Best 14 Inch Bike

Most of us will remember our first bike with a great degree of fondness. It comes as no surprise that it can be difficult to transition from that one to a larger one. That is one of the reasons why it is vital to get this decision right the first time. We have had our fair shares of tantrums. The challenge becomes how you can pick the best inch bike in a market that is often crowded with pretenders. Without experience and knowledge, it is easy to make the wrong choice and regret it. The risk is also a financial one. However, it also extends to being a physical risk. A good bike is one that comes with the assurance of safety.

Our goal with this article is to make this choice an informed one for you. We have researched these bikes and created a list of some of the products that you cannot afford to ignore. You will also find a buyer’s guide. It will cover some of the things that we considered when making our picks. 

Best Pick

At the top of the list, I have added the JoyStar Totem. That is because although many of the other bike’s possess similar riding and safety abilities, this bike comes with a lifetime warranty. I know many parents who consider their garage to be a bicycle graveyard. That is because the bicycles they buy for their children often never last very long.

This bike has managed to match all the safety requirements it should whilst coming with added durability features. The bike comes with a premium steel frame which means that it is more challenging than your average child bikes. The lifetime warranty shows that even the manufacturer backs this bicycle to last you many years. A child’s first bike can stay in the family for over 20 years being passed down from child to child. It teaches responsibility and safety, which are all critical factors in owning a bike. Hence, it is essential to buy a reliable one. 

Best 14 Inch Bike For The Budding Cyclist


RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle BMX Bicycle with Training Wheels Gifts for Children Bikes 14 Inch Blue

If you are thinking about getting something nice for your child to start cycling with. Parents have trusted the RoyalBaby brand for years. They seem to have good intuition and research on how best to design a child’s bike. This bike comes in 7 different colours meaning there is something for every child out there. It comes 95% put together so when you get it, you only must tighten a few screws together. You can even include your child in on the fun of ‘building’ their first bike.

It comes with all the assembly tools and looks to add a little fun parent/child time. Nothing is more important than the safety of your child. To a young child, a bicycle can seem like a fun new avenue to explore life but seldom do they understand the risk that it poses to them. That is why RoyalBaby has worked hard on the safety of this bike. It comes with safe rubber grips and a handbrake to use in case the child’s hands get sweaty.

Riding a bike for the first time can make one nervous, that's for sure. The bike will come with a front calliper brake and a rear coaster brake for added control when slowing down. Children’s bikes often need strong brakes to stop if they panic. They should be well in control when riding this bike, however, because of the wide 2.4” pneumatic tires that add more stability to the ride.

The frame of the bike has also been hardened to ensure that the ride feels solid and not weak. When cycling they will be able to enjoy safe speeds as the pedal on the bike entirely comes with non-slip resin. In the end, we can see that this bike was designed to be both adventurous and safe for your child. The bike has cool colours that a child is sure to like and two training wheels to help them get started. Once up and running the two wheels can be detached, leaving your child be the captain of this ship. 


  • Front and back breaks for added stopping control
  • 7 Cool colours to choose from
  • Wide tires for more excellent road grip
  • Comes 95% assembled with all additional assembly tools included 
  • Non-slip pedal


  • No kickstand
  • May be unsuitable for bigger children


JOYSTAR 14 Inch Kids Bike for 3 4 5 Years Boys Girls Gifts Children Bicycle with Training Wheels Coater Brake BMX Style Blue

The Joystar Totem is another lovely bike for young children. The bike has been designed to teach children a little responsibility for their riding adventures. It is a reliable and robust bike that will get children well on their way to being safe cyclists. It comes with a stable training wheel in the situation that your child is still learning how to cycle.

Once they feel they are ready to go on cycling without the wheels, you can simply take them off and use the saddle holder. This is useful for children learning to cycle without training wheels. If you think the bike looks a little small for your child, you don’t have to worry necessarily because the seat adjusts to the rider’s height.

A common theme sometimes is that children are not strong enough to handle hand brakes; hence the manufacturers put the brake by the foot to allow them to brake safely. This bike has such a feature meaning if your child’s arms are still a little weak, then they can even cycle. Coming with a single-speed, you can feel that the bike is quite simple and easy to maintain for a child. The bike is made from premium steel which means that the bike will survive you accidentally running over it in the garage. Jokes aside (or not) the bike is quite strong and comes with a lifetime warranty.

That means that when your child is done using the bike, it can be passed along to the younger sibling in the family. That is what makes this bike a good investment. The longevity comes with. It also has one last cool feature to mention. A personalised decal for your child to name the cycle with can be included. It will make their bike more unique and sentimental to them. The bike is also comfortable to install coming pre-assembled up to 85%.


  • Lumo paint finishes, up to 6 different colours.
  • Saddler with holder for training
  • Premium steel make
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Personalised decal


  • Must buy tire pump separate
  • The bike is quite heavy at 25lbs.


Huffy Bicycle Company Kids Bike, MotoX, 14' Gloss Blue, 14 inch wheel, Quick Connect Assembly

Huffix is a company that has been leading innovation in children’s bicycles for quite some time now. They are well known for making their bikes simpler and more straightforward to learn for younger children. The bike has been designed so that even children can assemble it themselves. That will give them a sense of pride when owning their first \, which is always good to establish early.

The bike simply needs to have the fork and handlebar inserted and pedals folded into place. Within a few minutes of receiving the package, your child should be ready to ride. The ride has been designed for children aged 4-6. The wide tires on the bike ensure that your child has a good sense of stability as they ride on their bike. The bike will not fall over easily even without the trading wheels.

The rubber grips that it comes with make the bike even safer than it already is. That is backed up by the alloy wheels that have been included to increase durability on the bike. These alloy wheels come with a front handbrake and a rear coaster brake to provide your child with an easy way of stopping the cycle. It is essential to have two-sided brakes on a bike when your child has not yet mastered how to balance on their bicycle.

Overall, the bike is quite cool for a young child. All around the cycle and on the seats, you will see it has been decorated with race car graphics. A bit cliché but we will allow it. All in all, this bike is a little more adventurous than the other ones are and will gear your child up to be a BMX champion, in their mind at least.


  • Quick connect assembly
  • Removable training wheels
  • Decorations are very child friendly
  • Front and rear brakes
  • The handlebar is BMX style


  • The bike is not very durable 
  • Quite expensive


Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids, 14-Inch Wheels, Teal

The world of biking is not solely owned by the boy child. You may have a young daughter and are looking for an excellent bike to buy for her. We have included the Schwinn Elm Girls bike because of the manufacturer’s consistency over the years in delivering safe and efficient bicycles. This bike has been designed to be one of the smartest and safest that a child can buy. It is designed for children who are between 3-4 years old.

If you have a very young child who wants to cycle safely in the park with other little children, then this is one of the top bikes that you can consider. The bike comes with Schwinn’s SmartStart technology and has been created so that a child does not have to fight with the bike to get it moving. Often some manufacturers may overestimate the strength of a child and build bikes that are difficult to ride.

By tricky I mean that the conversion power per pedal is lower than it should be. The Schwinn bike comes with a smaller and lighter frame that has both pedals and cranks positioned in front of the bike. That will allow the child to sit comfortably without the fear of falling. They can then focus all their energy on pedalling. The smaller grips sweeten this deal that the bicycle has to allow for young girls to hold onto both comfortably easily.

The bike comes with both a rear and front brake which is going to be instrumental in protecting your young child against any harm as they cycle through the world. To brake, the child must simply cycle backwards. As simple as it is, it may take the child some time to get used to; however, it is often better than a front handbrake. When positioning the seat for your child’s comfort, all you need to do is adjust the seat, which is as easy as turning a dial. No tools required. Schwinn has designed this bike to prepare your child for a cycling experience with a bigger bike that needs no training wheels. It is a reliable and trustworthy brand. 


  • SmartStart technology makes it easier to get going.
  • Adjustable saddle seat
  • Kid-specific Q-Factor Technology
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Front and rear brakes


  • Pedals may come loose.
  • The chain is prone to slipping. 


cycmoto 14' Kids Bike with Basket, Hand Brake & Training Wheels for 3 4 5 Years Boys, Toddler Bicycle Black

Cycmoto is one of the newer manufacturers of children’s bikes, and they have positioned themselves well in the market by advertising their bike as 100% safe for children. It is a critical feature in the industry when making bikes for children. This bike comes with the standard front and backs Calliper and Coaster brake respectively. With this, it also comes with an enclosed chain guard.

That is something that I have not seen on any of the other bikes above. It protects your little one from injuring themselves if they decide to touch the chain of the bike whilst it is in motion. It will also ensure that the bike chain lasts longer than it otherwise would. The bike is designed mainly for children aged 3-5 years and comes with a stable training wheel.

The wheels can be removed when the child is now comfortable with riding alone. The bike also has an adjustable seat meaning you can fit children of different heights on it. Cycmoto has also added a holder on the saddle for the child to train with when they are still learning how to cycle. It is a great teacher and deserves a good thumbs up. The bike has been designed for boys although the manufacturer argues that even girls can cycle on the bike if they like it.

It is not too high. Even so, girls tend to be taller than boys at the young ages. The frame is made from 1.2 mm steel and therefore is quite durable. Not that your 3-year-old will be facing rugged mountain trails, but it helps to know their first bike will be well preserved for future generations to take care of. The bike comes with a minimum maintenance tag. That means it is single speed and unlikely to get any punctures as your child explores the outdoors. It comes with wide tires that will ensure better stability when riding even in wet conditions. When you get the product, it won’t take you more than 15 minutes. It’s an excellent option to consider. 


  • Safety is prioritised o this bike
  • Front and back brakes
  • Holder on the saddle for training
  • Chain protector
  • The frame is very durable


  • Need to buy a separate pump for tires
  • Training wheels only rise; they do not detach.


Huffy Kid Bike, Moto X, Fast Assembly Quick Connect, 14' Gloss Red

If you are looking for a kids’ bike that is very easy and quick to assemble, the Huffy Kid Bike is the perfect bike for your kid. Your kid can even do that without your help, although there is a need for your support for security reasons and just to be sure if it is done correctly. There are only four steps that can guide you to install your bike. You have to insert your training wheels first, insert the handlebar and fork and tighten the collar, fold down the pedals until they click and finally insert, adjust and lock the seat.

The training wheels are removable meaning you only insert them when necessary. As soon as your kid is good enough, you may as well let them go. This bike can be used by kids aged four to six with the rider height of 39 to 44 inches. The tires are wide, which is excellent for any type of terrain. You do not have to worry about slipping grips as the bike comes with comfortable rubber grips. It is a great feature for kids who like riding on bumpy terrains such as hilly areas.

It is ideal for adventurous rides. It has a chain guard that is semi-transparent. Its purpose serves to protect ankles and keeps the chain cleaner safe so that not much maintenance will be required. The BMX-bars depict a racing handlebar feature. Comfort is guaranteed throughout the ride as the bike comes with a padded ATB saddle with impressive racing stripes. The brakes are easy to control. Although it does not have a kickstand, the quality of the bike is exceptional, and the necessary tools are enough for installation, which is convenient.


  • Wide tires
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Comfortable grips
  • Translucent chain guard
  • BMX-bars
  • Padded saddle
  • Removable training wheels
  • Fully decorated seat with realistic race car graphics
  • Brakes are easy to control


  • The pedal assembly does not entirely fit in the housing.


JOYSTAR 14 Inch Pluto Kids Bike with Training Wheels for Ages 3 4 5 Year Old Boys Girls Toddler Children BMX Bicycle Red

It does not come with general training wheels, but they are great when it comes to stability. These training wheels are for the 12, 14, 16 and 18-inch bike. The seat is adjustable to the maximum height. If you feel like you no longer need the training wheels, you can still use the saddle with a holder for training. The foot brake does not have more power to control the handbrake.
Less maintenance is needed because the bike is made up of premium steel. It can withstand all those bumps. It has a steel frame that lasts longer. The design is quite simple.

It has a black tire and single speed. Single-speed can be great for learners as they are given enough time to master one gear before they get to explore different experiences with more gears. Kids like drawing and personalising their belongings. In this case, they get a DIY decal that allows them to make any design of their choice written on a special paper that does not wear off quickly and stick it on the frame or chain guard. It can be personalised, with the children’s name on it. It comes in multiple colours.

The chain guard plays a significant role by protecting the chain. At least you will not have to put more effort into maintenance. It is also for safety purposes. When your kids are working on the chain, they will not get hurt. It is easy to assemble. The package includes an 85% body that is already built and some essential tools such as the tire pump. It has a kickstand for the 18-inch bike. The 18-inch bike can accommodate kids aged 5 to 9 years, but you need to pay attention to the fact that child height differs at the same age.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It comes with stable training wheels
  • Durable
  • Adjustable seat to a maximum height
  • Breaks are easy to control
  • Needs minimum maintenance
  • Simple design
  • DIY Decal and safe chain guard
  • Single-speed


  • Limited lifetime warranty


Strider - 14x Sport Balance Bike, Ages 3 to 7 Years, Awesome Blue - Pedal Conversion Kit Sold Separately

What makes this bike special is the fact that the seat and the handlebar can be adjusted when it comes to height. Some kid bikes are minimal when it comes to height and age. The Strider bike allows kids from the age of three to seven years. It is effortless to ride and walk along with kids as it is lightweight. The Strider -14x Sportbike is exceptional when it comes to balance and confidence. It gives kids confidence that allows them to successfully change from being amateurs riding a pedalling bike into dedicated and great riders in a short period of time.

Amongst other bikes, it is the only bike that gives kids a straightforward, step-by-step guide for any assistant to guide the kids to become very good at riding. It provides almost everything they need for grooming. It is compatible with the Pedal Conversion Kit although it is not included in the package. The bike is classified as a traditional push balance bike. It is made that way because it focuses more on balance than pedalling. However, when your child is ready to go with pedals, you can buy them. What is more important is that you have a bike that can suit the balance level of your child anytime.

It comes with a footrest so that the kid will not strain the legs. The footrest is very important in the learning process as it makes it so easy for your kid to learn how to balance and move smoothly in a continuous manner until they can start pedalling. The rubber tires make the bike perform well in adventurous rides. The bike is compatible with standard bike pumps. In this regard, you will not struggle to look for the perfect pump. The bike is easy to maintain.


  • Durable steel frame
  • The kid grows with the bike
  • The seat is easily adjustable
  • Compatible with the Pedal Conversion Kit
  • Easy to ride and stride
  • Lightweight
  • It comes with a footrest
  • It has rubber tires that are perfect for adventurous rides.
  • Compatible with standard bike pumps


  • Pedals are not included.


Segway Ninebot Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls, 14 inch with Training Wheels, Blue

This bike is unisex and comes with training wheels, adjustable saddle seat, shock-absorbing tires, fully-enclosed chain, front V-brake and rear brake. What matters most about this bike is the geometry. It is made in such a way that suits children’s ergonomics. Kids can quickly get on and off the bike. It is light in weight and portable. It has two handles underneath the seat that makes it very easy for parents to carry the bike anywhere, just in case the kid is tired or has a particular starting point.

The bike is also sturdy because it is made up of a lightweight aluminium alloy frame with the PU form. The seat is adjustable and ergonomic, and this gives maximum comfort and stability to the kid. The height of the kid determines the height of the seat. Unlike on other bikes, the chain is fully-enclosed. That reduces friction and chain breakage. It does not mean that the chains will not break, but the chances are very slim. The kid is safe from possible scratches from the chain. The tires have an impressive way of absorbing shock. They have tread patterns and sidewall on the pneumatic tires that give the tires excellent traction on slippery and bumpy terrains. There is that extra protection that comes with the tires.

The training wheels can be categorised as heavy-duty training wheels. They are so big that no obstacle can distract the kid from having a perfect ride. The V-brakes give an excellent braking performance and make the bike reliable. You do not have to worry about the safety of your kids when they are riding on this bike. It has a full coverage of soft silicone which is safe for kids. It is easy to install.


  • Sturdy
  • Full coverage of soft silicone
  • Easy to assemble
  • Shock-absorbing tires
  • Adjustable seat
  • Good braking performance
  • Heavy-duty training wheels
  • Safe
  • Lightweight and portable


  • The paddle requires more strength

Best 14 Inch Bike Buying Guide

Now that you have seen our favourite products, which one do you fancy? If you have yet to make up your mind, that is alright. That is where the following guide will help. It gives you further information about some of the features of these bikes and their importance. 

What age is 14-inch bike frame for?

The fact that children will grow at different speeds makes it challenging to pinpoint an age for frames. Height is a better metric to consider. The best resource we have come across is by Halfords, one of the UK’s leading bicycle suppliers. Based on their customer data, a 14-inch frame is for children between the ages of 11-14. A 14-inch wheel is suitable for 4-6-year-old riders.

Do 14-inch bikes come with stabilisers?

14-inch bikes are sold with and without stabilisers. You can request them when you purchase the bike.
Some suppliers will offer the stabilisers separately, for an additional fee. The role of stabilisers is to get the child riding as soon as possible. They allow them to cycle before mastering balancing. It can go a long way to build their confidence before removing them. In some cases, you will find the opposite effect. The child may become more resistant to taking the leap from stabilisers. 

What is the right tire pressure for a 14-inch bike?

Tire pressure is best measured against the size of the wheel, not the frame. A 14-inch wheel bike will require 20-40PSI or air pressure. That is the general range for most children’s bikes. Another way to tell if the pressure is right is to check as the child cycles. If the rim and wheel feel excessive pressure when going over stones, the pressure may be too low. When it is too high, they don’t respond to the rocks. You want to be somewhere in between.

Should I get one with removable pedals?

The general rule when buying for children is to have a few removable parts as possible. Otherwise, you are at risk of things going missing.

How important is the kickstand?

A kickstand plays a vital role in a child’s first bike. You will find that most children of this age would struggle to stay on their feet while holding their bike and doing anything else. Having a kickstand in place gives them the liberty to free their hands.


Now that you have seen all of our picks, which one do you like the most? We have covered their features in some detail to give context. You must consider as many of these as possible. If you find yourself in doubt, the JoyStar Totem, which is our top pick, will not let you down.

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