdy grip.
  • Very loud.


  • Two bells can be confusing. 


Greallthy Bike Bell, Classic Brass Bicycle Bell with Nice Loud Tone Road Bike Mountain Bike Horn Cycling Accessories (Bike Handlebar Between 22.2-25.4mm)

This is one of the top options on the list by quite a mile. The bell is what you would describe as high premium quality. With this bell, you are guaranteed that it will last you for many years. The bell has been made from top quality brass, meaning that you can rest assured the bike will never rust. It has high-quality dual springs made from alloy. This means the inner workings of the bell will not easily fail. The sound the bell makes is relatively standard but still very loud. It will fit on any bike with a diameter of 22.2 -25.4mm. It is by far the biggest diameter of any of the options here. The bell is both small and compact but very efficient.


Oi Bell Aluminium Bike Bell, Large/31.8mm, Black

The Knog Oi bell is one of the more interesting bells you can buy currently. It has a new ergonomic design that works, so you do not even know it is there. The bell is made from aircraft-grade aluminium, meaning it is one of the strongest and lightest that you can buy. On the inside, the bike the springs are made from high-tensile stainless steel that works to prevent any corrosion. A common theme with less durable bells is that everything inside is rusty when you open them up. With this bell, you won’t get that. The bell mounts over the handlebar as opposed to sliding. This means you can attach it anywhere you like. The bell has absolutely no cables making it a sleek and compact unit. 


  • Excellent cable management
  • Easy mounting and removal
  • Premium metals used to manufacture the bell


  • Slightly heavier than other bells 


Schwinn Classic Bicycle Bell, Black, One Size

This bell is a classic. In both the good and bad way. The good way means that the bell is quite cool. It is nice and shiny, bringing that retro feel to it. The sound is very common and well known by people. It needs next to zero installation experience and should be ready to go in just a minute. It is also cheap and relatively affordable compared to most bells in this catalogue. The bike is made from a basic stainless-steel metal that will protect the outside of the bell from rust. The inside of the bell is not made from high-quality steel, meaning that it is susceptible to rust. Over a few months, the bell will likely lose volume due to the metals decaying.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Classic design
  • Outside is made from stainless steel


  • Inside of the bell may rust


Pioneeryao Bell for Bike, Bike Bicycle Bell for Road Bike Mountain Bike BMX Bikes (Black-1)

This take on a classic bell has been done much better than any of the other options we have provided you with. The bell is made from a reliable brass metal that will allow you to get a consistently high sound from the bell even after using it for quite an extended period. It will also not rust nor age for the time you use it. It has high strength springs inside made from high-quality alloy metals. The design is quite ergonomic meaning it is nice and compact. It will not occupy too much space on your handlebar, making it a much safer option to buy. The installation is not difficult at all and should be ready within a minute. The best part of this design is that the part that attaches to your bike is made from high-quality, durable metal. This will help you in case you have had bells fall off before whilst cycling. Overall, this is an excellent option at an affordable price. 


  • High-quality alloy springs
  • Brass metal frame
  • Sound will not fade over time.


  • Quite heavy

Buyer's Guide

If only it was as easy and picking a bell. There are other things that one has to think about when purchasing or indeed considering one of these. The reviews above will have given insight into some of the products on the market. They will also have raised some questions. Part of the buyer’s journey is being able to answer these questions before making your final decision. That is the purpose of this section. 

Types of Bells

Most bells that you will see on the market today are of a similar design. That is not to say that there are no alternative designs and styles of bells available—quite the contrary. There are several types of bells that you can choose yours from. Each one has some features that contribute to why they may not be the bells of choice. Let us look at some of these bells.

Classic Bell

The classic bell is a traditional bell that has a thumb mechanism to ring it. The sound is produced when the ringer knocks the inside of the chamber. It has an echo-like sound on the inside. On the outside, what we will hear is a loud dinging sound. Most classic bells have a single ring to them. You would have to click several times if you wanted the sound to be produced more than once. It falls in line with the original design that was conceived and designed by John Richard Dedicoat. It has been around since 1877. The original version of this bell 

Revamped Classic Bell

The traditional bell saw a revamped version in recent times. You will be able to see the family resemblance when looking at the two products. One of the main differences between the two is that the ringing mechanism has now been placed on the bell’s inside. You will find the revamped classic bell in various shapes and colours. Another massive leap made with this version is how much easier it is to affix on your bicycle. It can be done with a screwdriver or no tools at all.

Horn and Electric Horn

The traditional horn has a squeezing mechanism to it. It has a balloon-type of a bell that responds to air being pressured out of the rubber chamber. That is how the sound is produced. The newer model of this bell is an electric one. As the name suggests, it is powered by electricity to produce sound. What makes the electric horn more appealing to some users is that it often offers an array of sounds that you can choose from. It is also available in various shapes and sizes. The mounting fixtures are similar to the ones that you would find on any of the other bells. 

Should a bicycle have a bell?

The law varies from one place to another on this. You will find that some places require bicycles to have a bell. There is generally no mandatory law for having a bell on your bicycle. However, it is a crucial safety feature and others such as visible gear, sounds brakes, and a helmet. Having a bell on your bike gives those around you notice of your presence and a chance to respond. It allows them some time to react to potential danger and make it safe for you and them. 

Is it illegal to sell a bike without a bell?

Bikes are sold with and without bells. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that the bike is roadworthy. That would mean ensuring its upkeep and any repairs. The seller does not have to install a bell on a bike before selling it. It would only be illegal to sell a bike without a bell if it was advertised as having one. In which case, it would fall under false advertising, which is under consumer law. 

How loud is a bike bell?

The loudness of bike bells varies. If it is a question of how loud it ought to be, anything around the 100dbA+/- mark will suffice. As a general rule, you would want it to be loud enough for someone who is at least 10 metres away from you to hear it. That gives them enough time to perceive your presence and make safe adjustments. Simple research carried out found that a traditional bicycle bell produces a sound that is 96 dBA[Source]. Various options fall around that mark. The conventional bell is tried and true.

Where does the bell go on a bike?

A bell should be placed at a position that is easy for you to reach when cycling. It should be within touching distance to your brakes and gears. These are functions that you use frequently—as such, having a bell there would mean that there is not much of a learning curve to be had. Placing it on the handlebar is ideal. It allows you to engage the bell without having to take your eyes off the road.


When cycling your safety in the case of an emergency will not only depend on you. It will depend on your ability to respond to impending danger and other road users to do the same. Motorists will know that bicycles often come on their blind side. That gives them very little time to see the danger and respond to it appropriately. Using a bell not only alerts them to what their field of vision may not be showing, but it gives them more time to respond that they would otherwise have. There is no more extraordinary case one can make for having a bell on your bicycle.

With that in mind, you will have had time to go through our picks. Which one do you think works would complement your bike? Once functionality has been established, it may come down to getting the right colour. There is no shame in that. Each review gives you an insight into what you can expect from each bell, as well as what we think could be better. The buyer’s guide has additional information about the products. If you have yet to make up your mind, our top pick is an excellent choice. 

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