ER Doctor seriously injures two cyclists

In Brentwood California two cyclists were seriously injured when an ER doctor, Christopher Thompson passed them and slammed on his brakes to "teach them a lesson," as Thompson told the police officer following the incident. On Monday, Nov 2, Thompson was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon, mayhem, and other serious charges listed bellow.

The range of penalty is anywhere from probation to 10 years in prison. The defense is apparently readying to submit an enormous number of letter supporting the defendant. To counter this and to represent the cyclists' mindset, please think about writing a letter to express your opinions regarding this matter so that the judge will have both sides of the issue clearly present. The District Attorney's Office is collecting these statements in support of the cyclists. She plans to submit the letters with the motion at the end of next week so we encourage you to submit a letter to her in a timely fashion so that she can include it in her packet to the judge.

Here is the District Attorney's contact info:

Mary Stone
E-mail Address:

District Attorney's Office
Attn. Mary Stone
11701 S. LaCienega
Los Angeles, CA 90045

And here is more information about the case:

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