Best Bicycle Motor Kit

Even those who regularly ride with electric or motorized bicycles may not have much experience with the individual motor kits that they use. Whether you’re new to tinkering with motorized bicycles or just need some inspiration for your next replacement, let us make the process easier by presenting some of our favorite options with both electric and fuel-based alternatives.

We’ve picked five motors, to be specific, and have listed them all below. Each entry has its own writeup about the product, including pros and cons so you can see their specs at a glance. There’s also a small buyers’ guide part, for those of you who need some more information about these motors and how they work.

Best Bicycle Motor Kit

In a hurry?

If you can’t wait to get started on your next project, we can help the process along by suggesting our favorite motor. The top motor on our list is the AW 26”x1.75” Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Kit because of the power it can give your bicycle, all whilst being an electric motor. See what is included in the kit below:

  • Once everything is in operational order, this 1000W brushless motor can reach a maximum of 28 mph. It can even do it from zero and in seven seconds flat. The kit comes with its own 26-inch wheel and tire to use, so you don’t have to supply your own, and compatibility is virtually guaranteed.
  • Uses handy tech like the Pedal Assistance System and the Dual Mode Controller to enhance your experience. The Pedal Assistance System (PAS) ensures that the motor starts when you begin pedaling. When riding, the Dual-Mode Controller allows you to change between using the Hall or non-Hall means of voltage production.
  • You can keep tabs on all of the relevant stats of your motor by using the LCD display panel that’s included in the kit. It lists the mileage, speed, and the battery capacity. Loose gear can be kept inside the included 600 Denier Oxford bag for safekeeping.

Top 5 Best Bicycle Motor Kit


AW 26'x1.75' Rear Wheel 48V 1000W Electric Bicycle Motor Kit E-Bike Cycling Hub Conversion Dual Mode Controller

The first motor we have is an electric kit, the AW 26”x1.75” Front Wheel Electric Bicycle Motor Kit. It’s a front-wheel conversion kit that offers a lot for its price point thanks to its really powerful 1000W brushless motor that can go from zero to a maximum of twenty-eight miles-per-hour in a little under seven seconds.

The kit comes with a twenty-six-inch wheel and accompanying tire, as well as other components that are needed to set up the motor. Once you have it set up, starting the motor is pretty easy because of the inclusion of a PAS, or Pedal Assistance System, that kick starts the motor when you begin pedaling. The lifespan of the motor is protected by its Dual Mode Controller which allows the motor to run using the Hall effect or the non-Hall effect, depending on your preference and longevity requirements.

The motor also has twist throttle functionality, and whilst riding you can see all of the relevant information to your motor through an included LCD display panel. This panel shows you the current time, battery capacity, current speed, and your mileage so far, keeping you in the know so you can plan your journeys with more efficiency.

For the controller and any other loose ends, you have after constructing the motor, there’s a carry bag that you can store them in. It’s a hardy Oxford bag that’s graded at six hundred Denier in thickness, so you can rest assured that it’ll keep your gear safe from the elements.

Some have had trouble with the instructions, or lack thereof, found in the kit. This means that you may need to seek out other instructions if you haven’t got much experience in motor engineering.


  • Reaches a maximum of 28 mph thanks to its 1000W brushless motor.
  • Comes with a 26-inch wheel and tire. 
  • Uses a Pedal Assistance System that automatically starts the motor when you pedal.
  • Dual Mode Controller extends the lifespan of the motor.
  • An LCD panel displays time, battery level, mileage, and speed.
  • 600 Denier Oxford bag for the motor’s controller.


  • Some have found the instructions to be lacking, so some experience or third-party guidance may be required.


Electric Brushless DC Motor Complete Kit, 48V 2000W 4300RPM High Speed Motor, With 33A 15 Mosfet Controller, Battery Display LCD Throttle, Electric Scooter Bicycle Motorcycle Mid Drive Motor, DIY Part

At our second spot is the Kunray Electric Brushless DC Motor Complete Kit, another electric kit that’s in-depth and very powerful with a 1000-2000W brushless DC motor. This means that the motor can max out at 2000W but in practice, it’ll stay around the 1000W mark with a voltage of 48V and a general riding speed of twenty miles-per-hour.

The controller that comes with this kit has a 3Speed option, where you can have the choice between low, mid, or high speed. This means that when you have your motorized bicycle set up, you have the same degree of control than you would if you had bought an e-bike right out of the box.

This quality continues with the handlebar throttle attachment that’s not only covered with high-quality rubber grips that ensure you won’t lose your grip, but there is also a built-in LCD screen where you can see your riding metrics, like remaining battery capacity and your current speed.

The motor can be installed on electric scooters and bicycles, motorcycles, and even go-karts and tricycles. That means that your options are much more varied than just using this motor with a bicycle, opening up the opportunity for you to reuse or sell it on easier when you are done with using the motor with a bicycle frame.


  • A very powerful 1000-2000W brushless DC motor.
  • 3Speed Controller gives you three speed options.
  • The LCD screen on the handlebar throttle tracks relevant information.
  • High-quality rubber grips keep your hands firmly on the handlebar.
  • Versatile installation options for many cycle types.


  • It’s listed at 2000W but you’re unlikely to get that out of the motor.


Anbull 80CC Bicycle Engine Kit, Bike Bicycle Motorized 2 Stroke Petrol Gas Motor Engine Kit for 26' 28' Bike (Silver Color)

Our next option is for those looking for a standard non-electric motor, the Anbull 26” or 28” Bicycle Motor Engine Kit. It’ll fit most men’s 24-inch wheels, including the larger wheels that mountain, cruiser, chopper, and road bicycles have as long as they have a V-frame and at least 8.5-inch height clearance to leave space for the engine. A universal faceplate may be needed for bicycles with larger frames and down the tubing.

There’s a lot more information about the engine on the product page, so if you like what you’re reading here you should check out the page to see other caveats and requirements that your bicycle may or may not fulfill.

The Anbull Motor Engine Kit is an 80cc kit that reaches a maximum of 2.2kW, which translates into 600r/min, and 2.75 horsepower. It’s a single-cylinder engine that uses air-cooling to regulate its temperature. Air cooling tends to warm up the engines faster too, which is handy in cold weather, and motors that use air cooling tend to be lighter than those that use other coolant alternatives.

The kit includes a speedometer, so you’ll know how fast you’re going when riding, and the hex socket screws and bolts that accompany the motor are made to a premium quality. This means that the chance of breakage is drastically reduced, guaranteeing some longevity if you go with this option.


  • An 80cc bicycle engine kit with a maximum power of 2.2kW.
  • Single air-cooling cylinder is lighter and warms up faster.
  • Has an attached speedometer.
  • Uses premium quality hex socket screws and bolts to reduce the chance of breakage.


  • Requires hardware skills and will take approximately 2 to 3 hours to install and fine-tune.


Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit 26' Rear Wheel 36V 500W Electric Bicycle Conversion Motor Kit with Intelligent Controller and PAS System for Road Bike

At the fourth spot of our list is the Voilamart E-Bike Conversion Kit, another electric option that doesn’t have as powerful a motor as the first one we presented but is nonetheless a great alternative for those looking for a cheaper electric conversion kit. The motor is a 500W brushless and gearless one, so it’s still powerful in its own right whilst being suitably quiet and being capable of reaching speeds from sixteen to twenty-two miles-per-hour.

Once installed, the motor is very easy to get going. You have both a twist throttle and a Pedal Assistance System to help you with starting your journey. The twist throttle is an easy and accessible way of revving the motor for some extra juice, plus it has a battery level display built into it so you always know how far you can go. The Pedal Assistance System, or PAS, jumpstarts the motor when enough pedal action has been detected, so you only need to start cycling for the motor to activate.

When you want to, or need to, stop the ride, this kit includes a mechanism where the brake levers, when triggered, cut the power supply to the electric motor. This means that when you physically stop, the bicycle will electronically stop too for a smoother disembarking.


  • Uses a 500W brushless and gearless motor to maintain speeds between 16-22 mph.
  • Pedal Assistance System included, making the motor easy to activate.
  • Twist throttle is easy to use and includes a handy battery level display.
  • Brake levers cut the motor power supply when you stop.


  • Accompanying controllers can be jerky and sensitive to use.


Goplus Bicycle Motor Kit, 26' 80cc 2-Stroke Upgrade Bike Engine Kit, Gasoline Motorized Gas Engine Bike Motor Kit, Speed Up to 50km/h, 2000W

Our final product is another standard fuel motor, the Goplus Bicycle Motor Kit. It’s a two-stroke 80cc gasoline engine that’s capable of a maximum power of 2000W, so it’s a fuel alternative that has a similar power supply to the electric ones listed above. The ample power supply allows it to reach a top speed of over thirty miles-per-hour, too, making it one of the faster motors on this list.

It has a two-liter fuel capacity and, because it’s a fuel-efficient single-cylinder engine, it uses that fuel efficiently to make this a long-lasting engine. This longevity is great for tinkerers who are working on a project that they have long term plans for and need the motor to survive for as long as commercial motors would.

The motor engine uses a capacitor discharge ignition method that stabilizes the engine, keeping it safe and stable when you’re starting up your ride. We’d say this is one of the best options for those new to tinkering with motor engines, especially since it comes with a lot of instructional information that makes it very accessible to newbies.

The included bike chain has had some complaints in user reviews online, which may warrant replacement depending on your experience with it.


  • A 2-stroke 80cc gasoline engine that has a maximum power of 2000W and can hit 31 mph.
  • A 2L fuel tank and fuel-efficient single-cylinder engine adds longevity.
  • Uses capacitor discharge ignition for maximum safety and stability when you start your ride.
  • Very clear instructional literature makes it accessible for newbies.


  • Included bike chain is subpar and may need replacing. 

Best Bicycle Motor Kit Buyer's Guide 

How To Buy The Best Bicycle Motor Engines

If you don’t know much about bicycle motor engines, you should read this buyers’ guide where we’ve given some information on what to look out for. When looking for a motorized bicycle kit, you’ll want it to be easy to install and get started with. 

We’ve separated the standard engines into a few categories. The first of these is whether it’s a gas or electric motor engine, since that will change the performance you get out of them and may also change your buying factors. The control method and the placement of the motor itself are probably the two most important factors in operating the engine, though the speed and mileage are good specs to know about the products you want to buy.

Gas v Electric

One of the earliest considerations when deciding to buy a motor is whether it’s powered by gas or by an electric battery. The list we have above has examples of both, though we have included more electric than gas ones since they tend to be more accessible, and better for the environment, to boot. You should be familiar with your state regulations when buying a motor engine, so you know where you stand with the law and what you can and cannot do with your engines.

There is a downside to electric options, however, that being the fact that they tend to be expensive. They’re quieter and cleaner, and the same can’t be said for gas motor engines. What can be said for gas motor engines is that they’re often capable of faster speeds than any electric engines. Now, since you’re on a bicycle, you can’t go too crazy with how powerful a gas engine you grab, but many of the gas alternatives will outclass electric motors handily.

Speed and Mileage

As would be a concern when getting a motorized bicycle wholesale, the speed and mileage can factor into your purchasing decision. The speed is simple enough and depends on the quality of the motor itself. As we mentioned above, gas tends to reach higher speeds, but this isn’t a steadfast rule.

The mileage comes down to capacity which, if you’re using an electric motor, is its battery. If you’re using a gas engine, then it’ll be the fuel tank. In either case, you’ll need to find a product that strikes a balance between having a great capacity for a longer ride without being too heavy that it’s impractical.

Motor Control

There are two main methods that motors are controlled by, throttle and pedal-assist. Throttle is simple enough, being a twist-action handlebar that starts the motor, which does most of the work. Then, if you need the extra power, you can pedal to overcome difficult or uphill terrain.

Pedal-assisted motor control is where the motor monitors the pedals and, when sufficient activity is detected there, the motor kicks in. It even monitors how hard you’re pedaling, so it can apply different amounts of motor power on a context-based basis, giving you more power when you need it and less power when it isn’t needed, which also helps improve the longevity of the motor.

There is technically a third category, those being combination motors. This is where you have the choice between throttle or pedal-assisted control and can switch between the two at will. Most of the motor engines featured above are combination controlled, since we think having the choice between the two only adds more versatility to your ride.

Motor Placement

The placement of the motor will need to be considered since not all engines are compatible with all bike frames. If you don’t have as much experience with these motors, then grabbing ones that are installed at the rear tire will be an easier experience for you, whereas ones mounted on the front wheel tend to be harder to install. 

Gas bikes tend to have more compatibility issues because they have more moving parts, so see our entry about our number one product for typical compatibility issues with gas motor engines. Larger brands will also tend to have engines that are compatible with more frames and bike types.

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